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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Economic Knowledge Of SDA College Students

In theory college students are expected to be a bit smarter than people who do not go to college.  Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule and there are people in college who have no business being there I still believe it is fair to assert that those who are in college are smarter than the average citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I also believe it is fair to assume that most students who have been in college for at least a year have been exposed to at least one economics class, usually an introduction to economics class of some sort.  That being the case we should expect that the general level of economic understanding found among college students would be at least somewhat higher than that found among the rank and file of the SDA citizenry.
We know a lot about the economic understanding of the average SDA citizen.  Almost without exception SDA citizens believe that Kings can create jobs and economic growth, provided the people who wanted to be the King in the opposing political party do not say any bad things about him.  Then if they do, for some unexplained reason, the King finds himself impotent and unable to do anything but create recessions.  SDA citizens also believe that the government creates money and that a group of unelected career bureaucrats called "the Fed" are able to wisely guide the economy back and forth between the opposing potential economic disasters of recession and "overheating," whatever that means.  On the other side of the coin, SDA citizens generally believe that profit seeking businessmen are evil and government needs to have regulatory oversight of every business enterprise in the country to keep the evil scoundrels from ripping everyone off.  Banks and bankers are the worst sort of evil.  They exist to enslave people by forcing loans upon them and then, after wasting all of their profits on fancy parties and cocaine, they go to the government for bailouts which are always granted to them by crony career politicians.
A reader of this blog sent me this link.  It tells the story of what happened on over 100 college campuses in the SDA yesterday.  Did you hear about the "Million Student March?"  If not, let me tell you about it.  College students of superior intellectual ability are upset that they have to pay back the money they borrowed to pay to go to college.  According to the article found at the above link, “'Education should be free. The United States is the richest country in the world, yet students have to take on crippling debt in order to get a college education,' the movement's organizers said in a statement on their website. Organizers of what was dubbed the Million Student March are demanding tuition-free public colleges, a cancellation of all student debt and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for campus workers." Well there you have it...a perfect example of the economic understanding of college students.
College students believe that because the GDP of the SDA is higher than any other geo-political zone around the world it logically and necessarily follows that they should be provided with a free college education.  From this assertion I can logically and necessarily conclude that college students are not only economically ignorant, they are ignorant of the basic principles of logic as well.  How does it follow that because the SDA has a high GDP they are entitled to have their college bills paid for by the taxpayers?
I wonder if these economic geniuses have thought through the economic incentives created by 100% taxpayer financed college educations?  Do they realize the law of supply and demand might create some perverse incentives within their plan?  If college education is free (meaning paid for by the top 49% of the income population via taxes) then many more scholars will go to college.  That means many more worthless degrees will be granted and tens of millions more 24 year olds will be living in their parent's basements, sporting worthless degrees, incessantly playing video games and displaying no understanding of economics whatsoever.
These economically clueless students also want immediate forgiveness of their student loans.  Why they should be allowed to not have to pay back the money they have borrowed to go to school while I have to pay back the money I borrowed to buy my home is not described.  Why they are permitted to essentially steal money from the banks which loaned them the funds in good faith is not explained.  Why what they wish to do is not a case of gross immorality is not defined.  Let me make it simple for these simpletons.  Failing to pay back a student loan is theft.  Theft is immoral.  Therefore if you do not pay back your student loans you are an immoral thief.
The sense of entitlement evidenced in these students is incredible and prepares them perfectly to be citizens of the SDA.  They believe the world owes them a living.  They believe they are special and everyone else should pay their bills.  No doubt they all believe in democracy and they rejoice when they can go to the polls and elect career politicians like Bernie Sanders who promise to force the top 49% of the income population to pay their student loan bills.  They believe they have a civil right to a free college degree.  I wonder what else they will cook up as a civil right?  When they graduate will they suddenly discover that the Constitution of the SDA grants them a civil right to a new car?  How about a new home?  How about a cushy, taxpayer financed government job where they can pretend to work for twenty years and then retire on a pension that is two times their average salary the last three years they worked? 
