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San Juan Mountains
San Juan Mountains: Grenadier Range

Friday, September 11, 2015

Opponents Of Obamacare Should Oppose This Also

We all know the story about the poor frog that finds himself in a pot of boiling water.  When he first jumped into the pot the water was lukewarm.  Then, ever so gradually, someone turns up the heat.  But because the heat is turned up only gradually the frog does not notice what is happening until it is too late.  By the time the frog figures out what is going on he is a nice set of frog legs in a fancy restaurant.  I suspect the same story can be told of lobsters as well.  Regardless, we all get the point.  We can become anesthetized to dramatic changes in life circumstances when they occur gradually over time.
Today the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, a term I use because it is true and not just because it is catchy, have lost track of the fact that we are a totally socialistic country.  Republicans and evangelical Christians (a group that overlaps to a large degree) are especially guilty of losing track of the fact that there is no freedom whatsoever in this country.  What more needs to be said than the absolute fact that 49% of the people in this envy-filled land pay 97% of the entire federal tax bill.  What is that condition if not almost perfect democratic socialism? 
Everything in the SDA is socialized.  Some things have been socialized for so long even opponents of socialism no longer oppose them.  Social Security is a good example.  How many Republicans or evangelical Christians would be willing to come out against Social Security?  I don't know of any, do you?  In fact, I am the only person I know who believes Social Security to be an immoral system, and I stand to receive a lot of money from it if I live long enough to see it.  When I say that Social Security is immoral I am not just being cute.  It is really immoral.  It is an affront to the moral law of God and the God of the Bible despises it.  But who believes that today?
Republicans and evangelical Christians believe they can take back the White House and overthrow Obamacare.  The reason they hate Obamacare is because they see it as socialized medicine.  But the practice of medicine in the SDA was already socialized well before Obamacare became the law of the land.  Medicaid, Medicare and government licensing of all medical professionals assured that historical fact.  Still, Obamacare pushed the business of health insurance into a fully socialized position and Republicans and evangelical Christians were right to voice their opposition to it.  It remains to be seen what will happen if the Republicans get control of both houses of Congress.  Will they repudiate Obamacare?  Even more important, will they refuse to replace Obamacare with some other form of socialized health insurance scam?  I don't believe they have the will or the courage to do either of those two things.  Obamacare is already too entrenched in society and nobody will be able to get elected who opposes socialized health insurance in the future any more than nobody can get elected who opposes Social Security today.  Once a socialistic program is approved it is impossible to remove it.
There is one socialistic program in this country that was created by Bible believing Christians that has been adopted by the God-hating government of the post-Christian state in which we live as its own.  It is as far reaching as Social Security and Obamacare, perhaps even more.  It is government schooling.  Government schooling is pandemic in our society.  It is responsible for the destruction of the minds and moral character of millions of children in this sorrowful and disgusting country.  It exists for the purpose of indoctrinating undisciplined and easily influenced minds into the religious tenets of statism.  It is highly successful.  Scarcely one in a million graduates of the government school system is aware of just how much he worships civil government.  Government schooling creates perfectly obedient citizens who not only worship civil government but who also have no idea that is what they are really doing.  Nobody who graduates from the government school system is able to think outside of the government box.
Government schools are funded by real estate taxes and state income taxes, for the most part.  Since I have never sent one of my children to the government schools and since I have had tens of thousands of dollars of my money taken from me via property and income taxes over the years I am able to conclude that government schooling is the perfect socialist system.  Just like all socialist systems the people who are receiving the allegedly "free" benefits are not the same people who are paying the bills.  Just last night I saw a news item on the local news in which the reporter proudly informed me that taxpayers are now paying for breakfast and lunch for all children in a particular school district.  Why the parents of those children should not be responsible for feeding their own children was not explained.  Why I should be forced to pay for the meals of my neighbor's children was not described.
When government gives it also regulates.  When government schools assumed the responsibility of using taxpayer dollars to provide meals to school children they also assumed the right to regulate what parents who do not use the system may put in their children's lunch boxes.  One lady that I know was reprimanded by the teacher of her child because she included candy in her child's lunch box.  She was sternly informed that she was an unfit mother and if candy ever appeared in her child's lunch box again there would be nasty consequences.  Does it seem wrong to anyone but me that government school teachers are searching children's lunch boxes without a warrant?  Has the entire SDA gone insane?
