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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, May 1, 2015

A Friday Potpourri Of SDA Stupidity

My desktop has accumulated a stack of articles about stupid people doing stupid things in the stupid Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  None of them, by themselves, rises to a high enough level to be the basis for a complete blog post, but together they form a beautiful menagerie of human stupidity and sinfulness.  So without any further ado, allow me to tell you some stories about life in these Socialistic States of Amerika.
  • In what has to have been the least secretive "coming out" by a pervert in the history of the SDA, Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he is really a woman, or something like that.  I don't know if it came up or not but I wonder if he is going to appeal to the Olympic Committee and ask if he can also have the Women's Decathlon gold medal.  It seems to me that if he was really a she, then he/she deserves that medal as well.  As proof that perversion is always enormously popular I offer up this quote from my local newspaper, "The Nielsen company said Saturday 16.9 million viewers watched the interview newscast Friday night.  The audience was the biggest for a non-sports show on a Friday night since 2003."  So there you have it.  The citizens of the SDA have spoken.  They have proudly pronounced that the most socially, culturally, historically, morally, intellectually and emotionally satisfying news story of the past 12 years was a former Olympic athlete declaring he is really a woman.   Can this story get any more stupid?
  • The Children's Academy of Aurora, Colorado is a day care facility that I believe is operating for profit.  Although the Children's Academy is not directly affiliated with the government school system, many of the children who attend the pre-school are having their tuition paid for by taxpayer dollars.  The Aurora Government School system pays the bills for many of them.    I do not know how it operates but I suspect it is some sort of voucher system.  An interesting thing took place at the Academy last week that I would have believed could only have happened within the confines of a government school.  A woman sent her 4 year old daughter to the school with a package of Oreos in her lunchbox.  She reunited with her depressed daughter after school only to discover the package of Oreos still in her lunchbox, accompanied by this note, "Dear Parents, it is very important that all students have a nutritious lunch. This is a public school setting and all children are required to have a fruit, a vegetable and a healthy snack from home, along with a milk. If they have potatoes, the child will also need bread to go along with it. Lunchables, chips, fruit snacks, and peanut butter are not considered to be a healthy snack. This is a very important part of our program and we need everyone's participation."  The long arm of government funding has insidiously crept into a quasi-independent school and established a series of nanny-state rules about what a child may bring in her lunchbox.  Only in the SDA can we find this level of stupidity and sufficiently stupid people to enforce it.
  • In a tip of the hat to stupid evangelical Christians I am forced to tell you about this story.  Some maniac has been taking potshots at passing cars along I-25 in northern Colorado.  Windows have been blown out and, last week, a woman was shot in the neck.  The woman survived with minor injuries and was recently released from the hospital.  Upon her release she was interviewed by members of the press. During her interview she proudly and stupidly announced that "she has already forgiven the person who shot her."  Never mind that she does not even know who the person was who shot her.  Never mind she has no idea what the intention of the person who shot her was.  Never mind the person who shot her never asked for her forgiveness.  You need to understand that the stupid doctrine of forgiveness held by all Evangelicals requires them to immediately and unilaterally forgive any person whom they believe might possibly have done something wrong against them or they themselves will be cast into hell when they die.  Pity the poor Evangelical who finds himself in hell because he was not even aware of the malicious intent of someone who sinned against him.  
  • Meanwhile in a classic example of political stupidity, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has announced that he will run against Hillary for the Democratic nomination for SDA Queen.  As he made his announcement he proudly declared that the primary plank in his political platform will be to reform the "obscene levels of income disparity" to be found in the SDA.  I have addressed the non-issue of income inequality many times in this blog.  Go here, here, here, here and here if you are interested.  Of greater interest to me today is the brazenly stupid assertion that income inequality is somehow "obscene."  Here is the historic definition of 'obscene' - "of or relating to materials that can be regulated or criminalized because their depiction of nudity, sex, or excretion is patently offensive and without artistic or scientific value."  How is it possible that the morally good and proper existence of income inequality, which Jesus Himself endorsed, could be considered to be something that is obscene?  Only an amazingly stupid career politician could come up with that one.