The icing on the cake, and a means by which these student Cretins are able to mentally justify and rationalize their proposed thievery, is to also demand that the government force a minimum $15/hour wage into every mutually agreed upon contract for labor services.  It does not matter that the labor provided might only be worth $5/hour or $10/hour.  In order to tell themselves that they are not just immoral thieves stealing for themselves, they have concocted a plan whereby they can tell themselves they are being altruistic because they are working to improve the conditions of all mankind, especially the noble and virtuous poor, by stealing for them as well.
In the end I am able to conclude many things about today's crop of college students.  Just like the citizens of the SDA they are shot through with envy for those who are actually working and producing something in this world.  Just like the citizens of the SDA they believe they are entitled to live off the wealth and income of the politically unprotected upper 49% of the income population.  Just like the rest of the citizens of the SDA they believe that government is the source of all good and business is the source of all evil.  And just like the rest of the citizens they believe they are paragons of moral virtue when, in fact, they are God-hating sinners bound for the Lake of Fire if they do not repent.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why Are People In Prison?

Bill O'Reilly is one of my favorite neo-conservatives who never met a war he didn't like.  He has stated numerous times that the primary objective of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika's foreign policy should be to make every other sovereign nation in the world fear the SDA military.  Bill is also a "law and order" conservative.  That means he endorses and rejoices in the expansion of the police state and the suspension of the Bill of Rights.  I was watching his television program the other night and he began his hour with a long diatribe about how the citizens of the SDA are engaging in criminal behavior, especially violent criminal behavior, at an ever increasing rate.  This alleged truth disturbs him greatly and he wants the semi-military forces of the SDA police to crack down on the citizens of this country in a big way.
In the course of making his argument for more cops, more laws and more enforcement Bill also made the case for more incarceration.  Bill is not satisfied with the fact that the SDA system of injustice already imprisons more of its population than any other country in the world.  Bill knew enough about the arguments to anticipate the counter-argument that most people in prisons are there because of the enforcement of immoral and draconian drug laws.  That argument, which you probably know as well, asserts that government has no right to create a list of approved and disapproved drugs, and then enforce those two lists with laws that criminalize one group and legalize the other.  Government should get out of the drug business entirely and let the free market determine what is produced, sold and consumed.
Bill hates the idea of freedom when it comes to drugs of any sort and was pushing for more laws, more enforcement and more imprisonment of those who make the voluntary decision to use non-government approved drugs.  Bill reserves some of his most sarcastic and vitriolic comments for the citizens of Colorado, who legalized marijuana a year ago.  Bill believes that federal laws prohibiting marijuana use should be enforced in the states, including those that have legalized it.  He is incensed that uppity states would exercise their rights and approve drug use freedom in defiance of federal laws.  Of course he couches all of his arguments in the presupposition that marijuana is a "gateway drug" and that he is only calling for incarceration of those who produce and sell it in order to protect the children and restore the Amerikan family.
In the course of making his case he asserted that it is not true that most of the prisoners housed in SDA approved cages around the country are there because of violations of stupid drug laws.  He believes, and he clearly stated, that the "majority of those incarcerated" in the SDA are "murders and rapists."  That got me to Bill telling the truth or is this another example of one of his patented flights of intellectual fancy?  To find out I went to a couple of federal websites and I was able to find a document that describes precisely who is imprisoned for what in SDA prisons. The document was written by people at the Department of Justice and was dated September, 2015.  It included statistical tabulations about prisoners as of the end of 2014 and it described and categorized each federal prisoner in terms of his or her "most serious offense."  According to the DOJ, people are imprisoned in federal prisons throughout the SDA for the following reasons and at the following percentages:
  1. Drug Charges:  50%.  This includes all trafficking and also simple possession of drugs.
  2. Weapons Charges:  16%.  This includes categories like robbery and assault where the use of the weapon became a more serious charge than the robbery itself.  