I also found out that her child is not permitted to run around the playground during recess. Running was deemed too dangerous for school children to participate in.  I also found out that if her child makes up an imaginary game to play with her schoolmates, since they are not allowed to run around, the imaginary game is not allowed to have any "bad" people in it.  Everyone in the imaginary game must be good.  I ask you, what is a game without a villain?   Against I ask, has everyone gone insane?
I read an article in my Denver Post yesterday entitled, "Board lowers standard."  The sub-title was, "State officials change previous requirements for getting a diploma."  The article went on to explain that a child in Colorado could only get a high school diploma if he could demonstrate proficiency in English, math, social studies and science.  Government school administrators looked to the future and determined that, "not changing the requirements could result in one-third fewer graduates."  So how were the standards changed?  The need to prove proficiency in social studies and science were removed.  Now students can graduate proving proficiency in two of the four previous categories.  Now that is socialism at its best.  The system is clearly not working if the goal is education.  So rather than change the system the socialists who operate the system simply remove half of the requirements for getting a high school diploma.  Everyone graduates!  Everyone has high self esteem!  Everyone is happy!  Except for me.  I am still being forced to pay for this garbage. 
Strangely, Evangelicals and Republicans are some of the staunchest proponents of government schools, although for different reasons.  Evangelicals promote the government schools because they see them as fields for their evangelistic efforts.  Republicans see them as the most efficient way to indoctrinate the children of this country in the doctrines of the eternal warfare state.  Why do Evangelicals and Republicans oppose Obamacare and promote government schools?  Answer:  hypocrisy.  They use the government schools because they don't have to pay for them and they hate Obamacare because they do have to pay for their health insurance.   Principles fly out the window when money is involved.  Anti-socialists become socialists when an agent of the government shows up on his door with a big bag of cash.  Follow the money.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

T. J. Ward Suffers From Delusions Of Grandeur

T.J. Ward is a Pro Bowl safety who plays for the Denver Broncos.  Like most professional athletes he is pampered, overpaid, adored and worshiped by fans who believe he can do no wrong.  Also like most professional athletes, he suffers from serious delusions about his own importance.  TJ has been suspended by the league from playing the first game of the season this Sunday.  His reaction to that suspension is so classic I have to make it the object of today's post.
At the end of last season TJ signed a four year contract with the Broncos that is going to pay him millions of dollars.  He decided to celebrate his new found riches so last May he set out to get drunk and visit a strip club.  Here is how the Denver Post described the incident that took place, "Ward was accused of throwing a mug at a bartender after she told him outside drinks were not allowed.  He was charged with misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace, but he later agreed to a deal that would drop the charges in exchange for him doing four hours of community service."  So let me get this straight.  TJ, obviously a bit liquored up, walks into a strip club and demands to be permitted to bring in his own booze.  When the lady bartender running the place informs him that such things are contrary to proper etiquette he hurls a beer mug at her, hoping to do serious harm to her physique.  The fact that he missed her indicates that the Broncos brass made the right decision in electing to have him play on the defensive side of the ball.  As is typical in such cases, TJ struck a deal with the District Attorney in which he agreed to do four hours of "community service," whatever that is, in exchange for having his record expunged. I couldn't help but wonder about TJ's community service.  What do you think?  Is it possible he served it by acting as a celebrity bartender at the strip club?  That would be my guess.  The report did not say where or how he paid his debt to society.
How would you feel if you had done what TJ did?  How would you react to the public reporting in a daily newspaper about what you had done?  Would there be any shame?  Would there be any remorse?  Would you feel even the slightest bit upset at your own immoral behavior?  I don't know about others these days but if I had been caught hurling beer mugs at bartenders in a strip club I would be so ashamed of myself I would probably not go out into public for at least three years.  During that time I would be on my knees asking God to forgive me for my sin and stupidity.  That, of course, is not how TJ reacted.  Here is the text of his response to the suspension:
"I take full responsibility for the incident that occurred in May 2014 and am willing to accept the consequences of my actions by serving my one game suspension.  Although I was never arrested and all charges against me were ultimately dismissed, I have no one to blame but myself for being in the predicament that evening.   To the Denver Broncos organization, the Bowlen family and to the Denver Broncos fans, I want to apologize for my conduct.  I have learned from my mistakes and will continue to be a pillar in the community to make myself a stronger person and player for the Denver Broncos."  Let's dissect those comments, shall we?