  • In my final example for this Friday allow me to tell you about the student protest which took place at the University of Northern Colorado a couple of weeks ago.  UNC has offered a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Mexican American studies for the past several years.  When I was in college, which was admittedly a long time ago, majors such as that one were lumped together into the category known as "underwater basket-weaving" degrees.  We all recognized that they were stupid degrees created for stupid people, usually athletes who needed to keep up the fiction of being student-athletes.  Times have changed.  Political correctness rules the college campuses.  Even my insinuation that a degree in Mexican American studies is a waste of time is patently racist and derogatory.  But back to the protest....according to the report I read, "50 students and faculty and staff members crowded into the Lindou Auditorium at Michener Library demanding that the administration restore the major now."  The anger spread. According to that same report, "Energized by what they called an insult to their culture, more than 30 Latino students filed into the auditorium after a rally at 11th avenue and 20th Street."   And why did the UNC administration cancel the Mexican American Studies major?  Because there were only two students enrolled in the program.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have a protest to attend.  I am going to UNC to protest the fact that they do not have a Welsh-American Studies major.  I am so insulted! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Homosexuals Are Nicer Than Christians

Dana Milbank is a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post.  He has been the object of a previous jab in this blog, found here.  Milbank is an economic nit-wit and a profound lover of all things government.  He never met a government spending program he did not like, unless it was spending money for bombs, and he persists in the belief that the top 49% of the income population of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is still not paying its "fair share" of the total federal income tax burden; all of this despite the fact that the top 49% of the income tax population pays 100% of all federal income taxes.  Like I said, Milbank is not the brightest bulb in the bank of lights shining upon the envy-filled citizens of Washington DC.
His most recent column appeared in my Denver Post this morning.  It was simply entitled "Love conquers hate."  Can you guess where this is going?  I bet you can.  The reference to "love" is a reference to homosexual relations and the reference to "hate" is in regards to biblical teaching.  The argument being made in Milbank's column is that God-hating homosexuals are more loving towards their fellow man that homosexual-hating Christians.  Let's consider his argument for a moment.  You might be surprised to discover that I generally agree with Mr. Milbank on this one, up to a point.
We are all aware that the Supreme Court of the SDA is presently hearing a case in which the expected decision will make homosexual marriage legal and mandatory in all states.  No longer will individual states be permitted to enact Constitutional amendments banning homosexual marriages.  All citizens of the SDA will soon be living in the immoral paradise whereby marriage is defined as the union of two men or two women.  Thanks to the blessings of the Supreme Court the stigma (does it really still exist?) of being a homosexual couple will be removed forever.  No more will homosexuals commit themselves to Romeo and Romeo-like suicide death pacts because they are unable to express their love for each other publicly.  No more will closet homosexuals (are any of these still around?) be forced to suffer with terminally low self-esteem.  Life in the SDA will be almost like homosexual heaven, whatever that is.
As is usually the case when the Supreme Court is hearing an emotionally charged case, the physical confines surrounding the court building are filled with members from the two camps which have a vested interest in the outcome of the hearing.  As is also usually the case in situations like this, by far the greatest number of people present are those who are in support of a ruling that will change the law to give them most protected status by the government.  The rest of us are just too busy to spend our time marching around government buildings, calling upon our rulers to "leave things just the way they are!"
Apparently Dana decided to wander over to the circus to see what was going on.  I have no idea if what he describes is accurate or not.  Given his pro-homosexual bias it would be hard to imagine that he is seeing things clearly as he reports upon the festivities.  But for the sake of argument today, I will presuppose that Dana's description of the event is precisely what I would have witnessed if I had the misfortune of being there.  Dana begins by telling me that, "The biblical-marriage demonstrators were outnumbered 5 to 1 or more outside the Supreme Court Tuesday morning, but they were not lacking in vitriol or vulgarity."  He then proceeds to quote several of the signboards he witnessed being carried by the Christians who were present.  Those quotes include, "Homo Sex is Sin," "Dirty Homo, Stop Sinning," "Fags are Beasts" and the infamous "God Hates Fags."
Dana draws a conclusion from what he has just seen.  He writes, "With opponents like these, is it any wonder that the cause of gay equality is prevailing?...This is how gay men and lesbian women won the battle for gay marriage in American public opinion; not with belligerence, but by peaceful example."    His conclusion, although logically consistent, is inaccurate because he supports it with several inaccurate presuppositions.
