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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jihadists Don't Hate Us Because We Are Free

With the attacks by ISIS agents in Paris and Al-Qaeda agents in Mali in recent weeks we have once again been subjected to a familiar stream of propaganda emanating from the lying mouths of  western career politicians who refuse to confess their sins in public.  Here is what we know is true....ISIS and Al-Qaeda would not exist today if it were not for the extreme political and economic destabilization in the Middle East that was a direct creation of the military forces of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika under King George II.  King George II wanted to expand the Amerikan empire and get his name written into the history books as a great warrior.  He created false pretenses for his war against Iraq and then happily destroyed a society that was successfully keeping Islamic radicals from rising to power.  The vacuum of power created by the Amerikan military is what created ISIS and allowed Al-Qaeda to greatly expand.
The standard line used to explain all of the blow-back associated with the amazingly stupid military incursions into Islamic territory by the SDA and its allies is that those brainless Islamists "hate our freedom" and "want to destroy us because we have liberty."  Islamists are consistently portrayed as sub-human sociopaths who kill for nothing more than the joy of killing.  As an interesting historical sidelight, their portrayal is very similar to what we allegedly learned about the Japanese during WWII, but that is a different story.  Although the assertion about the Islamists is patently false, and can be seen to be so by even the most dense adult who takes more than a couple of minutes to think about it, it remains the standard response and continues to be largely believed by the sheeple of the SDA.  Joe Clement, of Littleton, Colorado, is a case in point.
Joe wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post recently in which he made these familiar assertions, "If we are not to face the sociopaths who want to destroy our freedom and individual liberty, then what are we to do?  Turn the other cheek?  Suppress freedom of expression so as to not offend?  For cowardly psychopaths who murder women and children, reason does not exist.  We need to be courageous and fight for our right to exist in this world.  I would rather die fighting with dignity than be extinguished like lambs."  Wow!  Joe really is clueless.  Let's consider his arguments for a while today.
Joe begins by informing me that Islamists are obsessed with a desire to destroy my freedom and individual liberty.  Don't worry about that Joe.  The SDA government has already done that for them.  I have very little freedom left as a citizen of the SDA.  I am enslaved to the SDA government and the top 51% of the voting public that has made the rational decision to force me to pay for all of the bills incurred by the federal government.  Go here for that story.  I live under thousands of rules and regulation created by faceless career bureaucrats and enforced upon me by a para-military class that can't wait to steal my property and throw me into prison.  If you do not believe me, try this one thing....stop paying your real estate taxes on your home.  Send me an email from prison later.  Citizens in places like Jordan, Mexico and Ukraine have much greater personal freedom than I do.  Don't believe me?  Ask them yourself.  Go find a person who has lived in Jordan, Mexico or Ukraine and ask them if their level of personal freedom was greater there or here.  You might be surprised by their answers.  SDA sheeple have become so accustomed to regulatory oppression we no longer have eyes to see it.  Islamists don't need to kill us because we are free, the federal government has already done the job for them.
Career politicians and their shills like Joe never stop to answer the rather obvious question that must be asked, why would Islamists want to destroy our freedom?  Or an equally obvious question that should be asked is, If Islamists want to destroy our freedom why do they never use that as a reason for their attacks?  Or an equally obvious question that must be asked, Why do Islamists keep saying that the reason they are attacking western nations and peoples has everything to do with the fact that western military forces, primarily consisting of French and  SDA forces by the way, have waged war against and occupied their homelands for decades?  Why do people like Joe not believe it when the Islamists clearly inform us that their goal is to get the SDA out of their country?  And, lastly, why is it such a psychopathic, hateful and sub-human thing for Islamists to desire to be free within the geo-political boundaries of their own countries?
The only answer our rulers have for us, if they are forced to respond to those questions, is that Amerika is exceptional and anything the Amerikan military does is, by definition, morally good and proper.  Conversely, since other countries are not exceptional they deserve everything they get from the hands of the morally superior Amerikans.  That is the argument of every tyrannical empire builder.  What they do for and to their subjects is always for their own good, even up to and including killing them.
Joe believes that the Islamists are psychopaths because they murder women and children.  I wonder if Joe would apply that same standard to the SDA?  SDA imposed sanctions upon Iraq from 1991 through 2011 killed a million Iraqis, about 4% of the total Iraqi population.  Among the dead were hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians including women and children.  Go here for the story.  When queried about the policies of the SDA in regards to Iraq, former Democratic Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, when asked in 1996 by 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl about reports that 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of SDA imposed sanctions on that country, stoically replied: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it."  Albright called the half million dead children "acceptable collateral damage."  I wonder what their parents thought about that?  Do you think it is possible some of the Islamists attacking the west today might have had children who died as a result of SDA sanctions?  By the way, the SDA is now imposing similar sanctions on Iran.  I wonder how that will turn out?  I am sure it will be good.
Joe believes that Islamists are such a threat to him that we have to kill them to be able to "exist in the world."  Wow, the Islamists are a lot more powerful than I realized.  Does Joe really expect me to believe that the Islamists present a legitimate military threat to the national security of the geo-political zone known as the United States?  Does he really believe they have the potential to take over the United States?  Come on Joe, free your mind of statist propaganda and look at the real world.  To believe that Islamists are a legitimate threat to SDA national security is one of the dumbest, stupidest, most ludicrous, and most ridiculous things I have ever heard from the mouth of another human being.  The right of the SDA "to exist in the world" is already pretty well established as the SDA currently has military bases, according to Ron Paul, "in 130 nations with a total of 900 overseas bases."   Now tell me Joe, just who is the biggest threat to worldwide security, a couple of Islamist jihadists or the SDA military?  Tell me Joe, how does ISIS compared to the SDA in sheer military might?  Please tell me how ISIS is a threat to SDA national security.
Do you feel insecure as a westerner, in light of recent terrorist events in Paris and Mali?  If so, inform your career politicians that you would prefer that the SDA not be an empire.  Tell them you want the SDA out of the Middle East.  Tell them you want the SDA military out of 129 of the 130 countries it is currently in (it can stay in the SDA, where it belongs).  Tell them you want to follow the Jeffersonian maxim that we are to have free trade with everyone and entangling alliances with no one.  When they accuse you of being a hated "isolationist," inform them that if an isolationist is someone who does not want to be morally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children you are happy to be one.  Most of all, stop repeating the fiction that Islamist warriors are fighting western peoples because they hate our freedom.  We have no freedom for them to hate and what we have done to them for decades is, I dare say, a pretty good reason to fight back.  Indeed, if a country like Saudi Arabia, for instance,  had done to us what we have done to Iraq and Iran over the last 100 years, every one of us would be signing up to go to war against them.  We would all be Christian crusaders and proud to do so but one thing is for sure, we would not be fighting them because we hate their freedom. 

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