Ward, as all sinners always do, couches his confession in the passive voice.  Notice how the incident at the strip club bar simply "occurred."  He didn't do it.  It happened to him.  He then attempts to make himself appear heroic by declaring that he is willing to "accept his suspension," as if he has any choice in the matter.  How magnanimous of him.  At that point Ward begins to rewrite history to make himself appear as the paragon of moral virtue he believes himself to be.  He was never arrested, or so he tells us.  Indeed, all the charges against him were dropped.  I suspect we are to assume that means he really didn't do any of the things he was accused of doing.  How could he have done anything wrong when he was never arrested and the charges against him were dropped?  Of course he fails to inform us that the reason the charges against him were dropped is due to the fact that he copped a deal.
Informing us that he has no one to blame for his predicament but himself is on the list of most obvious statements of the year.  Do ya think?  He then launches into the boilerplate list of apologies, leaving only his priest and the local chapter of LGBTQ off the list of folks he feels compelled to apologize to.  He then declares that he has learned from his mistakes.  I wonder what he has learned?  Has he returned to the strip clubs?  Has he continued to demand to be treated with special privilege and favor because he is a hallowed Denver Bronco?  I suspect so.
The reason I decided to write this post today is entirely the result of TJ's final phrase.  He said, "I will continue to be a pillar in the community..."  What?  Who is he kidding?  Just how delusional is this guy?  He believes that he was a "pillar in the community" as he was throwing beer mugs at lady bartenders in a strip club.  If that is being a moral pillar, I wonder what he would consider being a moral reprobate?  My point is obvious.  TJ believes he is a moral paragon and role model for all of us plebeians simply because he is a Denver Bronco.  He is treated in that fashion by everyone he meets so it is hard to fault him for his delusional views of himself.  So I have written this post, certain to never be read by him, to inform him that he is no better than anyone else.  He is not a pillar of virtue.  He is a sinful human being and he needs to repent of his sin. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Texters Should Be Punished

I have noticed a dramatic change in my life circumstances over the past summer.  I have seen things that I never thought or expected to see in my lifetime.  A case of mass delusion has overtaken the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and the entire event is tied to the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) and the practice of texting.  Let me give you some examples:
  • Two cyclists that I am aware of have been killed while riding along Colorado roadways this past summer.  To be more accurate, since many more than two cyclists have been killed while riding along the road this summer, two cyclists have been killed as a direct result of a driver wandering off the road and crushing them while attempting to text while driving.
  • Two motorcyclists that I am aware of, they may be many more, were killed over the Labor Day weekend as a direct result of an air-headed teenager girl wandering across the center line of a mountain highway and running directly into them.  I spoke to a man who was first on the scene and he said it was one of the most gruesome things he has ever seen in his life.  His description of the carnage haunts me as I write this.
  • I was riding my bike one morning when I witnessed an air-headed teenage boy hop the curb while driving his parent's SUV.  He ran up onto the grass and then jerked the car back into the roadway.  I noticed that he had his head down, apparently texting, just prior to hopping the curb.  I was thankful that he was going the other direction on the roadway from me.
  • I was driving to Dunkin Donuts one morning, to get my daily fix of Munchkins, when I saw a middle-aged woman in an SUV suddenly swerve off the road and crash into a tree.  She jumped out of the car unharmed, still holding her PED that she had been using to send or receive a text just prior to her one car accident.
  • I have noticed an inordinate increase in the number of instances in which a traffic light will turn from red to green but the people in front of me do not proceed forward.  Now I am not one of those Yuppies who waits for one milli-second prior to honking my horn  and waving my arms when a driver does not immediately react to a changing traffic signal.  Instead I prefer to just sit there and amusingly watch to see how much time will pass before the person ahead of me figures it out.  It is not unusual for me to miss an green light because the person ahead of me is slow to realize that the light has turned green.  This summer, however, something has changed.  I had one day when I was third in line at a traffic light with two lanes of traffic.  In other words, there were two cars ahead of me in my lane and another two cars ahead of the car beside me in the other lane.  The light changed and nobody moved.  I quickly looked around and the drivers of all four cars ahead of me, plus the one beside me, were looking down into their laps, giving or receiving text messages.  I didn't notice if the people behind me were texting as well but none of them honked their horns.  The light changed back and nobody got though the intersection on that cycle.  
