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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, January 29, 2016

A Dozen Questions For The Next King

I made the mistake of tuning into the panel discussion on Fox News last night featuring the also-rans of the GOP field for next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerka.  I foolishly believed that the questions the candidates would be asked last night would somehow substantially differ from the questions they had been asked in the previous panel discussions.  I know, I know....I am an idiot.  It only took a couple of minutes for me to realize that nothing new was going to be asked of the career politicians gracing the stage.  It took me less than a nano-second to realize that the candidates had no intention of actually answering any of the questions.
The first question posed to Ted Cruz was about his reaction to the absence of the next King of the SDA, Donald the Trump.  Rather than answer the question Cruz went on for his minute of time telling the people in the audience how much he loved Iowa and how much he enjoyed hanging out with them.  It was political pandering at its best.  I wonder if he will ever go back to Iowa again?  I rather doubt it.
As I struggled to watch the first hour of the panel discussion I realized that I had a whole series of questions that I would like to ask the career politicians who want to be King.  None of the questions I have ever get asked.  It is as if the talking heads from the media, who love to ask questions designed to show how brilliant they are, and I live in two entirely different worlds.  As I sat there, rocking in my chair faster and faster as my frustration mounted, I finally realized that I needed to make a list of questions for those bozos who pontificate upon things they are ignorant about.  So, without further ado, here are my questions for the next King of the SDA:
  1. You claim to have created jobs in your previous political positions.  Please explain precisely how you did that.  With the exception of Ben Carson, nobody on stage has ever created a single net job.  Please tell us why you keep saying that you have created millions of jobs in your political careers.
  2. You claim to be able to create economic growth.  Please explain how a career politician, with no connection to the free market whatsoever, can do anything to create economic growth.  All economic growth, and all jobs, are created by profit seeking businessmen.  Why do you continue to insist that you have the ability to do something you clearly cannot do?
  3. Why do you rail on and on about how big government has grown while, at the same time, propose as a solution to every alleged problem that exists a new law?  Do you not realize that every law you create and sign ends up going into the bureaucracy where it is transformed into a behemoth containing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of economy-killing regulations?  If you really want to shrink the size of government why do you continue to make laws that do just the opposite?
  4. How many bureaus will you abolish and how many laws will you repeal?
  5. Why do you see international trade as an act of warfare?  At the same time,why do you not see SDA enforced economic sanctions as warfare?  
  6. When queried about the alleged problem of illegal aliens/immigration, why do you refuse to describe the real reasons for the problem?  Rather than closing the borders as you all have proposed, have you ever considered any of the following as possible solutions to the problem:  1) decriminalizing all drugs, 2) abolishing all welfare programs, 3) closing all foreign military bases and, 4) ceasing all foreign wars of aggression?  
  7. While I am on the topic, please explain why you all oppose decriminalizing all drugs, abolishing all welfare programs, closing all foreign military bases and ceasing all foreign wars of aggression.
  8. Please explain the precise mechanism by which the destruction of my 4th Amendment right to privacy will increase my personal security.  From a broader perspective, where is it found in the Constitution you have sworn to uphold that it is a right good idea to abolish the 4th Amendment anytime the sheeple in this land come to you crying for promises of personal security?  
  9. 98% of all federal revenues are paid by 49% of the people.  Please tell me if you believe that is fair.  If not, why not?  If so, why?
  10. Please describe why you believe the Constitution of the USA established a democracy rather than a republic.
  11. You all want "law and order" and you are all willing to give billions of dollars to the enforcers of the rules you create.  You believe it is wrong to steal and you want to punish those who do.  Please describe why the democratic process you are exploiting to remain career politicians is not an act of theft.  More precisely, why is it immoral for me to rob my neighbor with a gun but an act of patriotic citizenship to create a geo-political district in which 11 of us vote to steal the property of the other 10?  
  12. Will you repudiate "climate science" as junk science, politically correct speech as pathology and tokenistic posturing as an utter waste of time or will you continue to pander to those who believe and practice such lunacies in order to obtain a vote?
I would force each candidate to answer each question. I would not allow them to yell and scream at each other.  I would follow up these dozen questions with additional questions if necessary, all of them designed to expose the weakness of their positions on everything.  Now that would be a panel discussion worth watching.

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