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Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson's Bizarre Beliefs

The title of this post is the title of an editorial in the Denver Post today.  To understand what I have to say today I need to quote the editorial almost in its entirety.  Here it is:
"Of all presidential candidates of either party, Ben Carson has the highest favorable rating among American adults.  And he has a large favorable advantage among fellow Republicans.  No doubt he is a nice guy.  Too bad he is also something of a nut.  The most recent evidence for this neurosurgeon's strange views is the revelation that he believes the biblical figure Joseph built the pyramids in Egypt to store grain.  Not only has a 1998 video surfaced in which he offered this thesis in a commencement speech, but Carson reaffirmed his belief with CBS News this week.  Carson's eccentric claim is not even a literalist take on the Bible.  Its a personal explanation for the existence of structures whose origins and purpose are not even mysterious.  And the casual dismissal in his speech of archaeologists and other scientists is downright weird coming from a man of medicine....Carson's curious views have become an embarrassment.  Indeed, he is beginning to make Donald Trump sound like Socrates."
I believe it is safe to assume that the Denver Post will  not be endorsing Ben Carson as the Republican candidate for next king of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The editors at the newspaper have the right to say what they think about the various offerings that have been presented to us as candidates for the next king but I believe they should be required to do so with some consistency.  I am aware that logical consistency is out of fashion these days.  Practically nobody is willing to discipline their minds to the point where they will be driven by logical consistency anymore, if, indeed, anybody ever did so throughout human history.  Emotion rules and whatever a person is emotionally comfortable with is what will be believed as truth for his life.  Clearly the editors at the newspaper are not comfortable with Ben Carson so they have manufactured a reason to dismiss him....Ben Carson is a nut because he believes that the Joseph of the Bible was responsible for the construction of the pyramids and that they were constructed to store grain during the years of famine.  And according to the newspaper, nobody is fit for the office of king of the SDA who holds to such bizarre beliefs.
Let us make an attempt to be logically consistent for a moment today, shall we?  If allegedly "bizarre" religious beliefs are a sufficient cause to dismiss a person from suitability for the SDA kingship, is there anyone else in recent history who also should have been summarily dismissed as a candidate?
  • King George II, aka George Bush, believes in the doctrines of Dispensationalism.  A couple of the more popular beliefs contained within Dispensationalism are: 1) at some point in the near future all Christians are going to be raptured from the face of the earth and, 2) after the rapture a seven year period of tribulation is going to be instituted by a man called the Anti-Christ who will form a one world government dedicated to killing Jews and, 3) all of the Jews living during that time will become evangelical Christians and, 4) Jesus will return at the end of that 7 year period during a period known  as the battle of Armageddon in which Russia, China and a newly formed 10 nation European Confederacy will be attacking Israel and 5) after Jesus returns He will rebuild the Temple and reinstitute animal sacrifice, over which He will personally preside for a period of 1000 years.  Kind of makes gentle Ben look like a scholar and a wise man, doesn't it?
  • Mittens, aka Mitt Romney, believes in the doctrines of Mormonism.  A couple of the more popular beliefs contained within Mormonism are:  1) there is a universe filled with spirit babies, conceived by departed Mormon souls in heaven, awaiting the opportunity to live on this earth, therefore motivating Mormons to have as many children as possible to accommodate them and, 2) all saints truly dedicated to God must wear a set of full-body underwear at all times and 3) God created multiple planets and endowed them with multiple deities to rule over them, including good Mormons after they die and, 4) if you want to be married in the afterlife you must have your earth-bound wedding at an official Mormon Temple and 5) the dinosaur bones found on earth were planted here from other planets by somebody we do not know.  King of makes Gentle Ben look like a scientist, doesn't it? 
  • Prince Charming, ala John F. Kennedy, was a Catholic.  As a good Catholic he believed many things including:  1)  at the sacrament of communion the wine literally becomes the blood of Jesus and the bread literally becomes His body and 2) Catholics who die without a sufficient deposit of apostolic grace in their accounts need to go to a place called Purgatory where they can make partial atonement for their sins and 3) other Catholics can be bought out of Purgatory if their relatives make cash contributions to the church and 4) the Pope is the voice box of God Himself so anything he officially pronounces to be true is necessarily true and, 5) praying to people who have died with an excess of the apostolic deposit in their accounts can be used to get one into heaven quicker.  Kind of makes Ben Carson look like a Protestant, doesn't it? 
