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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rampant Rape At The Air Force Academy

One of the most popular and common stories found in the press these days is about how incidents of rape are commonplace on college campuses.  The infamous case of the University of Virginia in which a group of seven men were falsely accused of gang raping a stripper they had hired is illustrative of this attitude.  The seven men were immediately deemed to be guilty of the charge and government agents from the Socialist Democracy of Amerika made it a point to make an example of them for all to see.  As things turned out the entire case was fabricated.  Did that keep inflammatory accusations about rape on college campuses from being repeated?  Hardly.
Just Google "rape on college campuses" and you will see that things have not changed.  Depending upon which story you read you will be informed that 15-25% of all incoming freshmen females will be raped or sexually assaulted during their college years.  As usual, the devil is in the details.  Since I believe it is fair to say that most women in college spend a good part of their time in a condition of scantily clad drunkenness, I will go out on a limb and say that many of them were looking for it.  I would guess, based upon no evidence by my own impressions, that most of what passes for allegations of sexual assault is little more than morning-after guilt for what the young woman did the night before.
I see no reason why the incidence of real rape and sexual assault should be any higher on a college campus than it is in the rest of the country.  According to statistics compiled by the FBI, in any given year a woman has a 1 in 3333 chance of being sexually assaulted.  The popular statistic used by feminists and their misandrist kin who want to use the coercive power of government to oppress men is that 1 in 4 women will be raped during their lifetimes.  Based upon the actual statistics from the FBI about sexual assault that would mean the average lifespan for a female in the SDA is 833 years.  I suspect these militant feminists justify their 1 in 4 stat by repeating the completely unknowable and improvable assertion that only 5% of sexual assaults are reported.  When adjusted for that factor the average adult lifespan of a female drops to about 42 years. 
So, you might be wondering, did I just wake up in a particularly misogynist mood today or do I have some point that I am trying to make?  I do have a point and it is somewhat related to what I have written above.  Back in December of 2013 I wrote a piece on this blog entitled "A Terrible Stench is Rising from the Air Force Academy."  You can find that blog post here.  Drawing from a story in a Colorado Springs newspaper I told the tale of how sexual assault is rampant at the Air Force Academy.  I also told the sordid tale about how the powers that be at the AFA are desperately trying to keep a lid on the story, even to the point of sacrificing some of their own cadets in order to keep the public from discovering what is going on at that immoral taxpayer financed institution.  Here we are over two years later and things have gone from bad to worse.
In a story in the Denver Post last week, buried on page 16A, it was reported that "Sex attacks spike; AFA rate highest."  The report informed me that "Reports of sexual assaults at the three major military academies surged in the 2014-2015 school year, led by the Air Force Academy, where the number nearly doubled, the Defense Department said."  According to the report there were 91 sexual assaults at the SDA's three service academies last year, with 49 of them taking place at the AFA.  Based upon an enrollment of ~5,000 cadets, that comes down to one sexual assault for every 100 students.  Given the fact that women are in the minority at the AFA it follows that the actual number of female cadets subjected to sexual assault by their fellow male cadets is at least 1 in every 50.  That is almost 70 times the rate of sexual assault found in the general population outside the confines of the academy.
I have some simple questions for you.  Where is the outrage?  Where is the public denunciation?  Where are the calls by feminist groups for investigations?  Where are the interviews with weepy female cadets who tell their sad tales of assault for the camera?  Where are the parasitic lawyers just waiting for their moment in the sun and significant financial profit?  I live only an hour away from the AFA and I have only read two reports in three years about what is going on there.  Why the silence?
I don't believe it takes a genius level IQ to realize what is happening here.  Cadets are allegedly the most moral and virtuous citizens in this immoral country.  They are hand selected to represent the imperial military power of the SDA around the world. They will be subjected to massive amounts of public adulation and downright worship after they graduate and are commissioned.  They will all be heroes.  Were it not for them we would be living under a communist dictatorship today.  The idolatrous citizens of the SDA will not tolerate human foibles in their gods so the truth about the sexual profligacy of AFA cadets is buried.  Pity the poor victims of these assaults.  These young women probably went to the academy with starry-eyes and patriotic ideals only to find out that their male compatriots see them as little more than sex objects there for their personal pleasure.
There is something drastically wrong with a country that allows, and even encourages, its women to become part of the military.  The military is no place for a woman or a child.  Indeed, the SDA military is no place for a human being, but that is another story.  As I concluded my previous posts on this topic, so I will conclude this one...parents, don't let your daughters grow up to be soldiers.

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