  3. Unspecified Disruptions of the Public Order:  11%.  I am not sure what falls into this category.  My guess is that domestic abuse might be here, as well as things like saying truthful and negative things about a career politician outside of a federally created "free speech zone."
  4. Illegal Immigrants:  9%.  Almost one tenth of all federal prisoners are illegal immigrants and yet Bill tells me that illegal immigrants are never incarcerated, even after they kill people.
  5. Fraud:  5%.  Ah yes, those white collar criminals need to be punished as well.
  6. Robbery:  4%.  Speaks for itself.
  7. Assault:  2%.  This includes people beating each other up as well as sexual assault.
  8. Murder: 1.5%.  So murder finally makes an appearance on the list.  Notice how Bill's apprehension of the rate of incarcerated murderers is a bit off the mark.
  9. Property Crimes:  1.0%  
  10. All Other Crimes:  0.5%
 So Bill is telling me that federal prisons are stuffed to the gills with violent murderers and rapists when the reality is that 66% of the men and women currently languishing in taxpayer financed cages should not be there at all.  Drugs should be regulated by the free market and nobody should ever be imprisoned for selling, buying or using any drug.  Additionally, all citizens of the SDA should have the right to own any weapons they want, up to and including howitzers and tanks.  It is the crime committed by a person utilizing a weapon that should be punished, not the ownership of the weapon itself.
I believe I can make the case that 75% of those presently imprisoned in federal prisons should not be there since the 9% who are currently being held for violations of immigration laws also should be set free.  The SDA should have free and open borders, with anyone free to come and go as he or she pleases at any time and for any reason.  People should be punished only when they violate the moral law.  Arbitrary laws making the crossing of a geo-political boundary a crime are ridiculous and absurd.
Indeed, I can make an even stronger case that none of the classes of people listed above should be incarcerated, except perhaps for the 0.5% who did something I don't know about.  Those who committed fraud should be working and making money to pay off their victims.  The same is true for those who robbed others.  They should be working in the free market and using their income to pay off those whom they harmed.  Those who committed various types of assault should have been punished on an eye for an eye basis and that would have been the end of it.  And murderers should all have been executed.  I conclude that Bill's call for more laws, more enforcement of those laws, more criminalization of ordinary behavior and more imprisonment of SDA citizens is the exact opposite of what the rulers of this prison-happy land should be doing.  I also conclude that, notwithstanding Bill's constant assertion that he only reports the facts, when Bill has an ax to grind the facts quickly fly out the window.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All* The GOP Candidates Are Liars

*The one possible exception to this rule is Rand Paul who, as far as I am aware, does not believe any of the lies described below.

I watched the GOP panel discussion hosted by Fox Business News last night because I was interested in the economic understanding of the candidates for the next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The fellows, and one lady, who are running for that office know enough about the intellectual sensibilities of most of the citizens of this envy-plagued country to make sure that they parrot the socialist line as they quibbled with one another last night. I then turned to Fox News and MSNBC for their respective takes on what had happened during the panel discussion.  It is always fun to see how each company's political presuppositions blinds it to what actually took place.  A "winner" always has to be declared and, inevitably, the winner will be the one who most closely described the political views promoted by each television station.
After watching the candidates pontificate and bloviate I believe it is fair to say they are all pathological liars.  I can't believe that these men and women are stupid enough to believe the things they say so I am driven to the conclusion that they repeat pet lies in order to pander to the electorate in what will be vain attempts, for most of them, to get elected.  What follows is an unscientific sample of the lies I heard on display during the panel discussion last night:
  • Amerika is exceptional.  All of the candidates presuppose this to be true.  It is important to know what the content of the religious belief of Amerikan Exceptionalism is.  Simply put, Amerikan Exceptionalism believes that everything done by career politicians in Amerika is morally good and proper simply because they did it.  If the exact same thing is done by the career politicians in a sovereign nation that bows down to worship the SDA it is considered to be morally neutral.  If the exact same thing is done by a sovereign nation that does not bow down and worship the SDA it is considered to be morally evil.  The determinant of morality is not some objective moral standard.  Rather, it is who performs a particular deed.  When SDA career politicians do something it is always good, no matter how many people might die, no matter how much money might be stolen, no matter how much "collateral damage" might take place, the action is always good, right and proper.  