  • Bernie Sander, aka Commie Bernie, is a dedicated believer in the religion of socialism.  Among the many bizarre beliefs expounded by Bernie are: 1) career politicians who work within government are able to solve all of the problems in the world, given enough money and time to do so and, 2) a man is morally good if he is a career politician and a man is morally evil if he is a profit-seeking businessman and 3) profits are evil and taxes are good and, 4) robbing a man at gunpoint on the street is evil but voting to take a man's money from him by force is a good thing called democracy and 5) money is wealth and 6) government creates wealth.  Kind of makes Ben Carson sound like Murray Rothbard, doesn't it?
All four of the men mentioned above have wildly bizarre beliefs and the Denver Post has either ignored their beliefs or written editorials proclaiming their strange beliefs to be irrelevant.  So why do the editors of the paper believe that Ben Carson's personal beliefs should be singled out for public ridicule when they were unwilling to do so with the others listed above?  I would suggest that the reason for the bizarre behavior of the editors at the Denver Post is that Ben Carson is demonstrably a Christian whereas the others listed above clearly are not.  One of the unwritten rules in the post-Christian society in which we live is that Christians are to be subjected to public ridicule whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The newspaper is simply putting that principle into practice.  Expect more of it, and all in the name of justice and fairness.  Orwell, we have arrived.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It Is Time For Another Crusade To The Middle East

A reader of this blog sent me a link, found here, to a story in National Review about a man calling for a modern crusade against Islam in the Middle East.  The article, written by David French, is entitled "It Is Time for the Church to Speak with One Voice:  Destroy ISIS."  French begins by quoting a verse from the book of James which says, "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, 'Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,' but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."  French rather obviously believes that Christians in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika are behaving hatefully against Christians in the Middle East by not coming to their aid via an act of holy war against Islam.
French continues as he writes, "The American church — the strongest, wealthiest, most powerful body of Christians in the world — has failed. We’ve not only failed to stop the slow-motion religious cleansing of Christians from the Middle East and other Muslim lands, we’ve often failed even to speak about it. We’ve persisted in the bizarre belief that if we don’t join in a religious war, then a religious war isn’t being fought. And we’ve done worse than forget the martial valor of the medieval and Renaissance church, we’re actually ashamed of its defensive struggle against Islam — a struggle that saved our civilization."  This is an interesting take on current circumstances, as well as an interesting bit of historical revisionism.  Clearly David believes that the crusades during the Middle Ages were a good idea and that in the absence of those crusades western civilization would have been overrun by hoards of heathen Islamists, pretty much like what he also believes is happening today.
Like all socialists David adopts the "we" when speaking about those he believes are responsible to do something about the current state of affairs revolving around Christians in the Middle East.  I am a Christian and a Welsh-Amerikan.  As such I am a member of the "strongest, wealthiest, most powerful body of Christians in the world."  And, according to David, I have somehow "failed" to protect the lives of fellow believers living in various countries throughout the Middle East.  Simply put, David believes that I am guilty of murder because I have done nothing to prevent the murder of Christians in Syria.  David, I have news for you.  I am not guilty of murder and I vehemently reject your charge of sin.  Furthermore, I reject the notion that as an Amerikan Christian I am responsible to wage a holy war against Islamists in the Middle East.
David has a solution to his perceived problem.  He believes Christians should enlist in the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and, with God's blessing, march off to Syria and kill whoever their commanding officers order them to kill.  He writes, "Talk to virtually any politically aware Evangelical, and he’ll mention the plight of the persecuted church. They may know a few facts about the Christian flight from Mosul or the burning of churches in Egypt, or about the American Christian hostage in Iran, but few will take the long, necessary look in the mirror and ask if there’s anything the American church could have done to help save their brethren from unspeakable anguish. Few will rethink long-held assumptions that the church cannot — must not — demand decisive military action. And fewer still will think to enlist in the military as part of a holy calling....and it’s time for American Christians to lead, to demand a response and — crucially — to participate in the conflict. Andrew White is correct. Destroy ISIS. Not just for America, but also for the church. There is a time for peace, and there is a time for war. Now is the time for war."  Well there you have it.  David has called for a crusade against ISIS forces in Syria and surrounding environs and a crusade we shall have, if only enough Christians join the SDA military.  Let's consider his argument for a moment, shall we?
