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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Teaching Your Children To Lie And Steal At An Early Age

There are only two ways that any person can ever make money.  You can either trade a good or a service you provide with someone else for cash or you can steal money from someone else.  I am assuming that individual citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika will not engage in the practice of counterfeiting money as the Federal Reserve does, although I do recognize that some folks try to get away with that illegal and immoral activity.  So if you want money you need to come up with some sort of plan.  You can figure out what you do well and use your personal abilities to serve others for fun and profit or you can concoct a plan to rob, steal and plunder your neighbors.  The first activity is called "business" and it is what people do when they love one another.  The second activity is called "theft" and it is what career politicians and those who vote for them do because they hate one another.
I have written many times about the moral and economic advantages of the free market.  In a sinful world there is no better institution to create wealth and incentivize men to live in harmony with each other than the free market.  It is also true that in a sinful world there is no better institution to destroy wealth and incentivize immoral activity than government.  That is what I would like to write about briefly today.
Government schools, you might call them public schools but that is a misnomer, are schools that exist for the purpose of dispensing propaganda that will brainwash children into the belief that the state is the source of all that is good, right and proper in the world. To accomplish that goal it is necessary to also indoctrinate children in the belief that the free market is evil and that Christianity is responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people throughout history, as well as a multitude of theological errors.  For reasons that I have never been able to understand, adults voluntarily send their children to these centers of state-worship indoctrination.  To the surprise of no one, after twelve years of powerful brainwashing the human products of that indoctrination walk out the door at graduation universally believing in global warming, the primacy of the state over all institutions, the immoral and greedy nature of free enterprise and the downright silliness of Christianity.
There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Everything has to be paid for, even government indoctrination camps.  Do you know who pays for government schools?  I suspect you do, if you are a property owner.  The majority of the funds that are used to pay government school teachers to teach your children to hate the God of the Bible and love the god of the State come from your real property taxes.  A smaller portion of that funding comes from allocations of state income taxes and an even smaller portion comes from an allocation of federal income taxes to the local school districts.  So government schools are paid for by those who own real property and the top 49% of the income population in the SDA who pay all the income taxes.  I would guess that the majority of those who own real property are also in the top 49% of the income population so once again we see that the politically unprotected minority is forced to pay for what is essentially the entire bill for government schooling.
A reader of this blog sent me an article about a town in New Mexico by the name of Los Alamos.  I have written about Los Alamos before.  It is a government town obsessed with fears of terrorist attack.  When you enter Los Alamos you give up your 4th Amendment right to privacy.  To enter the town you need to submit to an unconstitutional search of your person and possessions.  Los Alamos also has a school district.  Since Los Alamos is the wealthiest county in all of New Mexico, or at least it was when I lived there as a child,  the funding for the government schools there is abundant.  So it might surprise you to discover that the highly moral and personally upstanding members of the government school cartel in Los Alamos believes it is important for all of the students under their control to be instructed to lie.  Let me tell you the story as I received it in the following news report.
"In the state of New Mexico school funds are distributed by a process which depends on counting the number of students three times a school year. These are called the 40 day count, the 80 day count, and the 120 day count.  These one day counts of students determines the amount of money per student enrolled that comes from the state to the schools. It is a straightforward count which is hard to cheat on. On the same three days the school is to count the number of school bus riders which also determines the state allocated money.  This is meant to defray the costs of transporting students to and from school.  In Los Alamos we have an excellent public bus system which is preferred by a lot of students over the school buses.  So, for the past two years or more the school administration has embarked on a campaign to encourage the students to ride the school buses on the three counting days, 40, 80 and 120.  A year ago in the fall the school talked one of the local merchants into giving a free ice cream coupon to any student who would ride the school bus on the counting day.  This was fairly successful and resulted in an additional amount from the state of over one hundred thousand dollars."
There you have it.  Not content to merely steal from the citizens of Los Alamos who own property to pay for their efforts, the teaching cartel in town recruited the students under their authority to lie to the state government in order to steal an additional $100k from it, and they were successful in doing so.  I guess government school teachers are very good at teaching children to lie and steal.  These students are being well schooled in the art of legal plunder and will graduate with advanced degrees in how to use democracy to make yourself a winner at the expense of the rich, whoever they are.  Good for them.  It all makes me wonder.....the writer of the above paragraph makes reference to the "excellent public bus system" that exists in Los Alamos.  That is a misnomer.  It is a government bus system.  I wonder who pays for it?  My guess is that it would be paid for exclusively by the property owners in Los Alamos but given the tight connection to the federal government that exists in town it would not surprise me if federal taxpayers were on the hook for a portion of the bill.  But for purposes of illustration I will assume that only Los Alamos citizens are being forced to pay for the government's bus system.  That would mean that money is being stolen from people to pay for something the majority of them do not use.  How, Mr. Letter Writer, is that any different than what you complain about?

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