  • Amerika protects the citizens and various geo-political entities of the world from evil people who would harm them in Amerika's absence.  Increasingly the evil people in the world are Putin and Xi Jinping.  Ignored in this cavalcade of propaganda is the inconvenient truth that Amerikan military forces, under the command of SDA career politicians and Kings, "have invaded or fought in eighty-four out of 194 countries and have had some form of military involvement with a spectacular 191 out of 194.”   Go here for information about the book I just quoted.  The authors conclusively prove that Amerikan military forces have had some sort of negative impact upon 191 of the 194 sovereign nations in the world.  But the doctrine of Amerikan Exceptionalism informs our GOP candidates that all of that contact was for the best, always bringing about a better state of affairs than prior to the SDA invasions.
  • To quote the favorite of Fox News, Marco Rubio, "the world is a safer and better place when Amerika is the strongest military power in the world."  Ted Cruz, another favorite of the warfare statist group, said, "you think defending this nation is expensive?  Try not defending it."  I think you get the point.  The military is God and all good things come to us because of their activities around the world.  I wonder how many of the citizens of the world would agree with Rubio's claim that the world is a better place because the SDA military has been involved in 191 of its 194 sovereign nations?  Do you think the Ukrainians believe that? Do the Libyans believe that? Do the Egyptians believe that?  Do the Iraqis believe that?  Do the Pakistanis believe that?  Do Ecuadorians, Panamanians, Venezuelans and Hondurans believe that?   Cruz's assertion that the enormously bloated military budget necessary to sustain the perpetual imperialistic wars of the Amerikan empire are necessary for our "defense" is ridiculous.  This country could be defended on a budget one tenth the size of the present budget and no other sovereign nation in the world would dare to attack us.  The military is not expensive because it defends our freedom, lives and property.  The military is expensive because it is expanding the empire.  Praise the Beast, from whom all blessings flow.
  • Kings create jobs, if you believe the current crop of candidates for the Kingship.  The panel discussion was ostensibly about economic issues, although that was often hard to tell as the topics were constantly morphing as each participant sought an opportunity to express his carefully rehearsed sound bite.  All of the candidates for King agreed that the King has the god-like power to create jobs.  They also all agreed that the current King, for some reason nobody can understand, has made the conscious decision to use his power to destroy the economy rather than to create the millions of new jobs he also has the ability to summon into existence.  Let us get this straight right politicians cannot create jobs.  No matter how hard they try and no matter what they do they are utterly incapable of creating a single net job.  Furthermore, the activities of all career politicians guarantee that the total number of net jobs in this envy-filled country will always be less than what could be there if the politicians simply did nothing.  
  • As a corollary to the above doctrine, Kings are able to create economic growth.  Each candidate touts how economic growth occurred at a particular rate while he happened to be sitting in some political position somewhere.  The current King is held responsible for the current rate of economic growth, as if he actually has the ability to make it rise but is unwilling to do so because he hates people.  If Kings really have the ability to create economic growth, why not promise 25%/year growth rates to the dullards who make up the voting public of this economically ignorant land?  If history is any guide, nobody will ever hold a career politician to his promises and even if he is somehow magically able to fulfill them all of the other candidates will say that he failed to fulfill his promises in the next election cycle anyway.  The cycle of lies never stops.
