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Monday, November 16, 2015

"Whiteness Studies" Students Are All Racists

I feel comfortable (is there anything more important than that?) with the title of today's blog post primarily because I am not white.  I am Welsh and I know a thing or two about subjugation and enslavement.  At one time or another in my history my people were enslaved by the Irish, the Scots, the Angles, the Saxons, the Normans, the Vikings and the occasional Icelander who wandered across the ocean in search of fish to catch and Welshmen to enslave.  So don't go getting all high and mighty on me because you think you have a racial history of sordid enslavement worse than mine.  You don't and you probably never will.
That having been said it is important to note that white people are racists by definition.  A racist, as I understand the term (and in a post-modern world my understanding of a word is what defines that word), is a white person (only white people can be racist) who hates everyone else because they are not white like him.  Racist hatred expresses itself in many forms but the primary expression of white hatred for others, mostly black people, is the fact that white people create, operate and profit from business operations in the free market.  When white people create businesses that exist to serve the interests of consumers, including black consumers, by providing consumers goods and services for prices they are willing to pay in a voluntary exchange of goods and cash they are behaving as hate-filled racists.  Why, you might ask?  Because according to black people all businesses must exist to give money and jobs to black people far out of proportion to their representation in society lest they be deemed black-hating racists.  Anyone who does not believe in the religious tenets of socialism is necessarily a racist black-hater because he has denied the fact that black people have a moral claim on the wealth and income of white people who have created profit-seeking businesses in this envy-filled country. 
No doubt  you think I am exaggerating when I write that whites are racist by definition.  Today I will prove that point.  We all know that whites are racist when they call blacks niggers.  Only blacks are permitted to call other blacks niggers.  When a white person does that he is a racist.  We also all know that when white people mind their own business and pay no attention, either positive or negative, to blacks and treat them as if they were just like any other human being, whites are behaving racistly (I just made that word up and you have to accept it because I use post-modern language.  If you do not accept my term you are guilty of hating Welsh people.) because of the existence of institutional racism.  According to black people, institutional racism is every behavior engaged in by a white person that is in the context of some institution.  When a white person starts a business, admittedly a type of institution, he is a racist when he either sells or does not sell whatever he produces to black people.  When a white person gets a government job, like Chancellor of a government funded university, he is a racist because a university is an institution and he is white.  About the only way a white person can avoid the charge of being an institutional racist is if he becomes Robinson Crusoe and lives by himself, without a Friday, on a deserted island.  Even then, I suspect, blacks would call him a racist because he decided to go into exile without first consulting them for permission to do so.  Or if he did first consult a black prior to his self-imposed exile it would be asserted that he did so in a condescending and racist fashion. 
Until recently I have believed that blacks appreciated it when white people pretended to like them and say nice things about them.  I thought that blacks appreciated it when white people tried to do nice things for them as well.  Then, last week, I discovered that I was wrong.  When white people try to do nice things for black people that is racism as well.  Any and all whites who try to do nice things for blacks need to have their incomes confiscated by the omniscient and beneficent civil government and transferred to black people simply because those black people are all descendants of slaves and all whites are racist.  Do you think I exaggerate once again?  Not so.  Let me tell you a story.
I think we all know the story of the alleged racist events that took place at the University of Missouri (congratulations to the Royals, by the way) last week.  College students at the University of Colorado, being the sympathetic and compassionate group that they are,  wanted to show their solidarity with the black students in Missouri (congratulations to the Chiefs, by the way).  A group of white students who were enrolled in a class called "Whiteness Studies" which, according to the Denver Post, is a "sociology class on racial inequality" decided to hold a rally on campus to protest racism and show support for all oppressed black people around the country.  According to an article in the Denver Post, here is what happened:
"But when event details went public, leaders of CU's Black Student Alliance said they had not been consulted and felt as if they were being silenced by the class.  'It's not anyone that is being affected telling the story, it's only white people telling the story,' said Paris Ferribee, co-president of CU's Black Student Alliance.  She said the group that organized the rally on campus stifled the voices of African-Americans and other marginalized students at CU by shutting them out of the conversation.  'That is a slap in the face and that is practicing racism, whether they want to believe it or not.  They used their white privilege and oppressed voices and stifled voices that are experiencing this every day,' said Ferribee."
Did you get all that?  A bunch of white students enrolled in a class telling them how horribly racist they are  decided to absolve themselves of some moral guilt by showing support for black students in Missouri and the mere fact that they wanted to do so was an example of "white privilege" and extreme racial prejudice against blacks in both Colorado and Missouri.  How, you might ask, did they harm the black students?  According to the black students union at CU they were harmed by the white students because their proposed rally was somehow going to "oppress" and "stifle" the voices of black students at CU who experience horrible racial discrimination on a daily basis.  How, you might ask, could the mere holding of a rally be an act of offensive oppression?  Answer:  Because the students holding the rally are white and whites, by definition, are all racists all the time.