  • My wife was driving around town with a relative of hers when she mentioned how many people are not proceeding forward when a light turns green these days.  She asked the relative if she had noticed the phenomenon.  The relative declared that she had not.  At the next red light she received and sent a text message.  While doing so the light turned green and she only moved forward when the people behind her began to honk their horns.  She did not get the joke.
Texting is out of control.  People are dying as a result of texting.  Millions of people are being seriously inconvenienced as a result of texting.  So what should be done about it?  Absolutely nothing.  The government should not make any more laws about texting and driving.  I believe there are already several worthless laws on the books and they are clearly not working.  Making a new law does not fix a behavioral problem.  We do not need groups like "Mothers Against Texting" or "Raving Homosexuals Who Hate Texting" to organize and lobby the government for new laws against texting.  We don't need a new 10 Step program for PED addiction and the government should not add PED addiction to the list of mental illnesses people alleged suffer from.  There is one, and only one, thing that needs to be done about the current rash of murders, accidents, property damage and time stealing that is the direct result of air-headed drivers being addicted to their PEDs.  Texters should be punished for their sins/crimes.
You are free to text.  You are free to use your PED.  As far as I am concerned you can read a book, write a novel, eat a pizza, or watch a movie while you are driving down the street.  But if, as a direct result of your negligence, you end up killing someone or doing damage to someone's property you should be held liable for your actions.  Those who kill people as a result of PED negligence should be publicly executed as the murderers they are.  Those who damage the property of others as a result of their PED negligence should be forced to pay for the damages.  I don't believe it would take too many public executions before air-headed PED users would figure it out and stop using their PEDs while they are driving down the road.  Public executions have a way of creating some pretty powerful incentives for good behavior.
Of course, my suggestion will never gain traction.  My position is based upon biblical law and is the opinion of the God of the Bible about these matters.  The Socialist Democracy of Amerika is a God-hating, post-Christian society.  As a result, we are guaranteed that many more people will die due to the use of PEDs by air-headed drivers who are so addicted to their PEDs they are incapable of putting them down while doing a potentially life threatening activity. 

People Are Capital, Capital Is Good

Patrick Buchanan says that Europe is committing suicide because of it.  Donald Trump says it is a moral issue and that nobody should ever be permitted to do it.  Bill O'Reily believes the Socialist Democracy of Amerika should build a wall around the entire country in order to prevent it from ever happening again.  More and more the citizens of this immoral land are coming to believe that it should never be permitted to take place.  What is it?  Immigration.  Let's consider that today, shall we?
The argument used by all people who oppose immigration is a simple one.  My country has a fixed supply of wealth.  The supply of wealth that exists in my country does not grow, although it can shrink.  More people entering the country cause my share of the total wealth to go down.  Therefore no one should ever be permitted to enter my country unless I am prepared to become impoverished.  There is so much wrong with that argument it is hard to know where to start when criticizing it.
All of the debate about immigration has heightened as a direct result of the crisis of the day in Syria and other countries in the Middle East.  Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing their homelands because of the rise to power of ISIS. In recent days hoards of emigres have been descending upon eastern Europe and Germany has just announced its intention to accept 800,000 of them this year.  For the most part the refugees are not being well received.  Most countries are doing what they can to keep them out.  As Buchanan stated, "it is time to lift the drawbridge."  He apparently does not care that lifting the drawbridge might very well result in another unnecessary genocide.
One issue nobody is discussing has to do with why this is happening at all.  Why are hundreds of thousands of residents of the Middle East suddenly fleeing to Europe?  The reason this issue is not being discussed, at least in this country, is because of the answer.  Worshipers of the government, the military and soldiers in general all refuse to acknowledge the truth about what is happening in the Middle East today.  Nobody was fleeing the Middle East when Saddam Hussein was in power.  The moment King George II toppled Hussein from power a power vacuum was created in Iraq that has now been filled by ISIS.  Like him or hate him, Hussein was able to rule a disparate body of people without allowing his country to fall into sectarian violence.  The moment he was murdered by soldiers of the SDA the various warring factions in the region took up arms and a civil war ensued.  We are watching the victors, at least for the present time, of that civil war as ISIS runs roughshod throughout Iraq and Syria, killing at will and driving scores of people from their homelands.  The responsibility for the present crisis lies entirely at the foot of the SDA and its imperialistic foreign policy in regards to Iraq and Syria.  Were it not for the immoral and illegal personal invasion of Iraq by King George II we would not even be having this conversation.  But it is too late to do anything about that now.  So what are we to do today?