  • Kings and their Courts can manage the economy.  This is perhaps the biggest lie of all.  The economy is nothing more than the combined activities of 330 million people as they go about their daily lives.  Participants in the market process are responsible for all things economic.  They set the interest rate.  They determine the total number of industrial and commercial loans.  They determine where capital will be allocated.  Consumers determine what will be sold, what it will cost and when it is time for something new to be produced.  All new goods and services that are produced are produced by profit seeking businesses in the pursuit of those profits derived from consumers making purchases.  Everything you see that exists in this sad country is the direct result of a profit seeking business doing something in pursuit of those profits.  Government does nothing economically positive.  Government can do nothing but harm when it comes to the economy.  And government agents, especially Kings, are notorious for the tremendous harm they do to the economy.  
An honest career politician (Paul?), who would never make it as a career politician because he does not pander to the envy of the socialist electorate in this greedy land, would admit that there is no such thing as the SDA King.  He would admit that what we should have in this country is a President.  What does the President do?  According to the Constitution of the Untied States, a document sworn to be upheld but universally ignored by all career politicians, the President does very little.  According to the Constitution he does not create jobs, he does not create economic growth, he does not declare war, he does not prosecute wars of imperial expansion and he is not a god.  But that is not what the majority of the citizens of this land want.  The majority of the citizens of this land want a god-King, and that is precisely what they will get, good and hard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Biggest Threat To World Security Is The Amerikan Empire

Did you happen to see the comments delivered by Defense Secretary Ash Carter last Saturday?  Calling the department that Carter heads the department of "defense" is ridiculous.  When was the last time the Socialist Democracy of Amerika fought a war to defend the lives, property and freedom of SDA citizens?  I can't recall that ever being the case since I was brought into this world several decades ago.  Maybe that department should be renamed as "The Department of Imperialistic Expansion."   That would be most fitting given the role the SDA has played in the world during my lifetime
Notwithstanding the name of the department Carter comes slithering out from, here is some of what he had to say about the role Russian leaders are assuming in today's world, "Russia is undertaking challenging activities at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace.  Most disturbing, Moscow's nuclear saber-rattling raises questions about Russian leaders' commitment to strategic stability, their respect for norms against the use of nuclear weapons, and whether they respect the profound caution nuclear-age leaders showed with regard to the brandishing of nuclear weapons."  According to an AP article written by Robert Burns, not the poet I assume, "Carter cited several pillars of the international order that he argued should be defended and strengthened:  peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom from coercion, respect for state sovereignty and freedom of navigation."  Then, as he came to the climactic conclusion of his speech, Carter asserted that, "In Europe, Russia has been violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and actively trying to intimidate the Baltic states.  Meanwhile, in Syria, Russia is throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire, prolonging a civil war that fuels the very extremism Russia claims to oppose."    Let me ask you, does anyone detect even just a little bit of hypocrisy in what Carter had to say?
Carter, as the mouthpiece for King Obama and the Congress of Infernal Idiots (career politicians), has the audacity and unmitigated gall to claim that Russian rulers are behaving immorally because they have been involved in supporting their interests in Ukraine, Georgia and Syria.  Is only the SDA permitted to defend its imperialistic and materialistic interests around the world?  Is only the SDA to be permitted to have the power of hegemony over all of the sovereign nations of the world?  Is only the SDA allowed to rattle the saber?  That is what Carter apparently believes.  Although he does not say it, I am quite sure that Carter also believes in the religious doctrine of Amerikan Exceptionalism, whereby everything done by the SDA is deemed to be moral by definition and anyone who dares to oppose what the SDA has done is immoral by definition.
Let's take a little stroll down history lane for a moment.  Let's see if we can discover just how much "respect for state sovereignty" the SDA has evidenced over the years.  The CIA was created in 1947.  Since 1947 the CIA has been the primary instrument in the overthrow of many sovereign governments around the world.  Go here for a list.  I count 35 sovereign nations from all over the world on the list of governments overthrown as a direct result of CIA action.  Go here for a brief description of many of those undeclared acts of war against nations that were doing nothing other than minding their own business until they came under the scrutiny of various leaders of the SDA Empire.   By any objective standard of any historical measure of meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations the SDA has been involved in more immoral violations of the rights of independent and sovereign nations than any other country in the history of the world, including Russia.  By any objective standard of "saber-rattling" the SDA has done significantly more of it than any other nation in the history of the universe.  And by any unbiased measure of gross hypocrisy the SDA is the most grotesque example of extreme hypocrisy the world has ever seen.