David does not bother to ask the question about how the world has come to be like it is today, particularly in the Middle East, so I will ask that question for him.  Or, more accurately, I will answer that question for him.  David, hear this clearly as you work on completing your enlistment papers, the reason Christians are being killed in Syria today is because an SDA military, stuffed to the gills with Evangelical, Republican, Dispensational, Neo-conservative Christians has been engaging in wars of imperial expansion throughout the region.  When the Soviet Union ceased to be a world power several decades ago the political rulers of the empire in which we live decided it was high time to expand the empire.  They envisioned a world in which the SDA ruled even more people than ancient Rome or Great Britain were able to subjugate.  Some observers called SDA foreign policy "nation building" but that is not accurate.  SDA foreign policy can unquestionably best be called imperial expansion.  The goal of our rulers was to destroy established governments in the Middle East and replace them with pro-SDA democracies.  A more mindbogglingly stupid endeavor could not have been conceived, thus proving that those who rule over us are some of the dumbest people ever to roam the surface of the earth.
False charges were made, phantoms were turned into enemies and sovereign governments that had ruled over the various countries in the Middle East for decades and longer were suddenly being bombed into oblivion by SDA warplanes.  Then, to the shock and dismay of the SDA military commanders and career politicians, the very people that we claimed to be liberating decided that they had had quite enough of SDA imperialism.  Imagine that!  People actually wanting to not be vassals of the SDA!  How outrageous of them to want to be free.   It did not take long for the various factions, which had been held under control by the now non-existent government, to begin warring with one another.  And then it did not take long for the most violent and vicious of those groups to ascend.  Hello ISIS, welcome to power courtesy of the armed forces of the SDA.
David bemoans the fact that Christians are being killed by the thousands and Christian refugees are fleeing the area by the hundreds of thousands.  This is no doubt all true.  But how did it come to be that all of those Christians were able to live in relative safety until just recently?  The answer to that question is simple.  The Islamic governments that ruled those people were stable enough to protect their lives and allow them to co-exist with Islam.  The destruction of those governments by Amerikan Christian imperial warriors is what brought about the current carnage.  We, or, more accurately, the career politicians of the SDA, are the ones responsible for the fact that Christians are dying in Syria today.
I cannot begin to write how much is wrong with David's idea that Christian men have a duty to enlist in the SDA military and march off to Syria and engage ISIS forces operating there.  Let me just briefly state that no Christian should ever swear the oath that is required to be sworn when enlisting.  No Christian should bind his conscience to obey immoral laws, orders and commands.  No Christian should subject himself to a mind-controlling process called basic training in order to desensitize him to the killing he is going to be ordered to do.  No Christian should kill someone that is not a direct threat to his own life and property.  By extrapolation, no Christian should engage in a war against a group that is not a direct threat to the lives and property of the geo-political zone in which he lives.  And there's the rub.
It is a sad and tragic fact that Christians are being killed by the group known as ISIS.  But it does not follow that because Christians are being killed in Syria by members of ISIS that the government of the SDA has a moral duty to wage holy war against ISIS in their defense.  Indeed, just the opposite is the case.  The God of the Bible has clearly limited the coercive power of government to the region over which it has sovereignty.  Government's are ordained by God to protect the people under their authority, not all of the citizens of the world.  The rulers of the SDA have no obligation or moral right to defend people who are residents or citizens of sovereign foreign nations, no matter what their plight may be.  In fact, just the opposite is the case.  It would be an immoral act for the SDA military to invade Syria in defense of Christians.  It is simply not the business of the SDA to be there.
So am I saying that there is nothing Amerikan Christians can do about the Christian genocide taking place under ISIS?  No, I am not.  Although David believes it is a weak and ineffective strategy, I believe Christians can and should pray imprecatory prayers against ISIS and anyone who persecutes the Church of Jesus Christ.  Unlike David I believe God honors the imprecatory prayers of His people, and I also believe they are effective.  I believe God will take great pleasure in destroying the enemies of His Church, by His own means and in His own providential plan.