It is hard to imagine a more wildly stupid state of affairs than what passes today for discussion about racism.  Blacks are apparently too stupid to realize that when something is everything it is nothing.  But whites share in the stupidity as well (thankfully I am Welsh and exempt from both white and black stupidity).  After being informed that their desire to hold a rally in support of black students was an oppressive act of racism the white students in the "Whiteness Studies" class issued this statement, "We acknowledge that we should have contacted the Black Student Alliance to see what they were already planning with regard to Mizzou.  While we understand that this does not excuse our actions, we learned a lesson in proper allyship (they made that word up but that is okay in a post-modern university).  We still hope to work with the Black Student Alliance to support your efforts and to stand in solidarity with black students."  I don't know how the white students could have groveled any better before their black masters, do you?
As a Welshman I have no horse in the racist race.  That gives me the ability to have an objective view of the current state of white-black relations and what I see is quite clear to me.  Although blacks constantly speak about their history of slavery it is quite clear that the table has been turned.  Whites are now the slaves of blacks.  How can I make that assertion?  Consider the following:
  • White slaves in college must ask permission of their black student masters prior to saying anything about socio-political events around the country.  Even the act of asking permission is deemed offensive by their black masters so the white students can expect a good dressing-down no matter what they do. That sounds a lot like the way communication took place between black slaves and their white masters in the old south, only the roles have been reversed. 
  • Whites, by definition, behave immorally anytime a black person is present. Indeed, whites behave immorally anytime they think about a black person, or don't think about a black person, or forget about a black person, or don't forget about a black person.  I think you get the point.  Whites are enslaved to the politically correct speech and thought patterns of their black masters.  No matter what whites say and no matter what whites think they are always labeled racists and the more they try to defend themselves from the unjust charge of racism the more they are labeled racists.  There is no way for any white person to escape this condition of  slavery to blacks.
  • Slaves always have the product of their labors stolen from them by their masters.  According to this study, "blacks comprise 13.6 percent of the U.S. population according to the 2010 Census, but account for only 1.4 percent of the top 1 percent of households by income. Whites are the overwhelming majority of the top 1 percent of households by income, comprising 96.2 percent." Since the top 1% of the income population pays almost a third of the entire federal budget, it is necessarily the case that whites are enslaved to blacks as significant percentages of white income is transferred to black people through the wealth redistribution apparatus of the federal government.
  • White businessmen, especially in the technology field, are expected to work for their black masters.  Go here for the story about how whites are expected to serve their black masters in the business world by creating jobs for them and installing them into positions they are not qualified for.  The white business owners are also expected to pay black board members higher salaries than they are worth in order to maintain the fiction that they really know what they are doing.  Anyone who protests this situation is immediately labeled a racist and forced to recant, repent or be driven out of business.
  • Blacks can beat up on white people with impunity.  Whenever a white person does something to a black person it makes the nightly news.  Whenever a black person does something to a white person there is a previously agreed to gag-order placed upon the story. If the story gets reported at all it will be in race-neutral terms.  Go here for a perfect example of this sort of white slavery. 
  • The "Black Lives Matter" campaign is clearly an example of black master-hood over white slaves.  The simple fact that black lives matter and white lives are ignored proves that white lives do not matter.  Like the slaves they are, whites are shot and killed by the cops much more often than black people but nobody cares about the insignificant life of another white slave. Go here for the story.  Whites can be lynched with impunity, just like blacks were in the old south.
  • One of the characteristics of a slave state is the fact that the civil government enforces rules against the slaves as well as engages in a constant barrage of propaganda designed to reinforce the institution of racism that exists in the country.  Children in government schools are instructed, if they are white, to mind their place and worship and adore the black leaders who have gone before them.  No example is better suited to illustrate this aspect of black master-hood and white slavery than the fawning adoration that is given to the socialist adulterer by the name of Martin Luther King each year.  Go here and here for the story.
As a Welshman I feel sorry for both whites and blacks.  I feel sorry for whites because it hurts to be enslaved to another race that has all of the social and political power. I feel sorry for the blacks because it damages their very souls to have all of the social and political power and to use that power to subjugate white people.  Mostly I am just glad that I am Welsh and that my people moved past being slaves decades ago.  We don't even think about it any more.  We get along with the Irish, the Scots, the Brits and even the occasional Icelander.  We don't try to gain political power and privilege over them and they do the same for us.  We have moved on and we are all much healthier, wealthier and happier for it.  Maybe blacks and whites should move on too?

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