Everything Carter accuses the Russians of doing the SDA has done hundreds of times in recent years.  Every alleged evil action taken by the Russian leaders has already been done by our career politicians many times over since the end of the Cold War when the SDA become the sole empire in the world.  Accusing Russia of "throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire" in the Middle East is unimaginably hypocritical and extraordinarily stupid as well.  Every single sovereign nation in the Middle East that is presently facing serious civil unrest is doing so as a direct result of SDA CIA and military activities previously undertaken in those countries as a direct result of our career politician's desire to rule the world.
Carter talks about "peaceful resolutions of disputes" when the SDA is the master of the world when it comes to stirring up strife and then stepping in to solve the problem that it created with bombs and military conquest.  Carter talks about nations being "free from coercion" when the SDA has been waging untold sanctions wars around the world for decades.  More people have died as a result of SDA sanctions than have died by being blow to bits by SDA bombs.  How does that come to be seen as freedom from coercion?  Oh yes, I always forget.  When the SDA imposes sanctions it is a good thing to do because the people who are starving to death are evil.  When someone who does not worship the SDA does the same thing it is evil and must be stopped. 
Carter, like all career bureaucrats, is seriously detached from reality.  That makes him a perfect candidate for the office which he fills.  Who else but a man who believes that everything the SDA military does is good and everything any nation which opposes the SDA military does is evil could qualify for the esteemed and glorified position of head of the department of "defense?"  Just keep telling yourself....war is defense and defense is war and maybe someday soon it all will be over.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Aqib Talib Is An Emotional Wimp

Aqib Talib is a cornerback for the Denver Broncos.  He also happens to be a very effective and skilled cornerback for the Denver Broncos.  I have enjoyed watching him play this year.  He has made numerous interceptions and has played a big part in what was, until Sunday, an undefeated season for the Broncos. Just last week I was telling my wife what a quality player he appeared to be because he plays ferociously while, at the same time, he remains under emotional control and plays with an intelligence rarely seen on the football field.   On Sunday I saw another part of Aqib's personality that is not so endearing.  On Sunday I learned that, like so many professional athletes, Aqib has the emotional self control of an infant.  In other words, he has none whatsoever.  Let me tell you about what happened.
The Denver Broncos traveled to Indianapolis to play the Colts Sunday afternoon.  From the very start of the game they were significantly outplayed by the home town team.  Denver went into the game with a 7-0 record and an enormous amount of prideful arrogance in their ability, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  The Denver defense has been establishing new records for effectiveness throughout the first half of the season.  Did their success cause them to be humble?  Did their success cause them to respect their opponents even more?  Did their success cause them to try harder to improve themselves?  The answer is "no" to all three questions.  As is almost always the case with pampered prima donnas, the success experienced by the Denver Bronco's defensive team went to their heads and turned them into arrogant monsters, entirely filled with themselves and apparently incapable of seeing the world as it really is.
As the game wore on, and the Broncos made a vain attempt at a comeback, the defense continued to be pounded, sliced and diced by the play of quarterback Andrew Luck of the Colts.  He pretty much had his way with the Denver secondary all afternoon long.  That fact began to bother the members of the secondary, as well as the other defensive players, and it was not long before Denver started taking cheap shots at the Colt's offensive players.  Rather than blaming themselves for their terrible play and using the game as a learning opportunity and chance to improve, they collectively experienced an emotional meltdown just like what is routinely seen on the first grade playground.  As has been the case with the Denver defense all year, they began to accumulate penalty yards, all of which hurt the team and made it almost impossible to win.  The penalties were mostly of the personal foul variety, meaning they were nothing more than a series of cheap shots by a bunch of cheap shot artists.  As also always seems to be the case these days, a lot of pushing and shoving was taking place.