There is also something the SDA rulers could do to help the persecuted Christians in Syria.  The SDA could have a policy of open borders for all those who are fleeing the region.  Interestingly enough David does not mention this option.  He is more than happy to go to Syria and kill Muslims but he is a bit less enthusiastic about having all of those crazy foreigners coming to live in his neighborhood.  Anyone who is a Christian of record in Syria should be permitted to come to Amerika to escape persecution.  These Christians could and should be integrated into SDA society by the evangelical churches of this wealthy and powerful country, thus fulfilling the requirement to love our fellow believers as described in the book of James. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Veterans Day Complaining Starts Early

Have you noticed how Veterans Day has been stretched out?  In the old days, when veterans were properly ignored by the rest of us, most of us had no idea that the day even existed.  Maybe some business owner who had spent a couple of years in the military would use the term to promote a sale but for the most part people were ashamed of what the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika had done to people around the world and wanted no association with veterans whatsoever.  My how things have changed.
I started hearing about various Veterans Day activities last week, a full two weeks prior to the actual date.  It reminds me of how the children's one night holiday known as Halloween has become a national holiday as well, with decorations going up and celebrations beginning about a month prior to the actual date.  We already have Memorial Day and Flag day set aside for the worship of people who have spent time in the SDA military, why do we need more?
To make matters even worse, why are the activities of these veterans not subject to moral scrutiny?  I have written this truth many times and it remains as true today as it was when Saint Augustine first described it sixteen hundred years ago.  If a person in military service is fighting an immoral war then he is either a murderer or an accomplice to murder.  So I ask you, please explain to me how any of the wars fought by the SDA military in recent years rise to the level of being moral?  Remember, being a moral war means that it is being fought to defend the lives and property of SDA citizens.  Offensive imperialistic wars are, by definition, immoral.  As I see it all of the recent wars waged by the SDA military complex are immoral, thus making all of the veterans who participated in it murderers or accomplices to murder.  I have a hard time understanding why I should be required to celebrate that fact and honor the men and, sadly, women who have engaged in the practice of murder on a huge scale.
Then, to make matters even more worse, people claiming to be veterans complain incessantly about how they are not being honored enough.  I posted to this blog previously describing how many taxpayer financed benefits veterans receive and yet they never seem to be satisfied.  Go here and here for stories about all the freebies veterans already receive.  It was in the light of all of these observations that I opened my morning copy of the Denver Post today, a full week in advance of Veteran's Day by the way, to be treated to this letter to the editor written by Joe Aielio of Littleton:
"Magnets, bumper stickers or license plates saying 'we support our troops' do not demonstrate your appreciation.  And shining green lights in the night does not show your support either; it sells light bulbs.  America, your 'heroes' can't get jobs, treatment for PTSD, or the health and dental benefits we were promised.  If you really appreciate our service, prove it.  Stop re-electing those fiscally irresponsible officials who have cut our benefits to help balance their budget.  Hire combat veterans to protect our schools and borders.  Devote more designated parking for wounded veterans.  Businesses give seniors discounts, so why not veterans?  Do something for veterans in your neighborhood like raking leaves or shoveling snow.  Support the Wounded Warrior Project.  Put flowers on the graves of veterans at a national cemetery -- and not just on Memorial Day or Veterans Day.  Make your appreciation commensurate with the sacrifice we have made."
Wow!  Joe is filled with bitterness, isn't he?  Let's consider his argument for a moment today.  Joe is a veteran and because of that he believes that the taxpayers owe him a living.  He spent a couple of years kicking around the military and now he is entitled to a lifetime of taxpayer financed support.  Joe is also a hero for no other reason than he joined the military and because he is a hero I have a moral duty to think about him at all times.  What universe does this person live in?
Joe, like most everyone in this immoral and envy filled land, is a socialist.  He despises the Green Light program currently being sponsored by Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart might actually make a couple of dollars selling the green lights it wants us to all display on our front porches in support of the military, whatever that means.  I now have a green light for the military, a blue light for the jack-booted thugs who patrol my neighborhood, a pink light for women, a rainbow light for the politically protected homosexuals and a red light for the Welsh all proudly displayed and shining brightly on my front porch.
Joe believes, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, that veterans are being picked on.  He believes that all of the government income transfer payments they receive are really not taking place.  He believes he deserves more money for his dental work and PTSD treatments, despite the fact that he already gets both for free.  I can appreciate the fact that the federal government is providing all of these free benefits and, as such, they are horrible, but that does not change the fact that he is still receiving them.  Joe also wrongly believes that the federal government has reduced the amount of money being given to veterans like him.  Maybe he needs to spend some time reading the federal budget.  Then again, maybe he should not.  Joe believes that cutting spending in a nation that is currently spending hundreds of billions of dollars more than it takes in is "fiscally irresponsible."  I wonder what he considers fiscal responsibility to be?  Spending trillions more than what comes in?
