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Friday, January 15, 2016

Ruminations On The GOP Panel Discussion

Having nothing better to do, I settled down in my rocking chair in front of the television last night to watch the panel discussion on Fox Business News featuring all of the currently top rated GOP candidates for next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I had not watched any of the prior panel discussions as I usually had more important things to do like sitting around twiddling my thumbs or watching the grass in my backyard grow.  I was interested in this event because it was hosted by Fox Business News and I was hoping to see some dialogue on economic  issues.  I was not disappointed by what I witnessed and it allowed me to confirm many of my long held beliefs about career politicians and their grotesque level of economic ignorance.  Let me tell you, in no particular order, what I thought about last night's question and answer session.
  • All of the candidates on the platform last night suffer from paranoid delusions.  One of the chief characteristics I think would be very important for the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military Forces of the Amerikan Empire to have would be a very accurate understanding of the relative strength of our many enemies around the world.  One is best prepared to engage the enemy when one has a thorough understanding of the absolute strength of the enemy.  Otherwise a field general would be prone to make serious mistakes in the allocation of his resources.  For example, if one front is made up of a couple dozen sissified weaklings throwing rocks at us it is not important to send 15 battalions of Marines to that location.  After listening to all of the candidates last night I am forced to come to the conclusion that the SDA is now in the equivalent position that France found itself in just prior to the Nazi invasion in May of 1940.  They all believe that North Korea, Iran, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and radical Islam are legitimate and serious threats to the security of the SDA homeland.    They all believe that ridiculous idea despite the fact that North Korea, Iran, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and radical Islam are no more of a threat to the SDA homeland than a dozen sissified weaklings throwing rocks.  That is not a good mental condition to be in for a potential future leader of the free world, whatever that means.
  • None of the candidates on the platform last night was willing to discuss why they believe North Korea, Iran, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and radical Islam want to wage war against the SDA.  I was repeatedly told that each of those groups constitutes a serious threat to my personal security that requires me to give up my individual freedom and 4th Amendment rights in order to allow the government to protect me, but I was never told why they want to kill me in the first place.  If I have to give up my personal liberty and my right to be secure in my person, papers and possessions I think I have a right to know why.  Whether the candidates are aware of the truth or not, I do not know.  It is possible they are so daft they have no understanding of foreign affairs at all.  Allow me to inform them of the truth.  ISIS, Al-Qaeda and radical Islam would have no interest in the SDA except for the fact that SDA military forces have invaded their homelands, raped their women, killed their children, murdered their defenders and propped up a nuclear weapon empowered Israel on their very doorsteps.  For some reason none of the candidates wanted to talk about that subject.
  • All of the candidates believe that global economic activity is a form of warfare.  Each candidate took an opportunity to say something bad about China.  According to the economic luminaries on the platform, when trans-national trade takes place there has to be a winner and a loser.  The Donald, in particular, kept pounding away at his slogan about always "winning."  Every time he says that he betrays the fact that he understands nothing about economic trade.  In a free market there are no losers.  In a market in which coercion is absent, both parties to the exchange go away happy with the deal, otherwise no exchange would ever take place.  Listening to those bozos on stage would drive a person to conclude that every economic exchange creates a loser and the SDA is on the losing end of the deal in every interaction with China.  That then justifies, in their minds, the desire to create laws to punish China by means of tariffs on Chinese goods. Apparently they are all too stupid to realize that tariffs will ultimately only punish the SDA consumer.
  • All of the candidates believe that King Obama and potential future Queen Hillary are the devil incarnate.  Each candidate, in turn, took the opportunity to inform all of us viewers that no matter how terrible each of the other candidates happens to be, any one of them would be infinitely superior to Obama and Hillary.  Obama and Hillary were held responsible for every alleged problem facing the nation today.  The fact that all but two of the men on stage are career politicians and equally responsible for whatever mess exists in this sad and immoral country was lost upon them. 
  • All of the candidates believe that government creates job, profits, wealth and economic growth.  They are all amazingly ignorant of economics.  They repeatedly spoke of "our profits" and "our jobs" as if profits and jobs belong to them rather than the profit seeking corporations, and their shareholders, that created them.  I heard many comments about how the draconian SDA corporate tax was keeping corporations from "bringing their profits back home" where they can be taxed away by money-grubbing career politicians.  Republicans have had ample opportunity over the past 30 years to eliminate the corporate profits tax and they have done nothing.  Complaining about the reasonable strategy of corporations to move and keep their operations overseas is a bit disingenuous at best.  Let me make it very clear for these idiots.....the SDA government does not own any profit seeking business.  No profit seeking business has any responsibility to fund the activities of the SDA government.  No business has a moral responsibility to stay in this envy filled country.  Furthermore, no government agency or member of the royal caste has ever created a single job or a penny of profit.  Stop acting as if you can.
  • All of the candidates refused to answer any question that could potentially cost them votes.  Maria Bartiromo asked them what they would do about the fact that Social Security and Medicare are eating up an ever increasing share of the federal budget and appear doomed for insolvency.  To a man, each candidate completely ignored her question.  She restated it at one point and they continued to pretend as if she had not asked the question.  All of the vote-seekers on stage know enough to know that any talk about cutting social security or medicare benefits is political death.  At the same time, any talk about raising taxes to maintain the increasingly expensive entitlement programs of social security and medicare is also political suicide.  So, being the good cowards that they all are, they ignored her question.  I was assured, watching them do their various versions of a political song and dance, that no matter who is elected as the next King of this God-hating country it will be business as usual for the next four years.
  • All of the candidates are strong on what is usually called "law and order."   By that I mean they believe that the citizens of this country are generally immoral and need a growing police force to powerfully enforce the laws of the land.  Christie mentioned that the federal government needs to crack down (send in the National Guard?) upon those rogue states like Colorado that flaunt federal drug laws.  They all want more cops, more laws, more lawyers, more prisons and more prisoners, despite the fact that the SDA already imprisons more of its citizens than any country in the world. 
  • None of the candidates was willing to explain why there appears to be such animosity between the cops and the citizens of this violent land.  The basic assumption underlying each of the candidates views on law and order, as I could perceive it, is that most people are basically good but, at the same time, most people engage in a lot of criminal activity.  People were good when the candidate wanted a vote and people were bad when the candidate was talking about law and order.  None of the candidates ever considered explaining to the audience that the failed war on drugs in this country is primarily responsible for all of the woes associated with the criminal justice system, whatever that is.  Not one candidate was willing to conjure up the historical specter of Prohibition in support of a position that all drugs should be decriminalized.  Those who forget history and doomed to repeat it.
  • All of the candidates at one point or another said that if I would vote for him he would promise and guarantee that I would be both free and safe under his rule.   It never occurred to any of them that personal freedom and government provided safety are contradictory notions that cannot both exist at the same time and in the same place.  Edward Snowden was denounced as a traitor and all the candidates called for profit seeking technology corporations to "partner" with government to aid the NSA as it watches our every move.  Although each candidate sought the votes available from the NRA by stating support for the 2nd Amendment, not one candidate stated his support for the 4th Amendment.  On the contrary, each candidate called for more government power over the citizens of this land, enveloping each and every one of us in a mantle of suspicion.   Everyone must be watching everyone else and the government will be watching us all because you never know where a terrorist might be lurking.  This brings me back to my first point....the inability of the mad-men on the stage last night to accurately assess a threat to our national security.  I conclude by advising you to prepare to give up all your 4th Amendment rights, regardless of which candidate you select. As for me, I will be taking a hike on election day.

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