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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Veterans Day Complaining Starts Early

Have you noticed how Veterans Day has been stretched out?  In the old days, when veterans were properly ignored by the rest of us, most of us had no idea that the day even existed.  Maybe some business owner who had spent a couple of years in the military would use the term to promote a sale but for the most part people were ashamed of what the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika had done to people around the world and wanted no association with veterans whatsoever.  My how things have changed.
I started hearing about various Veterans Day activities last week, a full two weeks prior to the actual date.  It reminds me of how the children's one night holiday known as Halloween has become a national holiday as well, with decorations going up and celebrations beginning about a month prior to the actual date.  We already have Memorial Day and Flag day set aside for the worship of people who have spent time in the SDA military, why do we need more?
To make matters even worse, why are the activities of these veterans not subject to moral scrutiny?  I have written this truth many times and it remains as true today as it was when Saint Augustine first described it sixteen hundred years ago.  If a person in military service is fighting an immoral war then he is either a murderer or an accomplice to murder.  So I ask you, please explain to me how any of the wars fought by the SDA military in recent years rise to the level of being moral?  Remember, being a moral war means that it is being fought to defend the lives and property of SDA citizens.  Offensive imperialistic wars are, by definition, immoral.  As I see it all of the recent wars waged by the SDA military complex are immoral, thus making all of the veterans who participated in it murderers or accomplices to murder.  I have a hard time understanding why I should be required to celebrate that fact and honor the men and, sadly, women who have engaged in the practice of murder on a huge scale.
Then, to make matters even more worse, people claiming to be veterans complain incessantly about how they are not being honored enough.  I posted to this blog previously describing how many taxpayer financed benefits veterans receive and yet they never seem to be satisfied.  Go here and here for stories about all the freebies veterans already receive.  It was in the light of all of these observations that I opened my morning copy of the Denver Post today, a full week in advance of Veteran's Day by the way, to be treated to this letter to the editor written by Joe Aielio of Littleton:
"Magnets, bumper stickers or license plates saying 'we support our troops' do not demonstrate your appreciation.  And shining green lights in the night does not show your support either; it sells light bulbs.  America, your 'heroes' can't get jobs, treatment for PTSD, or the health and dental benefits we were promised.  If you really appreciate our service, prove it.  Stop re-electing those fiscally irresponsible officials who have cut our benefits to help balance their budget.  Hire combat veterans to protect our schools and borders.  Devote more designated parking for wounded veterans.  Businesses give seniors discounts, so why not veterans?  Do something for veterans in your neighborhood like raking leaves or shoveling snow.  Support the Wounded Warrior Project.  Put flowers on the graves of veterans at a national cemetery -- and not just on Memorial Day or Veterans Day.  Make your appreciation commensurate with the sacrifice we have made."
Wow!  Joe is filled with bitterness, isn't he?  Let's consider his argument for a moment today.  Joe is a veteran and because of that he believes that the taxpayers owe him a living.  He spent a couple of years kicking around the military and now he is entitled to a lifetime of taxpayer financed support.  Joe is also a hero for no other reason than he joined the military and because he is a hero I have a moral duty to think about him at all times.  What universe does this person live in?
Joe, like most everyone in this immoral and envy filled land, is a socialist.  He despises the Green Light program currently being sponsored by Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart might actually make a couple of dollars selling the green lights it wants us to all display on our front porches in support of the military, whatever that means.  I now have a green light for the military, a blue light for the jack-booted thugs who patrol my neighborhood, a pink light for women, a rainbow light for the politically protected homosexuals and a red light for the Welsh all proudly displayed and shining brightly on my front porch.
Joe believes, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, that veterans are being picked on.  He believes that all of the government income transfer payments they receive are really not taking place.  He believes he deserves more money for his dental work and PTSD treatments, despite the fact that he already gets both for free.  I can appreciate the fact that the federal government is providing all of these free benefits and, as such, they are horrible, but that does not change the fact that he is still receiving them.  Joe also wrongly believes that the federal government has reduced the amount of money being given to veterans like him.  Maybe he needs to spend some time reading the federal budget.  Then again, maybe he should not.  Joe believes that cutting spending in a nation that is currently spending hundreds of billions of dollars more than it takes in is "fiscally irresponsible."  I wonder what he considers fiscal responsibility to be?  Spending trillions more than what comes in?
If you read the two links above you know that veterans currently get discounts from more than 80 businesses around the nation.  Joe says that vets get nothing.  Joe wants more handicapped parking spots for vets.  I have never seen more than one car in a handicap zone in my entire life, despite the fact that the handicap zones usually have space enough for several cars.  I live in the same town Joe does and I can assure you there are plenty of parking spaces for people in wheelchairs.  I suspect that Joe is mad because he wants the handicapped parking zones to be specially labeled as "For Military Only" so he can continue to promote his superiority complex.
Joe also wants to install  PTSD afflicted combat veterans as security guards in government schools.  Can you think of a more terrible idea than that?  Government schools are already the equivalent of the gulag. Putting vets with batons on their belts roaming the hallways is sure to make things better, don't you think?  And I can't think of a negative consequence to giving vets machine guns and telling them to wander around the SDA border with Mexico.  Good things are bound to happen under that scenario.
Joe concludes by telling me I need to worship murderers.  He exhorts me to do acts of charitable service for them by shoveling snow from their sidewalks and raking their leaves.  He then concludes by telling me to take flowers to their graves, the ultimate act of hero-worship for men who do not deserve it.  His final statement tells me to "make (my) appreciation commensurate with the sacrifice we have made."  Joe, I will do that for you.  To make my votive offering commensurate with what you have done I will send some money to Iraq to help some poor homeless orphan get some food since his home and parents were blasted to smithereens by an SDA bomb.  I know you think they had it coming because they were evil haters of Amerika but I just can't see it your way.  So Joe, you just go right on worshiping the military and its soldiers and I will go right on posting these blogs telling you how immoral you really are.

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