His first inaccurate presupposition is an example of the old euphemism that one can gather more bees with honey rather than vinegar.  That expression is the clear result of a purely utilitarian view of the world.  It does not take moral absolutes into consideration.  Yes, it is true, one can gather more bees with honey than vinegar but who said that gathering honey is something that should be done?  Dana is proud of his homosexual brethren because they are being kind and polite while the Christians are being loud, rude and hateful.  He concludes that Amerikans have converted over to pro-homosexual opinions precisely because homosexuals are nicer people than Christians.  That observation may, in fact, be true.  But it entirely misses the point.  Should we convert over to a pro-homosexual view?  That is the question.
The second incorrect presupposition, and it is a deadly one, is that pubic opinion is what determines morality.  Christians say that homosexual behavior is immoral because the God who exists and has revealed Himself to us through the propositional revelation of the Bible says so.  Homosexuals, and those who support them, say that homosexual behavior is moral because the majority of the citizens of the SDA say that it is.  Last year smoking marijuana in Colorado was immoral.  Today it is moral. Why?  Because the majority of citizens of Colorado changed their minds about marijuana.  The key point here is that morality is determined by majority vote, not by seeking to find God's opinion on the matter.  God has been voted out of the equation by the god known as "the people."  The people will allow no competition so God must go.
Dana went on to describe how a couple of allegedly hate-filled Christians were taunting the allegedly kind and loving homosexuals.  One Christian man, dressed in military fatigues, said that, "Jesus Christ was not pro-homosexuality....This is what a man looks like you fags."  In response to that taunt the kind and loving homosexuals in the audience gently maneuvered themselves around him, to the point where they had him encircled, and proceeded to "softly" sing the old Christian song entitled "This Little Light of Mine."  They then invoked the blessing of God upon the intolerant Christian, telling him that they loved him and that love will always conquer hate.  The homosexuals also informed him that "we are all God's children."
I agree that there are times when homosexuals are nicer and more polite than Christians.  That is especially true when they know they are about to win the argument and obtain the endorsement of the federal government.  It appears as if what Dana witnessed was one of those times.  But there are also times when being kind and polite is not the correct way to behave.  When you see a semi-tractor trailer bearing down upon an old woman crossing the street in a wheelchair do you kindly and gently attempt to inform her to get out of the way or do you abruptly physically grab her chair and jerk it out of the way, hopefully with her still in it?
Ultimately only one opinion matters.  God has the final say in all of the affairs of men.  Whether men preach the truth of God out of good motives or bad motives does not really matter in the grand scheme of things.  God does not change.  That is historic Christian truth.  The Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God and it has not changed.  God's opinion on homosexuals has not changed.  Unless they repent they are damned to the Lake of Fire for eternity. I don't consider the fact that I wrote that statement an example of hateful behavior because homosexuals are just like little old ladies in wheelchairs crossing the street.  The truly hateful thing to do is to turn away and say nothing about her plight and theirs. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Career Politicians Believe You Are A Financial Victim

There is a strange irony to be found within the things career politicians say to us.  On the one hand they clearly believe we are the most evil people in the world.  They create legions of laws designed to keep us compliant with their desire to obsessively control our lives.  When I want to add another room to my house without first getting the permission of government I am evil.  So government creates a law forcing me to get its permission first.  When I want to put my child in my car and drive to Dunkin Donuts I must first obtain a government approved safety seat.  If I do not use one I am an evil parent and, if caught, my child can be taken away from me and given to a family that worships the government.  When I leave my 13 year old son home alone while I play a round of golf with my wife I am evil.  If my busybody neighbors report me to the police my child will be taken away and given to that same family that worships government.  If I refuse to pay for my neighbor's kids to go to government school I am called an evil person and my home is taken away from me.  When I complain about the fact that I am one of the 49% of the citizens in this monstrous land that pays all of the federal income taxes I am told that I am evil because of my unwillingness to pay my "fair share," whatever that is.   Practically everything I would do if I was really a free man is deemed to be evil by the career politicians who rule over me.
