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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, December 28, 2015

Homeland Security Stoops To A New Low

I don't fly anymore.  I loved to fly.  I never understood how people could complain when their flight was a couple of minutes late to their destination.  Maybe I read too much history.  It took the Pilgrims over two months to cross the Atlantic ocean on their way to Plymouth rock.  Today a person can fly over the ocean in a couple of hours.  So what if it takes an extra hour or two to go from New York to London?  No matter how you cut it, flying is fast, cheap, efficient and, until the impact of 9/11, most enjoyable.
Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administration have completely ruined the flying experience.  By grossly violating my constitutional right to be secure in my person, papers and possessions the TSA routinely abuses my person and property whenever I have to fly by forcing me through their scanning protocols.  Today I will only fly if I cannot drive to my destination.  That means I will fly only when I have an ocean to cross.  Since I rarely have an ocean to cross I rarely fly these days.  I wish every abused and tyrannized citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika shared my view of the TSA.  It would be fantastic if the airlines all began to suffer serious financial losses because customers refused to fly with them until the TSA is abolished.  But such is not the case, and not likely ever to become the case.  Why?  Because the Amerikan sheeple are terrified of terrorists, seeing them under every rock and in every baggage compartment.  That fear has caused the majority of the citizens in this terror-filled land to give up their civil rights and grant government the authority to do anything it wants to them in exchange for a promise to provide an unprovidable security from terrorist attack.
Donald the Trump is successfully exploiting this fear by promising to ban all Muslims from entering this country if he is elected.  I thought about writing a post to this blog about his proposed new law until I realized that I did not have a logical leg to stand on.  The government owns every square inch of land in the SDA.  If you do not believe that, and if you persist in the belief that you actually own some property, simply refuse to pay your real estate taxes and see how long your claim of ownership is honored.  Every single land owner in this country is a serf to the governing authorities and the payment of real property taxes is little more than our tribute as vassals to the lords who rule over us.  That being the case, if the King of the SDA, who technically owns everything in this immoral country, decides that nobody is allowed to pay us a visit, then nobody is allowed to pay us a visit.
According to a story in the Washington Post last week, a Muslim family, whom I believe are British citizens, was denied access to a flight from London  to LA on December 15th.  Mohammed Tariq Mahmood was looking forward to his trip to LA as it was his intention to treat his family to the Disneyland experience for a couple of days.  Mahmood is a 41 year old owner of a gym in northeast London.  He was met at the gate by some of Amerika's finest Homeland Security officers and informed that he and his family would not be boarding the plane bound for Disneyland.  There was no discussion.  There were no reasons given.  There was no opportunity to find out what was going on.  Mohmood was simply denied access to the plane and ordered to go home.
According to the newspaper article, "A prominent British parliamentarian demanded that Prime Minister Cameron press US officials for an explanation, something that Mahmood said he had not been given more than a week after the aborted December 15th flight.  'The only explanation I can think of is that my name is Mohammed,' said Mahmood."  Also according to the article, "US officials said little about the case Wednesday, citing federal laws protecting the privacy of air travelers."  It was that last phrase that sent me into a rage and caused me to write today's blog post.  Do you get the cruel joke?
The King owns all the land and he can invite anyone he wants to visit.  If he does not want anyone to visit, that is his business and he is under no obligation to inform the serfs why someone is not permitted to enter the land.  Nor is he obligated to inform the person who wanted to enter the Kingdom why he is not permitted to do so.  The King's word and power are supreme.  Mahmood is not entitled to, nor does he deserve, an explanation from the King for why he was not allowed to visit Disneyland.  All that matters is that the King said no to his request.  What bothers me is the excuse given to Mahmood by the King's representatives.  Rather than simply informing Mahmood that the King had spoken and that was the end of the matter, they fabricated this absurd story about the King being subject to some sort of law that both prevented Mahmood from visiting the SDA and prevented the King from telling Mahmood why he could not visit the SDA.  I am not very bright when it comes to understanding the various subtleties in human communication but even I can understand that the King's emissaries are telling lies.
A man has a ticket to board a plane to fly from London to LA.  He is prevented from doing so by the jack-booted thugs at Homeland Security.  When he dares to ask why he is being denied passage on a flight he holds a ticket for, the idiots at Homeland Security inform him that "federal laws protecting the privacy of air travelers" prevent them from telling him why he can't board the plane?  Mahmood is one of the "air travelers" the "federal laws" are designed to "protect" and yet he can't get a straight answer to the question of why he was denied the right to fly.  In fact, he can't get any answer at all.  In all of my life and in all of the dumb things I have heard coming out of the mouths of career bureaucrats, this has to be the dumbest of them all.  In essence the King's representatives told Mahmood that, "I won't tell you why you can't fly because the law protects your privacy and right to fly."  The law protects Mahmood's privacy so much even he does not know what is going on.  Hiding behind such legerdemain is typical of the cowards and idiots who populate Homeland Security and the TSA, praised be their names. 

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