A brief lesson in economics would be valuable.  Free markets operate best when there are no barriers to entry of any sort.  Capital should be able to move around the world freely if the citizens of the world are to maximize their ability to create wealth. Tariffs on imports and exports should be eliminated.  Government protection for specific industries should be abolished.  Goods and services should be able to move freely around the world if we truly desire to work towards the elimination of poverty.
Completely ignored, even by those who believe what I wrote in the above paragraph, is the fact that human beings are capital.  Human beings are not an economic liability in a free society.  Human beings are what create wealth in this world.  The more human beings a country has living within its arbitrary geo-political boundaries, the more wealth it is capable of creating.  It quite necessarily follows that allowing unlimited immigration into a country is one of the most powerful incentives for economic growth a country can undertake.  So why are most folks so opposed to this set of circumstances?
Besides the fact that most people are woefully ignorant of economics there remains the fact that there are no free societies in the world today.  To various degrees all political economies found in the world today are socialistic.  Under the terms of socialism it is ignorantly and stupidly believed that government creates wealth.  It is also believed that whatever the current level of wealth happens to be in a country is the maximum it will ever be.  The goal of a citizen of a country is no longer to be productive and create wealth but it has been transformed into each person seeking to endear himself to some career politician in order to get wealth transfer payments in exchange for his vote. Human beings are now seen as liabilities and the more of them who are permitted to enter the country the less each of us living here already will have.  Hence the call for a total ban on all migration around the world.
The Socialist Democracy of Amerika would be well served to announce to the world a new policy on immigration.  It would be a simply policy with just three rules.  Those rules are:
  1. Nobody may come to the SDA who is fleeing prosecution in his homeland provided that prosecution is for a legitimate criminal action.   
  2. Everyone else is free to enter the SDA at any time and for any reason.
  3. Nobody entering the SDA is permitted to receive any transfer payments.
This country would witness economic growth that would put China to shame if those three simple principles were adopted.  But the adoption of those principles would necessarily involve the repudiation of the belief that government is god.  It therefore necessarily follows that the idolatrous, government worshiping citizens of this country will make sure it never happens.  The problem in Europe and in the SDA as well has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with the fact that we are all socialists now.  Socialism is what is destroying the wealth of the world, not immigration. Socialism is what is creating animosity between ethnic groups, not immigration.  Socialism is nothing more than institutionalized envy, which happens to be a sin by the way.  When a government exists for the purpose of calling a sin a good deed you can be sure the end is not far away.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Silverton Has Been Ruined

I first visited Silverton, Colorado, like a lot of other people, when I arrived there via the narrow gauge train from Durango.  That was back in 1974.  I was just a high school student but I knew enough to recognize that Silverton was a gorgeous and remote mountain town.  I returned to Silverton twenty years later, in 1994, to climb some mountains and I have made regular treks to that beautiful little mountain town in the 21 years since then.   Prior to last weekend I had not been to Silverton since 2012.  I was shocked at the transformation that took place in such a short period of time in a town I loved to visit over the years.  Let me tell you about it.
Another couple and my wife and I decided to go to Silverton for the Labor Day weekend.  Why the government does not proclaim a "Entreprenuer's Day" rather than a labor day only proves that we live in a socialist country.  Even the most basic understanding of economics instructs us that labor has no jobs if entrepreneurs do not create them.  But entrepreneurs seek profits and profits are immoral in the religious system known as socialism so we celebrate the mindless slugs who perform manual labor instead.  Go figure.
Silverton is in the magnificent San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado.  I was thinking it could be a big mistake to publicize the area with this blog post but then I remembered, my delusions of grandeur being shattered, that only a couple people read this blog.  It really does not matter anyway as Silverton has been discovered by various groups, all of them disgusting in nature, and the Silverton I used to know and love no longer exists.  They say that you can never go back.  This past weekend I learned that lesson well.