Perhaps the best empirical evidence that we are the most evil people in the world is that the enforcers of the rules created by the Socialist Democracy of Amerka's career politicians have incarcerated more SDA citizens than any other nation in the history of the world, both in gross incarcerations and as a percentage of the population rotting away in prison cells.  How else can you explain the incarceration rate in this country if it is not due to the clear and obvious fact that we are all very, very evil people?
Everywhere I look I see bureaucrats telling me I am evil.  Every new law that is created is designed to do something about my evil tendencies.  The police forces empowered to enforce all of those rules also see me as evil and protect themselves from me like I am carrying a nuclear bomb.  They believe they need military equipment to keep me in line.  They wear armor and carry shields and have guns that can blow me into small pieces if they want to.  I must be really evil.
Despite the fact that the message that is continually being proclaimed to me is that I am evil, something changes dramatically the moment the career politicians and the bureaucrats talk to me about my money.  All of a sudden I am a victim.  I am not evil any more.  The reason I don't have any money saved up has nothing to do with the fact that I am a drunkard, or a drug addict, or a materialist.  No, I don't have any money saved up because economic times are tough and despite my best efforts as a "working family,"  whatever that is, I am always broke. Poor people are never poor because they are irresponsible with their money.  Poor people are never poor because they blow all of their discretionary income on material things that soon disappear.  No, poor people are always the noble poor who are in that condition due to no sinful or illegal behaviors on their part.
Consider the unemployed single mom with six illegitimate children, all by different men.  The career politicians and bureaucrats fall all over themselves to help her.  They provide her with EBT cards so she can buy food and cigarettes.  They give her Aid for Families with Dependent Children.  They help her complete her tax return so she can get the Earned Income Credit, paid for by the top 49% of the income population in this envy filled country.  She gets free Medicare insurance and happily goes to the emergency room at taxpayer expense.  Despite all of the obviously sinful and irresponsible behaviors on her part she remains a victim in the eyes of government.  There is nothing she can do financially that would ever cause her to be seen as an evil woman in the eyes of the government.
Now imagine just for a moment what happens when that same single mom is caught smoking a marijuana cigarette.  Suddenly everything changes.  She has now violated the law.  She is now evil.  If she had been caught two previous times smoking a single marijuana cigarette, in a state other than Washington or Colorado, she is now subject to the "three strikes and your are out" provisions of the law. She is going to prison.  It does not matter that she is leaving six kids to be cared for by state social services.  It does not matter that she pleads with the government for the right to stay out of prison and take care of her kids, at taxpayer expense of course.  All of her pleas about financial hardship now fall upon deaf ears. She is no longer a victim.  All that matters now is that she has broken the law and must be punished.  So she is sent off to prison for 10-20 years.  Does this make sense to anyone?
As I was pondering the Dr. Jekly/Mr. Hyde nature of our dedicated public servants it occurred to me that there is a reason for their madness.  When a career politician wants to control the population under his rule, thus satisfying his overarching desire to be a despot, he creates new laws to regulate every minute detail of our lives. To justify his despotic actions he tells us that we are evil and in need of his mighty regulatory hand.  On the other hand, when a career politician wants to get reelected he does what all career politicians have always done.  He gives away massive amounts of taxpayer money to people who will then vote for him in exchange for the payouts.  To justify giving away massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to the people who will now vote for him the career politician tells his constituents that they are victims of financial hardship and that his actions are those of a beneficent public servant, intent upon helping the working families of the SDA get a leg up in life.  All of his actions are simply to "level the playing field" and make sure "everyone pays his fair share."  It is the perfect transaction.  Free money is handed out to innocent victims and votes are given to the beneficent caregivers. 
From the perspective of the career politician the exact same person can be an evil fiend or an innocent victim of circumstances beyond her control at exactly the same time.  All that really matters in our various life situations is how the ruler desires to spin his actions as he engages us, the sheeple.  When he wants to feed his ego, we are evil. When he wants to perpetuate his fiefdom, we are good.  This truth dramatically illustrates that career politicians care about only one thing....themselves.  Why does that not surprise me?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Your Tax Dollars Are Being Given To Churches

This is an outrage.  Hasn't anyone ever heard about the phrase in the Constitution of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika (the phrase isn't found in the Constitution of the United States of America, although most state worshiping people believe it is) that requires a strict wall of separation between the church and the state?  How can our government possibly justify taking our hard earned tax dollars and turning them over to churches that preach things like the sinfulness of men, the need for salvation from sin and the sinfulness of homosexual behavior? 