If you read the two links above you know that veterans currently get discounts from more than 80 businesses around the nation.  Joe says that vets get nothing.  Joe wants more handicapped parking spots for vets.  I have never seen more than one car in a handicap zone in my entire life, despite the fact that the handicap zones usually have space enough for several cars.  I live in the same town Joe does and I can assure you there are plenty of parking spaces for people in wheelchairs.  I suspect that Joe is mad because he wants the handicapped parking zones to be specially labeled as "For Military Only" so he can continue to promote his superiority complex.
Joe also wants to install  PTSD afflicted combat veterans as security guards in government schools.  Can you think of a more terrible idea than that?  Government schools are already the equivalent of the gulag. Putting vets with batons on their belts roaming the hallways is sure to make things better, don't you think?  And I can't think of a negative consequence to giving vets machine guns and telling them to wander around the SDA border with Mexico.  Good things are bound to happen under that scenario.
Joe concludes by telling me I need to worship murderers.  He exhorts me to do acts of charitable service for them by shoveling snow from their sidewalks and raking their leaves.  He then concludes by telling me to take flowers to their graves, the ultimate act of hero-worship for men who do not deserve it.  His final statement tells me to "make (my) appreciation commensurate with the sacrifice we have made."  Joe, I will do that for you.  To make my votive offering commensurate with what you have done I will send some money to Iraq to help some poor homeless orphan get some food since his home and parents were blasted to smithereens by an SDA bomb.  I know you think they had it coming because they were evil haters of Amerika but I just can't see it your way.  So Joe, you just go right on worshiping the military and its soldiers and I will go right on posting these blogs telling you how immoral you really are.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are There Any Healthy People Left In This Sick Land?

Did you hear about the Yuppie mom in Connecticut who posted signs throughout her neighborhood accusing her neighbors of being irresponsible parents if they did not accommodate her spoiled brat's food allergies?  For the full story, go here.  This mom is waging a war against peanuts and anything else current Yuppie faddishness declares to be unhealthy to eat.  According to the sign that the mom put up on dozens of telephone poles,  her "son comes home devastated that he can't eat the candy" that has been given to him by fun-loving people in the neighborhood who understand that Halloween in the SDA is all about sugary candy.  To wage a holy food war against her neighbors she tells them that responsible parents would never give nuts or foods containing gluten to their children.  Amazingly, the news report records several people from the area who believe this insane mom's signs are a good idea.  Has the entire world gone mad?
Instead of giving out candy for Halloween the mom tells the people living in the area to give out carrots, lifesavers, lemon drops and "raisins, but stay away from Raisinettes!!!"  I guess Raisinettes are covered with chocolate and, therefore, one of the most vile and disgusting things a child could ever put in his mouth.  The woman should have just put up a big sign announcing that if she were the Supreme Fascist Dictator in her town she would declare that nobody should ever have any fun anymore.  This whole episode has left me sick to my stomach and hungry for a Three Musketeers bar.  Let's consider the mentality involved in this ridiculous slice of Yuppie behavior for a while today.
Is there anyone left in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika besides me and my wife who does not suffer from hundreds of allergies?  Growing up years ago we would occasionally run into a person or two who claimed to be allergic to various things.  Usually that meant if they consumed or brushed up against those things they would get sick and, in some severe cases, die.  We labeled those people "sickly" and made sure that we had nothing to do with them.  That made perfect sense since none of us wanted to be responsible for the death of a sickly person because we accidentally caused them to ingest something or get stung by something that brought their life to an end.  This is impossible to do today however, because everyone in the country is sickly.   It all makes me wonder....are these people really allergic to all of these things or are they just being wimps?
Gluten allergies are all the rage these days.  There is a specific disease, the name of which I have forgotten and probably could not spell even if I could remember it, that is indicated by a real and powerful negative physiological reaction to gluten.  The disease has been known for years and very few people have been diagnosed as suffering from it over the years.  Now anytime someone gets an upset stomach or a bout of diarrhea they pronounce themselves to be allergic to gluten.  My goodness, if Welshmen pronounced themselves allergic to a food just because it ended up giving us diarrhea the next day we would have to declare just about everything we eat off limits.  Maybe that is too much information about the toilet practices of the Welsh race but it is nevertheless quite true.  So what if you get a bit of a rumble in your belly after chowing down on an entire loaf of wheat bread?  So what if consuming an entire chocolate cake gives you a case of Montezuma's revenge?  You are not going to die.
