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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Economic Knowledge Of SDA College Students

In theory college students are expected to be a bit smarter than people who do not go to college.  Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule and there are people in college who have no business being there I still believe it is fair to assert that those who are in college are smarter than the average citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I also believe it is fair to assume that most students who have been in college for at least a year have been exposed to at least one economics class, usually an introduction to economics class of some sort.  That being the case we should expect that the general level of economic understanding found among college students would be at least somewhat higher than that found among the rank and file of the SDA citizenry.
We know a lot about the economic understanding of the average SDA citizen.  Almost without exception SDA citizens believe that Kings can create jobs and economic growth, provided the people who wanted to be the King in the opposing political party do not say any bad things about him.  Then if they do, for some unexplained reason, the King finds himself impotent and unable to do anything but create recessions.  SDA citizens also believe that the government creates money and that a group of unelected career bureaucrats called "the Fed" are able to wisely guide the economy back and forth between the opposing potential economic disasters of recession and "overheating," whatever that means.  On the other side of the coin, SDA citizens generally believe that profit seeking businessmen are evil and government needs to have regulatory oversight of every business enterprise in the country to keep the evil scoundrels from ripping everyone off.  Banks and bankers are the worst sort of evil.  They exist to enslave people by forcing loans upon them and then, after wasting all of their profits on fancy parties and cocaine, they go to the government for bailouts which are always granted to them by crony career politicians.
A reader of this blog sent me this link.  It tells the story of what happened on over 100 college campuses in the SDA yesterday.  Did you hear about the "Million Student March?"  If not, let me tell you about it.  College students of superior intellectual ability are upset that they have to pay back the money they borrowed to pay to go to college.  According to the article found at the above link, “'Education should be free. The United States is the richest country in the world, yet students have to take on crippling debt in order to get a college education,' the movement's organizers said in a statement on their website. Organizers of what was dubbed the Million Student March are demanding tuition-free public colleges, a cancellation of all student debt and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for campus workers." Well there you have it...a perfect example of the economic understanding of college students.
College students believe that because the GDP of the SDA is higher than any other geo-political zone around the world it logically and necessarily follows that they should be provided with a free college education.  From this assertion I can logically and necessarily conclude that college students are not only economically ignorant, they are ignorant of the basic principles of logic as well.  How does it follow that because the SDA has a high GDP they are entitled to have their college bills paid for by the taxpayers?
I wonder if these economic geniuses have thought through the economic incentives created by 100% taxpayer financed college educations?  Do they realize the law of supply and demand might create some perverse incentives within their plan?  If college education is free (meaning paid for by the top 49% of the income population via taxes) then many more scholars will go to college.  That means many more worthless degrees will be granted and tens of millions more 24 year olds will be living in their parent's basements, sporting worthless degrees, incessantly playing video games and displaying no understanding of economics whatsoever.
These economically clueless students also want immediate forgiveness of their student loans.  Why they should be allowed to not have to pay back the money they have borrowed to go to school while I have to pay back the money I borrowed to buy my home is not described.  Why they are permitted to essentially steal money from the banks which loaned them the funds in good faith is not explained.  Why what they wish to do is not a case of gross immorality is not defined.  Let me make it simple for these simpletons.  Failing to pay back a student loan is theft.  Theft is immoral.  Therefore if you do not pay back your student loans you are an immoral thief.
The sense of entitlement evidenced in these students is incredible and prepares them perfectly to be citizens of the SDA.  They believe the world owes them a living.  They believe they are special and everyone else should pay their bills.  No doubt they all believe in democracy and they rejoice when they can go to the polls and elect career politicians like Bernie Sanders who promise to force the top 49% of the income population to pay their student loan bills.  They believe they have a civil right to a free college degree.  I wonder what else they will cook up as a civil right?  When they graduate will they suddenly discover that the Constitution of the SDA grants them a civil right to a new car?  How about a new home?  How about a cushy, taxpayer financed government job where they can pretend to work for twenty years and then retire on a pension that is two times their average salary the last three years they worked? 
The icing on the cake, and a means by which these student Cretins are able to mentally justify and rationalize their proposed thievery, is to also demand that the government force a minimum $15/hour wage into every mutually agreed upon contract for labor services.  It does not matter that the labor provided might only be worth $5/hour or $10/hour.  In order to tell themselves that they are not just immoral thieves stealing for themselves, they have concocted a plan whereby they can tell themselves they are being altruistic because they are working to improve the conditions of all mankind, especially the noble and virtuous poor, by stealing for them as well.
In the end I am able to conclude many things about today's crop of college students.  Just like the citizens of the SDA they are shot through with envy for those who are actually working and producing something in this world.  Just like the citizens of the SDA they believe they are entitled to live off the wealth and income of the politically unprotected upper 49% of the income population.  Just like the rest of the citizens of the SDA they believe that government is the source of all good and business is the source of all evil.  And just like the rest of the citizens they believe they are paragons of moral virtue when, in fact, they are God-hating sinners bound for the Lake of Fire if they do not repent.

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