Near the end of the game the Colts had the ball and were trying to run out the clock in order to preserve their three point margin of victory.  The Denver defense had an opportunity to stop the Colts and force them to punt, thus giving the Broncos one more chance at a comeback victory,  when it happened.  Von Miller, one of Denver's most emotionally immature players, got into a shoving match with a Colts player.  Talib saw the shoving and came over and deliberately poked the Colts player in the eye, sending him reeling to the ground in pain.  Here is how the Denver Post summarized the incident, "Do you know what stings the most from this 27-24 loss to Indianapolis?  A silly, stupid Three Stooges move pulled by Denver cornerback Aqib Talib.  'You guys ever played football?  You ever lost, at the end of the game?  If you can remember back at how that feels, that is how I felt.  I was just mad, man.  It was the heat of the moment,' Talib said Sunday as he got an amen chorus from teammates in a Denver locker room filled to the rafters with irritation.  With the game on the line late in the fourth quarter, Talib went all Curly Howard on Colts tight end Dwayne Allen, with an eye poke that cost Denver an unnecessary roughness penalty with 2 minutes, 24 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter....The very much deserved penalty against Talib pushed the football half the distance to the goal and gave the Colts a new set of downs at the 6-yard line."
So how did Talib describe the situation after the game?  When asked about his eye poke he said, "He acted like he got in an 18 passenger car wreck.  I guess that is what type of guy he is."  What?  What is an "18 passenger car wreck?"  I have no idea what that means.  What I do understand is that Talib blames the guy he poked in the eye for what he did to him.  Talib believes the guy he poked in the eye is a sissy because he had a physical reaction to the intense pain he was feeling.   I wonder how happy Talib would be if he got seriously poked in the eye?  Has Aqib ever been poked in the eye?  It really hurts.  It can be debilitating.  Talib has no compassion for his victim and, like all true emotionally insecure men, blames the victim of his actions for his actions. 
Talib makes millions of dollars a year.  Talib is adored by hundreds of thousands of fans.  Talib plays a kid's game for a living.  Talib believes that it is perfectly alright to assault another player on the field of play if it is near the end of the game and he is frustrated by the fact that he is being beaten by a team that is playing better than his team is.  In other words, Talib believes it is just dandy to be a jerk, a bully, a cry-baby and a sissy.
Talib asks me if I have ever played football.  Let me answer that question for him.  No, like Howard Cosell, I never played the game.  But let me ask Talib a couple of questions.  Talib, have you ever had to go out and get a cleaning contract in order to make enough money to pay your mortgage?  Have you ever had a customer cut you off for no reason and refuse to pay his bill?  Have you ever been laughed at by the employees working in your customer's building when you had to clean up three floors of human feces that had overflowed from a toilet and run down the walls?  Have you ever been sued because one of your employees showed up to work drunk and assaulted one of your customers?  Have you ever been treated like an ignorant, stupid sub-human because you make a living cleaning up other people's messes?  Lastly, have you ever known what it is like to be Welsh?  I didn't think so Mr. Talib.  So before you go getting all righteous on me because I don't know what it is like to lose a football game, maybe you should consider what life is like for the rest of us who live in the real world.  You are so far detached you have no clue.  I don't have the luxury of throwing a juvenile hissy-fit when things don't go my way.  That only makes things worse for me and my employees.  But you are a majestic professional football player.  You can do anything you want.

Update:  June 6, 2016

Hot off the presses I read today that Talib, a role model and paragon of virtue, managed to get himself shot in the leg while involved in a drunken brawl in a Dallas strip club over the weekend.  He told the cops that he does not know who shot him or where he was when he managed to get himself shot because he was too drunk to remember.  The only good thing about the shooting is that it prevented Talib from joining the rest of his teammates as they were summoned to appear before King Obama today. Now that I think about it, maybe Talib is not as dumb as I think.