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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Amerikan Empire

Well, I finally heard someone admit it.  I was driving around town yesterday, going about my business and listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show, when Rush came out and said that the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is an imperialistic empire.  If you know Rush, and you probably do, he does not consider that to be a bad thing.  In fact, Rush was lamenting that the SDA is in danger of going the way of all the empires that have come before us.  Then, for no reason at all, Rush announced that he believes the Amerikan empire will survive forever.  He confessed that his belief is not based upon anything other than his "optimistic feelings" about the future of this God-hating country.  He did profess his belief in the innate goodness of all Republicans and the potential for all Democrats to turn into Republicans but that was about the only reason he had any optimism for the future of this war-loving empire known as the SDA.  His confession was a pure act of state worship.  It was refreshing to see someone willingly admit that he unabashedly worships the SDA.
Is there anyone out there who does not believe that the SDA is the biggest, baddest empire the world has ever seen?  We have more military bases in more countries around the world than any empire that came before us.  We have killed tens of millions more citizens of those stinkin' foreign countries (they all deserved it by the dare them not bow down before us and do what we order them to do?) than any empire that came before us.  We have imposed our will, by means of treaties, tax policy and covert operations, upon more people around the world than any other empire ever dreamed of being able to do.  We mind the business of the entire world and we are downright proud to do it.
I was listening to some of the current commentary on the upcoming election for next King of the SDA when I heard a very common statement that struck me most uncommonly.  The reporter, I forget now who it was, announced that the next election for King is vitally important because it will determine who is to be the next "leader of the free world."  I had never really considered what that amazingly arrogant statement meant before so I took some time to think about it.  Having a very limited capacity for intellectual speculation and a very short attention span it did not take me long to realize that claiming the King of the SDA is the leader of the free world is perhaps the grandest statement of world domination and empire ever made.  I wonder what the citizens of the countries of the free world, whatever that is, think about our belief?
I can't imagine that most of those stinkin' foreigners, who we do so much for and who do not come close to appreciating us as much as they should, would appreciate being told that their supreme leader is someone from another country whom they had no say in bringing to power.  How would you like it if somebody informed you that the King of some foreign land, elected by a right proper democratic process, is your sovereign?  I dare say most Amerikans would call for the SDA military to immediately launch an attack upon those foolish people for daring to impose their will on us.  Yet when we do the exact same thing to hundreds of millions of people around the world, all justified under the mantle of "Amerikan Exceptionalism" by the way, we pretend to be dazed and confused by their reasonable negative response to our tyranny.
I would very much appreciate it if we all could stop pretending to be something we are not.  We say that we are a nation governed by law.  We are not.  We say that we are a nation founded upon the ancient document known as the Constitution of the United States.  We are not.  We bicker and fight over whether some particular law is constitutional or not but, in the final analysis, we abandoned the Constitution long ago.  What we are is the most powerful economy and military in the history of the universe.  What we also are is a collection of intensely sinful human beings who make no effort to restrain our sinful desires to steal, kill and control everyone else in the world.  What we are is a people who powerfully despise the God of the Bible and the law He commands us to obey.  Sure, we reject His law under the guise of some imaginary concept of "separation of Church and State" but the simple truth is that most of the citizens of this land hate the God of the Bible and would rather go to the Lake of Fire than obey Him and His law.  (Note:  they will be granted their wish.)
So rather than complain about it, how about we start bragging about it?  Let's be proud of the fact that we tyrannize the world!  Let's be proud of the fact that if you do not agree with us you can expect a visit from a missile bearing drone!  Let's be proud of the fact that our military can kill pretty much anyone on the face of the earth at pretty much any time and get away with it.  We can commit war crimes galore and nobody is big enough to stop us.  Let's be proud of the fact that we can get away with torturing people while, at the same time, accuse other nations of immoral behavior for doing the exact same thing.  Let's be proud of the fact that we spy on our allies and murder our enemies.  Let's be proud of the fact that we are at perpetual war, expanding the empire into parts of the world previously considered to be outside the reach of our regime.  Let's be proud of the fact that the regime that rules the SDA imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world.  Let's be proud of the fact that you are eight times more likely to be killed by a jack-booted thug enforcer of the immoral laws of the land than you are to be killed by a terrorist.  We are the Amerikan Empire and we are here to stay!  If you don't like it, you will die.
Won't you join me?  Never again shall we speak of the United States or pretend as if we do not rule the world.  Rome was not called Italy.  Rome was called the Roman Empire.  Great Britain was not called England.  Great Britain was called the British Empire.  So why do we persist in calling the SDA the United States?  Let us drop this fiction forever.  Let us proudly declare our superiority over all the people of the earth.  Let us proudly thumb our noses at the God who created and sustains the universe.  Let us bow down and worship the empire and its King.   Oh,  I almost forgot,  may the force be with you. 

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