Acid reflux is another popular disease these days.  It seems as if everyone has it.  I hear that it has even been determined to cause cancer in California.  Now acid reflux disease is really nothing more than heartburn and heartburn is something the Welsh know a bit about.  After devouring that aforementioned chocolate cake, washed down with a bit of Welsh whiskey, at one sitting, we inevitably come down with a raging case of heartburn.  But we don't pronounce ourselves diseased and run around telling everyone about it.  We don't tell everyone we meet on the street that they must make accommodations for us.  We just take a shot of antacid and get on with it.  It will all be out of our system the next day anyway when a bout of severe diarrhea chains us to the bathroom for a couple of hours and the offending foods are sent on their merry way.
Never having walked a mile in anyone's shoes but my own I can't pronounce anyone to be a sissy about how they might feel after eating a loaf of bread or a chocolate cake.  Maybe these poor folks really do come down with dreadful and painful symptoms that impinge on their lives and make it impossible for them to function in society.  Or maybe they are just looking for sympathy.  I don't know which situation is true and I don't know how I will ever find out what is really going on in Yuppie minds and bodies.  So that leaves me with nothing more to say about the sickly people among us. (Note:  I have changed my opinion on this matter.  Everyone claiming a gluten allergy is a sissy hypochondriac.  See the Update below.  Take the time to click through the link if you want to really be informed about alleged gluten allergies.)
I have one more thing to say about the Yuppies who attempt to enforce their wills upon others.  I cannot believe that this Yuppie mom was not rebuked by every single person in the neighborhood for her extreme selfishness and conceit.  Attempting to tell others who to do for your kid at Halloween is incomprehensible to me.  The gall, the audacity, the arrogance, the total inability to think of anyone but herself all combined to make this story unbelievable, yet it is true.  How is it even possible for a person to be so oblivious to others that she can actually come to believe that she has a moral right to tell hundreds of people to adjust their festive behavior to please her spoiled little rat of a son?  Even more disgusting is the fact that her neighbors did not slap her down for her behavior.  There was a day when a person who behaved the way this woman behaves would be socially ostracized.  Today she is praised as a crusader who is selflessly dedicating herself to a noble cause.  I only have one thing to say to this Yuppie mom...mind your own business!

Update:  November 3, 2015
A reader of this blog sent me this link.   According to the story the folks who supposedly discovered that most people have a gluten allergy have now conclusively shown that the whole thing is bunk.  I guess everybody is a sissy after all.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Congratulations To The Missouri Royals

Another baseball season has come to an end and the Missouri Royals are the winners of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika Series.  If that first sentence confuses you, it shouldn't.  Royals stadium, along with Arrowhead stadium, are on soil claimed by the Show-Me state.  As such they belong to the geo-political entity known as Missouri.  I recognize that fact in my first line.  And who is responsible for the declaration that the final contest of the SDA baseball season is to be known as the "world" series?  I think baseball leagues in Japan, Mexico and the Dominican Republic might have something to say about that.  So let's all agree that the World Series really does not invite the teams of the world to compete in it and the Royals belong to Missouri. None of this detracts from the fact that the Royals played a brilliant series of games and thoroughly deserve the title of champions.  Kudos to them.
I found it very difficult to cheer for a team this year.  As a matter of principle I never root for the team from the American League.  Why is that, you ask?  Because the American League is populated by sissies that do not require the pitchers to hit.  Yep, you got that right, I am a purist and I despise the designated hitter.  If a man cannot play on both sides of the ball he should not be in the league.  It is that simple.  On the other hand, I have also made it a principle to never root for a team from the eastern time zone.  The eastern sports media is insufferable. They constantly and consistently ignores high quality teams from the mountain time zone.  For easterners, if it does not take place in either the pacific or eastern time zones it did not take place at all.  What a bunch of jokers they are.  So I entered into the final playoff series without a horse in the race.  I figured I would let things play out and choose a team to cheer for as things developed.
The third game of the series decided who I was going to pull for.  Noah "Thor" Syndergaard was the starting pitcher that night.  The Mets had just come off two losses in Missouri and were looking to make a statement as the series returned to New York for the next three games.  Thor announced in advance of the game that he had a secret weapon he was going to deploy to turn things in favor of the Mets.  What was his secret weapon?  As it turned out, it was a case of assault with a deadly weapon.  Thor is a head-hunter and should be in prison today.
