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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Goal Is Gridlock

It is quite amusing watching the talking heads on television scurry about trying to discredit Donald Trump.  I have gone on record in this blog with my prediction that Hillary will be the first Queen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and I will stick by that prediction.  Who gets offered up by the GOP as the sacrificial lamb is a different question entirely.  At first I believed, along with most people, that Trump was an anomaly and that his propensity to stick his foot in his mouth would soon derail him.  But such has not turned out to be the case.  On the contrary, the more wildly bombastic Trump appears to be the more his appeal with the masses increases.  This reality has struck terror into the hearts of the career politicians in the Republican party.
Groups of power brokers within the GOP are now meeting in smoke filled back rooms trying to concoct a plan that will remove Trump from the top seed and replace him with one of their own anointed ones, Rubio and Cruz apparently being the two favorites for the position.  Trump has broken an unwritten rule in politics.  Trump believes it is possible to step into the office of King of the SDA and not be a career politician.  The career politicians who have dedicated their entire lives to crafting an image of themselves that qualifies them for that office are angry and scared.  Why should this stupid outsider be allowed to come in at the last moment and steal the prize?  This is especially true given the fact that the winner of the Republican nomination expects, if elected to the position of King, to be given a free hand to do whatever he wants to do given the presence of a Republican controlled Congress.  This is the sort of opportunity career politicians wait for their entire lives and now Trump comes along to spoil it.
To make things even worse for the Republicans, Trump is funding his own campaign.  There is nothing anyone in the GOP can do to stop him.  If he were begging for RNC funds like all of the other candidates are doing he would be controllable, but since he is paying for everything out of his own pocket it is impossible to bring him under control.   If he were forced to kowtow to his contributors that would bring some semblance of moderation to his positions, but he is free to say and do whatever strikes him as right for the moment.  He is the figurative fulfillment of the proverbial loose cannon.
As a person who believes in freedom I find this all very amusing.  I oppose both the welfare statism of the Democratic party and the warfare statism of the Republican party.  I believe we should be free to be free in this socialistic and tyrannical land.  That makes me a member of an extreme minority and, under the rules of democracy, voiceless as to how the affairs of this envy-filled country should be conducted.  Unlike others who spend most of their lives attempting to garner a majority in order to create a new law that gives them special rights and privileges over their fellow citizens, I believe the civil government should exist to enforce biblical law and nothing else.  That puts me in another very small minority for even Bible believing Christians do not believe that biblical law should be the law of the land.  It is a strange truth indeed but Evangelicals, who are defined by the fact that they confess the Bible is "suitable for all matters of faith and practice," do not recognize that the Bible contains God's revealed will for the law of the land.  Professing to believe that the Bible contains God's revealed will for all of their lives they turn around and reject that truth by confessing that legislators elected by the majority of the voters should be entrusted with that task.  Most Evangelicals defend their inconsistency by declaring that they have no civil right to "force their religious" laws upon the God-hating citizens of this land while, at the same time, the God-hating majority of those who live in the SDA have no problem forcing their God-hating doctrines and practices upon Christians.  What a strange world we live in today.  By the way, for those of you who are not aware, biblical law does not allow for the creation of special governmental rights and privileges which are given to one group at the expense of another.  The Bible calls that sort of activity theft and God holds a very low opinion of those who practice it.  I am not so stupid as to believe that what I want to be could ever happen.  But I am smart enough to know that those who mock God and His law today will be eternally punished in the Lake of Fire in the future, so I am content.
The democracy under which we operate is like all democratic systems of government.  Its participants do everything they can to steal from one another.  Those who get the upper hand plunder their neighbors until they lose the upper hand to those who had the lower hand.  Then those who had the lower hand plunder their neighbors until the tide turns once again.  For the handful of us who believe this to be a corrupt and immoral system we seek to have a system of government that is as weak and ineffective as possible.  The less government can do in general, the less total harm it can do to us, our property and our freedom.  It is never a good thing to have an efficient and effective government since that only means that government is efficiently and effectively stealing from the minority.  That is why it is ultimately true, for those who love freedom, that it does not matter who is elected to the Congress or the Kingship, provided they spend all of their time fighting with each other, calling each other names, and passing meaningless bills about which national landmark will have their names engraved on it.  The gridlock that has so frustrated career politicians who oppose King Obama the last four years has been great.  The gridlock that will exist when Hillary is Queen with a Republican controlled Congress will be great as well.  But what happens if the Donald is elected King with a Republican controlled Congress?
Initially it might sound like a bad idea to have a Republican King and a Republican Congress.  The SDA would shortly be declaring war on Iran and Russia if that happens.  But initial perceptions are not generally accurate when it comes to Trump.  He is not really a Republican and he has so alienated the Republican career politicians I cannot see them ever agreeing to work with him as King.  So I conclude that even if the Donald is our next King the state of political and civil affairs in this country will still be gridlock, and the goal is gridlock because gridlock is good for the minority. 

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