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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie Is The Man!

I don't know if I have been getting a skewered view of reality from the things that I read and the things that I listen to on the television but it seems to me as if Bernie Sanders is the real story in this campaign for the next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I have listened to an inordinate amount of talk radio the past several weeks and all the talk I have heard has been about the Republican candidates in general, and Donald the Trumpet in particular.  His rise from being a mere billionaire to the potential next King of this idolatrous country has really captured the attention of the media.  But Donald is not the big story.  The truly amazing story so far in this campaign is the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders came within a hair's breadth of winning the Iowa caucuses last night.  He ended up essentially splitting the Iowa delegates with Hillary.  A year ago Bernie Sanders was an unknown.  He entered the race for King, in opposition to Hillary, simply because he believed she should not run unopposed.  It was a tokenistic gesture by a man virtually guaranteed to be unelectable.  Today Bernie has a realistic chance at unseating Hillary and winning the Democratic nomination for King of the SDA.  His rise is far more improbable than Trump's.  His popularity is far more unexpected than the Donald's.  Why is his story not being told?
Bernie has a very simple campaign platform that resonates with many of the envy-filled citizens of this covetous country.  According to Bernie the seat of all evil is profit seeking businesses and the personification of all evil is anyone who happens to be a billionaire.  I was watching one of the Democratic panel discussions a couple of weeks ago when Hillary was asked about the alleged heroin problem in this country.  Rather than saying we should return to our roots and decriminalize all drugs, including heroin, Hillary offered up the completely predictable response that she has "a plan" that will set aside several billion dollars to treat heroin addicts and help stop the flow of heroin into this country.  When Bernie had his chance to answer he told me that he agreed with Hillary but felt compelled to add one additional comment.  Bernie went on to say that profit seeking pharmaceutical companies in this country, which make billions of dollars and create many billionaires, are entirely to blame for the problem.  If he was to become King he would shut those companies down and make sure they never made a dollar in profit from heroin sales again.  I was flabbergasted as I listened to him speak.  It certainly appeared to be the case that Bernie believes companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Merck are in the business of manufacturing and marketing heroin to the Amerikan public.  The moderators of the discussion did not seem to be surprised by his answer, which was received with cheers by his supporters.
Bernie has a one track mind.  He is a committed socialist, as everyone knows, but he uses his socialism to interpret and answer every single issue he confronts.  No matter what the issue is, it is a profit seeking business that is to blame and the solution to the problem is to either tax that company into oblivion or force it to cease operations.  One of Bernie's most popular points on the stump is his call for total forgiveness of all existing student debt and universal free college degrees.  I have seen interviews with many college students and they seem to be in whole-hearted support of Bernie.  And why not?  If they can get Bernie elected they believe he will forgive them of thousands of dollars of debt.  The whole thing reminds me of when King Obama was elected.  Do you remember seeing all those poor black people being interviewed who actually believed that if Obama was made King he would use the resources of the federal government to pay their monthly rent and issue them all free Obamaphones?  It was pathetic to watch and it is happening again with Bernie.
Bernie is the perfect man to lead the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  We are, after all, a socialistic country.  We have been a socialist country for many years, although most people are unwilling to admit that truth.  When 49% of the citizens of a country pay 99% of the entire federal budget you know you are living and working in a socialist country.  Bernie distinguishes himself simply because he is the first to come along in my lifetime who admits the obvious.  Bernie knows that everyone is filled with envy and wants to use the coercive power of the federal government to force people who make more money than them to pay for their bills.  All the other candidates believe the same thing, since that is the only way to get elected, but they have never been so straightforward and crass in the assertion of their beliefs.  Wealth transfer scams like Social Security, Medicaire, Medicaid, Aid for Families with Dependent Children, the Earned Income Credit and other government monstrosities have been sold as patriotic entitlement programs designed to create a "safety net" to make sure "no child gets left behind" in a country that is "rich enough to send a person to the moon."  Bernie has dramatically altered the dialogue.  He does not disguise his envy and hatred for the top 49% of the income population.  He does not need them to get elected and he overlooks no opportunity to fan the flames of class warfare and institutionalized envy to buy his votes.  
Bernie is the perfect man for the times.  As far as I am aware, there has never been an openly socialist candidate campaigning for the office of King who was anything more than a fringe candidate.  Bernie's beliefs are no longer restricted to the fringe element in this God-hating country.  Bernie is now mainstream, as his election results clearly prove.  Bernie is the voice of the majority of the envy-filled voters populating this land who want to use the power of government to steal from others who make more money than they do.  He is a master at casting the actors in this morality play.  The villains are always hard working productive people who have dedicated their lives to serving others via the free market.  The victims are always the envy-filled voters who are perpetually cast as downtrodden and oppressed by the evil rich people.  Think Snidley Whiplash and you get a pretty good idea of how Bernie sees things.  Most importantly, the heroes are always the career politicians who ride in to play the role of  modern Robin Hoods  They are the only people separating the rapacious businessmen from their defenseless prey.  If they are not elected and empowered with god like powers we are all doomed.
I would like to see Bernie receive the Democratic nomination for King.  I really want to see a man who is intellectually committed to saying what every other career politician believes but is afraid to say.  The simple truth, which nobody but Bernie is willing to admit, is that we have become a nation of envy-filled socialists who believe that theft is virtue and robbery is moral, provided it is being done by the anointed career politicians who will lead us all to prosperity like we have never seen before.  Bring in the choir, strike up the worship band, Bernie is in the house with a sermon we all want to hear.  He is going to take your rich neighbor's property and give it to you because, after all, that is only fair.  Amen.

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