Go here for the story from the Washington Free Beacon entitled, "EPA spends $84,000 to study churches that preach climate change."  Well there you have it.  I completely misrepresented the story in my post headline, didn't I?  I confess.  I wrote that post headline just to get your attention.  I did not think the headline from the actual story was flashy enough to get you to take the time and read this post.  I know very well that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the SDA would not even bat an eye when the federal government spends $84k of their tax dollars to study something totally irrelevant and immaterial to their daily lives.  That is just business as usual with the federal government and nobody really cares.  On the other hand, I also know that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the SDA hate God, the Bible and the Christian Church.  So I knew that a headline declaring that the Christian church was the recipient of a tiny amount of taxpayer dollars would inspire outrage.  Did it?  I guess it does not really boil down to senseless and wasteful government spending.  It all boils down to who the money is being given to, doesn't it?
According to the story, "A taxpayer-funded graduate fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is examining 17 faith-based institutions that have implemented 'sustainability initiatives' in the hopes of developing workshops to teach pastors and other religious leaders how to change the behaviors of their congregants."  Now that is what I find interesting.  Did you catch what is being said in the above sentence?  SDA citizens would be motivated to take up arms against their government if the government agreed to be held sway by the teachings of the Christian church.  That tired old refrain about the wall of separation between the church and the state would be parroted from every rooftop in the land.  But as is quite obvious from what is reported above, the alleged wall of separation is a semi-permeable wall that allows for movement in one direction.  Nothing can flow from the church to the state but everything can flow from the state to the church. 
Where is the outrage from the Christian community when a group of pagan scholars from the University of Michigan make the bold-faced statement that their goal is to use taxpayer dollars to "change the behaviors" of people who are members of the Christian church?  Where are the claims of influence peddling?  Where are the calls for the erection of a strict wall of separation between the state and the church?  Why does nobody seem to give a hoot when members of the state declare outright that their goal is to change the thoughts and behaviors of Christians but when Christians make the same claim they are ordered to remain silent?
You all know how these conversations go.  The God-hating pagans will make some assertion about how we live in a secular state, thus declaring all biblical morality to be irrelevant.  The law of man is enshrined as the law of the land.  Like all man-made creations, the law of man expands and grows like a cancer until we get to the point where we are today.  Career politicians and bureaucrats have created a massive beast of law that controls and regulates every aspect of our lives.  Many of the laws are contradictory.  Many of the laws are immoral.  Did you know that it is now illegal for parents to leave their 13 year old son at home alone in Illinois?  Yep, if they do so and a neighbor spies on them and reports them to the local jack-booted thugs they will be arrested for child abuse and the child will be given to a family that loves the government more than they do.
On the other hand, if a Christian suggested that abortion is murder or that homosexual behavior is sinful he is immediately censored and silenced.  He is threatened with persecution for hate speech and hate crimes.  Even innocuous claims like God exists and has an opinion about what the law of the land should be are construed as hate-filled comments designed to make government approved people groups feel bad about themselves.  Imagine the outrage if pastors were conducting worshops for members of the RNC or the DNC and seeking to change the thoughts and behaviors of the members of the two political parties.  In fact, I believe the law of this sad land has declared that activity to be illegal.  Any church that attempts to engage in any activity that could be determined to be politically influential will find its tax exemption revoked.  So there you have it.  When the government wants to infiltrate the church to advance its pagan agenda everything is fine. When the church even thinks about having some degree of influence in the public square it is smacked down and ordered to submit to the decrees of the all-knowing, all-loving, all everything federal government, praised be its name forever, amen. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Observations From A Road Trip

I had to attend a cleaning products convention in Tucson last week.  For janitors this convention is the equivalent of the many huge professional conventions held in Las Vegas every year.  I learned about all sorts of amazing products that will help me serve my clients better.  I decided to take my time and drive to the convention.  I spent a leisurely week on the road, stopping along the way to play some golf, visit some friends and make an unsuccessful attempt on a long and difficult desert peak.  I thought you might enjoy a couple of my observations from the trip so today's post is dedicated to the highlights, or low-lights, of what happened last week.
