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San Juan Mountains
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

No Self-Driving Car For Me!

I was sitting around talking with some friends the other day when one lady made the comment that she can't wait until all cars in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika are self-driving.  She informed me that she hates to drive, hates to be on the road, hates to have to operate a vehicle on crowded city streets and would love to see the day when she can just send her car on errands while she stays home and watches soap operas on the television.  Okay, I made the part about the soap operas up, but she did say the rest of what I attributed to her.  As she was extolling the virtues of a driver-less society I found a great tension starting to form in my gut.  Let me tell you about that tension today.
I love freedom.  I am willing to give up massive amounts of alleged safety in exchange for freedom.  I believe we should be free as individuals to do anything we want to do, anytime we want to, anywhere we want to and any way we want to.  I oppose all government rules and regulations that infringe on my freedom.  Driving a car is one of the last things I can do these days that gives me at least a small sense of being free.  I can't conduct most of my life free from the myriad of government rules and regulations that oppress me but I can still get in my car and go for a drive.  Admittedly, driving a car is not the freedom inducing experience it once was.  The gross preponderance of new highway rules and regulations as well as the disproportionate number of jack-booted thugs out enforcing those rules and regulations has changed things considerably in my lifetime.  Still, by driving at the right place and at the right time I can still convince myself, perhaps delusionally, that I have some remaining freedom in this enslaved land.
A couple of weeks ago the Denver Post reported on a convention that was held in Denver called the "Transportation Matters Summit."  From what I can gather from the article, the "summit" was a convocation of greenies and career bureaucrats who love socialism and hate freedom.  They joined together to brainstorm about new and improved ways to control the sheeple who live in this tortuously regulated land.  One of the most exciting new forms of people control they proposed at the meeting was related to self-driving cars.  Here is what the newspaper had to say about the summit: "A roomful of Colorado city planners and transportation experts buzzed over the idea that people born Wednesday might never drive a vehicle.  One session in particular -- on self-driving cars bettering city commutes -- filled up quickly Wednesday at the Transportation Matters Summit at the Grand Hyatt Denver.  Jon Walker, who works at the Rocky Mountain Institute on reducing energy and carbon dioxide related to transportation, said American's vehicles are idle 95 percent of the time and contribute to one of the largest expenses for families.  'It's a broken system,' Walker said.  'It's time to change the paradigm.'"
Everything wrong about socialism is on full display in that one simple comment from Jon Walker of the Rocky Mountain Institute.  Jon is a socialist greenie who thinks he knows better than everyone else and who is also willing to use whatever government power he can muster to force others to bend to his will.  Like all good socialists Jon is blind to his own elitism as he makes blanket pronouncements about what is good or bad for society.  The fact that Jon would be so amazingly stupid as to refer to the millions of miles of streets and roads in this country, with millions of cars driving upon them, as a "broken system" defies the imagination.
Jon, just what is broken about the way people in this country get around?  I can get anywhere I want to, most of the time without getting involved in a traffic jam, and am happy to be able to do so.  I live in a big city with alleged major traffic problems but, for the most part, I have learned how to avoid them.  My system isn't broken so please, don't speak for me.
Jon, just what is this system you speak of?  I look outside and see a bunch of roads and cars but I see no evidence of a system whatsoever.  Of course there is no such thing as a system when it comes to cars and roads but socialists are so ingrained in their thinking about things as systems they are unable to overcome their inherent bias.  I see cars and roads filled with people behaving freely and Jon sees a system in need of some serious fixing.  Jon's fixing, no doubt, will include a serious reduction in personal freedom.
Note how Jon still has enough of a conscience to know that most people are going to despise him and his elitist program to fix a system that isn't broken.  To convince himself that he is really doing what is best he takes the time to inform the unwashed masses that we are so dumb to own cars that sit in our garages 95% of the time.  Not only that, Jon cares about the finances of my family!  What a swell guy he is.  He wants to impose a government controlled system of driver-less cars upon me and my family because I do not use my car enough to suit his tastes and he is fearful I am spending too much on my car.  Thanks Jon, but no thanks.
Jon, please mind your own business.  Please stay out of my business.  Please abandon your dreams of coercive power used in service to humanity.  Please leave your position at the lobby group you belong to.  Please go out and get a real job and actually serve somebody.  I refuse to own a self-driving car and when Jon and his ilk come for my car they will only get it as they pry the steering wheel  from the lifeless hands of my dead body.

Note To Regular Readers:  (all 3 of you)
I am heading to the desert to climb some mountains all of next week.  I might even eat a burrito smothered in green chile on Thanksgiving day.  One thing is for sure, I won't be anywhere near a shopping mall.  Look for the next post on December 1st and have a great Thanksgiving yourselves.

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