Make no mistake, I am not complaining about the fact that the free market has determined Silverton should become another haven for Yuppies, biker gangs and homosexuals.  People are free to do whatever they want to do.  At the same time I am free to not like it.  So all of the complaints that you read here today, if you manage to wade through them, should never be construed as calls for government to do something about the problems I perceive with the way Silverton has developed.
Our goal was to climb a couple of small 13,000 foot peaks in the mountains surrounding the town.  These are peaks that I have looked at from other, higher and harder, summits in the area.  I have saved them for some future date when I am either sick, old, dying or with people who are not particularly interested in a difficult day in the mountains.  This past weekend I was with a family of relative neophytes who wanted to experience the alpine environment in a spectacular area.  Mission accomplished.  They completed their first "family summit" when all four family members arrived at the 13,000+ summit of Houghton Mountain, above the ghost town of Animas Forks.  You may recognize the name "animas" in the aforementioned ghost town.  The Animas river is the one the EPA dumped toxic waste into a couple of weeks ago.  The river is fine, people are eating the fish and life goes on.
The mountains in the Silverton area never disappoint.  It is what has happened to the town that ruined my weekend.  In the old days Silverton was a sleepy little town that did little but entertain tourists for a couple of hours when they got off the train.  Local businesses made their money from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and when the last train departed the town quieted down to nobody but the locals and a handful of people like me who like peace and quiet.  For reasons that I do not understand, Silverton has been discovered.  Several groups of rancid people visited town the three days we were there and it almost made me sick to my stomach to witness it.
Large gangs of motorcyclists routinely came into town, revving their engines loudly and looking around at the locals as if they wanted nothing more than to start a fight or a gang war with some rival biker group.  They were all dressed in black, with lots of skulls and tattoos to prove just how amazingly insecure all of them were.  Those that spent the night in town would ride their extraordinarily loud motorbikes up and down the street, apparently deriving great joy from making it impossible for people sitting outside to have a conversation until they passed by.  I didn't dare make eye contact with any of them, including the women (if you can call them that), because I perceived that to do so would mean certain death.
I also saw something in Silverton that I had never seen before this past weekend.  Two different flamingly homosexual couples made themselves publicly known while I was there.  The first "couple" was walking down the street while I was sitting out enjoying the evening sunset.  They were holding hands and talking as loudly as they could to ensure that everyone sitting out would look at them and praise them for their courage and love.  They were not really saying anything of interest, it was mostly hoots and hollers to get people to notice them.  It was impossible to not come to the conclusion that they were acting that way because their god, the federal government, had just granted them most privileged status.  I longed for the days when gays fearfully hid in the closet.  The second couple got out of a Jeep while I was strolling about downtown.  One fellow was dressed in his best Freddie Mercury outfit, one sporting a feather boa.  They too were shouting wildly and flailing their arms around so people would notice them.  I silently wished there was an open season on feather boas.  Sadly, there is not.
Even more disturbing than the roving gangs of motorcycle thugs and homosexuals was the complete takeover of the town by Yuppies driving ATVs.  The bikers and gays would exclusively stick around town while they showed off.  The Yuppies and their ATVs went everywhere, including into the high mountains.  It was impossible to travel up any of the dozens of gulches around Silverton without hearing and seeing hoards of swarming ATVs.  The morning we climbed Houghton Mountain we were the first to park at the ghost town of Animas Forks.  By the time we returned to the road it had become a veritable parking lot, filled with ATVs. There had to be 20 of them parked there, each one with its owner sitting proudly beside it, talking to the other owners about their ATVs.  They would pop open their lunch containers and gather around in large groups, munching on their lunches and talking about their ATVs.  They were loud, smelly and downright obnoxious.  I found the entire situation incredibly sad.  I had stood at that very location just six years earlier, after carrying the remains of an old friend to the summit of an unnamed local peak, and had the moment to myself.  Now I could not hear myself think.
Here is a picture of the down canyon view taken from the parking place.

I don't think a single Yuppie ATVer even noticed where he was.  Many of them kept their Darth Vader helmets on, I guess to appear more tough and intimidating.
On the way home I realized that I really can't go back.  It is time to forge new memories and let old memories pass.  What once was a beautiful town is now dead.  It was a very sad Labor Day weekend for me, and not just because it is a national celebration of socialism.