As I drove south from Denver I noticed that I-25 is now filled with electronic signboards constructed and maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.  On this day each of the signs was lit up with a warning message designed to get my attention and inform me that big brother is watching and I could be sent to prison at a moment's notice.  One told me that I would be arrested for driving drunk.  Another informed me that I would be arrested for driving while under the influence of the hallucinogenic compounds in marijuana.  Another simply told me that I was being watched.  That was comforting.  My favorite was related to CDOT's current campaign to have no traffic fatalities in Colorado this year.  You  can find that post here.  Bureaucrats at CDOT believe it is possible, with enough regulation and "watching" of motorists, to guarantee that nobody will be killed in a traffic accident on Colorado roads this year.  One electronic billboard informed me that it was my responsibility to make the bureaucrat's dream come true.  Apparently unknown to the person posting the message to the billboard was the article in the Denver Post just a couple of days earlier pronouncing 2015 to be the deadliest one on Colorado roads in many years.  Apparently the rate of traffic fatalities so far this year is higher than recent years, despite the fact that the bureaucracy has established procedures to ensure nobody would get hurt.
I had to pass through Deming, NM on my way to Tucson.  I don't mind Deming.  It has the reputation for having pure water and fast ducks.  I kind of like that since I believe water pollution and overweight ducks to be two of our biggest social ills these days.  But as I pulled into town that day I was not thinking about a cool drink or Daffy.  I was thinking about the poor soul who dared to drive on Deming's roadways without a government permit to do so.  Go here to read the story about the fellow who was forced to undergo multiple enemas and colonoscopies, all against his will, simply because he rolled through a "Stop" sign and then refused to show the proper deference to the costumed thug who pulled him over.  I kept my eyes down, drove the speed limit, and clenched up tightly until I was through the city limits.
I had a thoroughly enjoyable day attempting to summit Tanque Verde Peak, near Tucson.  It was an ambitious day, gaining almost 5000 feet in an 18 mile round trip.  The temperature was in the low 90s and there was no water along the way.  Despite the minor hardships my partner (Remember when a person could use the word 'partner' and not be a homosexual?  I am using the term that way.) and I had a superb time scaling the ridgeline of Tanque Verde Peak to within two miles of the summit.  The mesquite was in bloom, filling the air with a most wonderful pungent aroma.  The palo verdes were also in bloom in some areas.  The prickly pear was flowering and I believe we were treated to the most spectacular display of ocotillo flowers I have ever seen.  Here is a shot of the ocotollios along the way:

In addition to the red ocotillos we also ran across this green fellow.  I believe he moonlights for GEICO:

On the drive home I decided to go the scenic route through north central New Mexico.  I had spent my teenage years in the area and was curious to see how it might have changed over the decades.  I was very pleased to discover that the Pueblo Indians have discovered the free market in general and casino gambling in particular.  Areas that were very impoverished when I lived there were now sporting all the evidences of material wealth and affluence.  Good for them, I thought, the Indians are finally sticking it to the white man.  Only now instead of removing their scalps they are removing cash from their pockets. 
In addition to the positive influence of the white man seen in casino gambling, the Indians have also picked up a very negative behavior from the powers that be of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  There are dozens of independent Pueblos in northern NM.  I do not recall any of them ever having a police force.  Or, if they did, it was made up of a man or two who would drive around in a car like that used by Andy and Barney.  You can imagine my shock when I discovered that all of the tiny pueblos now have fully militarized police forces.  VIPER like cars straight out of Mad Max were patrolling the roadways near the pueblos.  Their windows were dark, they appeared to have armor plating and I would not have been surprised to discover that a Gatling Gun was retracted under the roof of the vehicles, just waiting to be deployed upon some hapless citizen who rolled through a "Stop" sign.  The cars were all speeding, of course.  Why in the world do these pueblos need that sort of militarized police force?  Nothing more dangerous than the occasional drunk Indian ever takes place on Indian land.  As I drove home in sad silence I realized that you really never can go back home.  I also realized that the land in which I now live is divided into two groups...those who give the orders and those who are expected to obey.  I obeyed.