Those of you who watched the game know what happened.  Throwing a hissy fit just like a spoiled little brat, Thor made the decision to throw his first pitch, a 97 mph fastball, straight at the head of the Missouri Royal's lead off hitter.  The hitter dove to the ground and the blood thirsty New York fans went wild.  Fortunately the hitter was able to get out of the way of the pitch, thus avoiding injury and possible death as his head/face could have been seriously damaged or destroyed by the vindictive Thor.  After the game Thor justified his criminal act as necessary in order to "keep the hitters uncomfortable" while standing at the plate.  "Pitching inside" as he described his assault, is necessary to give the pitcher an advantage over the hitter.  Let's talk about that for a while today.
The pitcher must throw the ball over an 18 inch wide plate in order to have a chance to get a strike.  Pitches thrown closer to the hitter are called "inside" and pitches thrown away from the hitter are called "outside."  The hitter is permitted to take a stance anywhere within the batter's box as long as he is not in the strike zone.  If the pitcher throws a pitch that strikes the batter while he is outside the strike zone he is awarded first base.  So far, so good.  But what happens when the pitcher intentionally throws the ball at the hitter, whether he hits him or not?  Don't try to tell me that it is impossible to know when that happens.  A good number of fans and all of the umpires and players know when a pitcher is intentionally trying to hit an opposing batter.  Sometimes a pitch will sail and a hitter will be accidentally hit but that is a different matter entirely than when a pitcher throws a ball almost 100 miles per hour at an opposing hitter's head.
What Thor did that evening was a criminal act.  Biblical law (is there any other law?) requires that he be punished for his action.  I never cease to be amazed at how the violence loving fans of professional sports in the SDA rejoice when they see mayhem in their sporting arenas.  What would be immediately suppressed by the jack-booted thugs if it took place on a city street is endorsed and encouraged when it takes place inside an arena.  Let us be clear about one point....nobody is permitted to set aside the moral requirements of biblical law by agreeing in advance to whoop-up on each other for cash payments.  Assault is assault, whether the mutually agreed contact permits it or not.  It is an immoral action when two or more people sign a contract in which they voluntarily suspend biblical law in order to engage in criminal actions for cash payments.  If I threw a baseball at your head while you walked down the street you could quite properly have me arrested and incarcerated.  When Thor does the exact same thing he is cheered on by stupid and ignorant New Yorkers.
I have two suggestions to solve the problem of head-hunters like Thor.  First, when he intentionally throws a pitch at an opposing player he should be forced to stand in place while that player intentionally throws a pitch at him.  That is called the principle of lex-talionis, or "eye for an eye," and it would immediately solve the problem of idiots like Thor losing their emotional self control.
Next, the rules of baseball need to be changed.  When a pitcher accidentally hits a hitter, the hitter should be awarded second base, not first.  If the pitcher hits the hitter while the hitter is in the strike zone, which happens with players who stride to the plate wearing body-armor and hang over the plate seeking to be hit, the ball should be called a strike and play should continue.  A pitcher can pitch inside all he wants but he will be penalized if he hits the batter while the batter is standing where he is permitted to stand.
On the other hand, when a pitcher intentionally hits a batter the pitcher should be immediately thrown out of the game and the hitter should be awarded a home run.  Ideally the pitcher would be arrested and his punishment would be to stand in front of the victim to receive the exact same treatment, as a ball would be hurled at him at high speed.  But we live in a world that hates the God of the Bible as well as intensely hates biblical law so I am sure that will never happen.  But at least the rules of baseball can be changed to punish head-hunters like Thor.
But enough of this negativism.  The citizens of Missouri should be celebrating their victorious Royals today.  The team disproved the established baseball axiom that pitching wins the SDA Series.  The Mets have four starting pitchers who can each throw fastballs in excess of 95 mph, with command.  They had the best pitching staff in baseball this year and they were beaten by a team of no-names with incredible plate discipline.  The Royals are a team of slap-hitters who simply refuse to strike out.  They also play terrific defense while the Mets never met a ground ball that couldn't find its way to the outfield, often through the wickets of an infielder.  The better team won the SDA series.  Now let's all wait for next year when the Colorado Rockies will rise again!