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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Planned Parenthood And Free Speech

While I was in the desert of southern Arizona last week, enjoying the warm desert sun as well as several cactus covered peaks, I saw a news report about a lone gunman who walked into a Planned Parenthood shop in Colorado Springs and opened fire with a gun, killing three people.  I suspected that his actions would ignite a firestorm of controversy and I have not been disappointed.  The Denver Post is dedicating large sections of the paper to stories about the shootings and their alleged causes.  Prominent in all of the stories is the allegation that people who oppose abortion are jointly responsible with the shooter for the murder of those three people.  Basically the argument goes that anyone who expresses a verbal or written opinion in opposition to abortion is engaging in hate speech that inflames the mentally ill among us to go into Planned Parenthood shops and kill people.  Let's consider that for a while today.
Planned Parenthood is a very strange name for a business that specializes in murdering babies.  I believe they should change their name to something like Stopping Parenthood or Preventing Parenthood After the Fact.  Planned Parenthood does not help women plan for their future status as parents of children.  Planned Parenthood exists to legally murder babies so their mothers do not have to be inconvenienced by the fact that their sexual promiscuity resulted in a pregnancy.  Proponents of Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, argue that abortions do nothing more than removed unwanted tissue from the body of a woman, thus allowing her to plan for her future status as a parent at some other time.  How that piece of amorphous tissue somehow ends up becoming a baby and why removing it is not an act of murder is never explained.  All that we are told is that having an abortion is like having liposuction, only cheaper because the taxpayers are stuck with the bill.
One fact is incontrovertible when it comes to the abortion debate.  Either abortion is murder or it is not.  In the same way, killing baby Greyhound dogs in a "puppy mill," which brings tears to the eyes of most hardened abortionists, is either murder or it is not (it is not).  In the same way the Holocaust was either an example of murder on a grand scale or it was not (it was).  In the same way a soldier from the Socialist Democracy of Amerika deployed to Iraq and killing an Iraqi citizen is either murder or it is not (it is).  There is no such thing as something that is both murder and not murder at the same time.  So the million dollar question is this, is abortion murder?  Christians believe abortion is murder.  Christians believe God hates abortion and abortionists.  Christians believe that those who have committed murder via abortion must either repent or spend eternity in the Lake of Fire where they will suffer the just punishment for their sins.
Typical of the articles found in my newspaper in support of abortion is one I read today entitled, "Group blames anti-abortion rhetoric for shooting."  It is written by Joey Bunch and tells the story of a group called ProgressNow Colorado.  ProgressNow Colorado is dedicated to advancing abortion and censoring the speech of anyone who opposes it.  A series of murders at an abortion mill is perfect grist for the propaganda mill at ProgressNow Colorado and they are exploiting it to the hilt.  According to the article, "ProgressNow Colorado's executive director, Amy Runyon-Harms, called out a list of Colorado Republicans who have spoken against Planned Parenthood with language she characterized as hostile. 'Along with these policy changes has come an increase in hateful, ugly rhetoric, some of which, I believe, contributes to an increase of violence against abortion providers,' Runyon-Harms said."   So there you have it.  Merely opposing the murderous act of abortion is now the cause of attacks at abortion mills.
I have a question for Amy.  Amy, would you characterize those who spoke out against the Holocaust during WWII as engaging in "hateful, ugly rhetoric" merely because they opposed the slaughter of Jews in the German ovens?  Indeed, I suspect Amy has been guilty at one point or another in her life of declaring that anyone who lived during that era who did not speak out against the slaughter of Jews in the German ovens was behaving hatefully.  That being the case, why is this situation any different?  Try, if you can (and I know you can't but I will write this anyway), to think from the perspective of those who believe in the God of the Bible and argue that abortion is murder.  Can you understand, even for a brief inkling of a moment, why we would be upset when you say that we are guilty of the murder of three people in Colorado Springs?  Or have you become so desensitized to your own hate speech you are no longer capable of seeing anything from the perspective of a Christian person?   I will answer my own question.  Amy, and all others like her who live and prosper in a post-Christian society, have had their consciences seared to the point where they now believe murder is life and life is murder.  To maintain their fiction they turn to their god, the civil government, and petition it to suppress the speech of those who constantly prove them to be wrong.
There is a powerful movement afoot to suppress the free speech of those who oppose the murder of babies.  Since our God-hating society is built upon the pillars of free sex and the guilt-free murder of the by-products of those sexual encounters, it is essential that those who declare such actions to be sinful be suppressed from saying so.  I do not know how this is going to turn out.  I do know that there is a horrific irony in the entire discussion.  Abortion mills in the SDA have committed about 50 million legal murders since 1973 and, with the exception of a handful of Christians, nobody has protested about the violence being committed there.  Then, when two people accompanying customers to an abortion mill are killed, the airwaves are filled with wild ravings about the violence of anti-abortion protesters.  Just dispassionately examining the history of the past forty or so years causes me to come to the conclusion that a lot more violence has been perpetrated upon unborn babies than has been perpetrated upon their mothers.  Regardless, I wonder how long it will be before speaking out against abortion will be criminalized?  Much like it will soon be a criminal act to declare homosexuality to be a sin, I suspect it will also soon be a criminal act to declare that abortion is murder.  Then we Christians will really have no choice but to pack up our bags and check into the local prison where those who don't believe the SDA is the land of the free and the home of the brave will be expected to live out their lives. 

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