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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meaningless Moments Of Silence

I finally got around to reading my Sunday paper yesterday and now I wish I had not.  I sat down with a big bowl of mac and cheese to read the paper and ended up almost upchucking my dinner when I flipped to the second page and was visually assaulted by a photograph of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton observing a "moment of silence."  The photo was so offensive I had to set my dinner aside while I pondered just how terrible it is when people seeking to be the next King/Queen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika make the voluntary and conscious decision to mock the God of the Bible.
The photograph showed the Democratic candidates for King/Queen upon a raised platform, heads bowed, eyes closed and hands clasped in front of themselves, assuming the typically western pose for prayer.  The caption to the photo informed me that "Democratic presidential hopefuls pause for a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks prior to the start of the second Democratic presidential debate."  That got me to thinking about the utterly meaningless concept of a moment of silence.  Just what is a moment of silence anyway?
Now I am the first to admit that, when in the presence of career politicians, a moment of silence is a good thing.  In fact, I am in favor of more than just a moment of silence from them.  How about an entire day of silence?  Or even better yet, how about an entire year in which the career politicians keep their mouths shut and utter nary a word?  I can see some utility to the moment of silence if it gives us all the opportunity to not have to hear what comes from the mouths of those who wish to rule over us for a while.  Sadly, that is not what they believe a moment of silence is all about.
The caption to the photograph informed me that the moment of silence was "for the victims of the Paris attacks."  What in the world does that mean?  They are all dead.  How can anything be done for them now?  All of the people who died in the various terrorist attacks in Paris are already slotted into their proper places in either heaven or hell and there is nothing we can do for them now.  The time to help our fellow men is when they are alive, not after they are dead.  What possible significance can be attributed to holding a moment of silence in their honor?  How can they possibly benefit from a bunch of career politicians pretending to pray for them when their fates are already sealed?  Prayer for the dead is like prayer to Santa Claus, it just doesn't work.  If the moment of silence is meant to be some sort of prayer on behalf of the dead it would be better for us to to keep our eyes open, our heads raised and our hands in their usual state of reaching out for a government handout.
Why do people, including career politicians, assume a pose of prayer during moments of silence?  There is nothing in the social rule book that I am aware of that requires it.  I know when I am at a baseball game and the public announcer informs me that we are about to experience a moment of silence for some person or group of people who are recently dead I just sit there quietly and listen to the birds twerp and tweet.  It usually ends up being a pleasant moment and I avoid the wrath of God by not pretending to pray for the souls of people He has already judged.  I never know any of the people for whom I am theoretically having a moment of silence anyway and even if I did I would not waste my time praying for a person who is already dead and judged by God.
Bernie and Hillary are God-hating pagans.  I know, I know...Hillary believers will inform me that she is a Methodist.  Like I said, Bernie and Hillary are God-hating pagans.  They both despise the God of the Bible.  They both have committed themselves to a lifetime of behaviors that are contrary to the revealed will of God for mankind, all of which are called sins by the way.  They are both bound for the Lake of Fire in the Eternal State if they do not repent of their sins.  Perhaps most importantly for the purpose of the moment of silence, they both hate the God of the Bible with an intense passion.  So I have to know, just what god are they addressing when they pray to it during one of their moments of silence?
Based upon their behavior I can only see one god in their lives.  That god is the god of government, of which they are an important part.  Their god ends up being themselves, as those beneficent elitists who will rule over us commoners.  Based upon what both Bernie and Hillary have said and done for as long as I have been aware of their existence I am forced to conclude that when they have a moment of silence they are thinking about themselves.  I wonder what they are thinking?  I bet Bernie was thinking that he would really like to stick it to some profit-seeking corporation and turn the company's profits over to some favored political group that he wants to vote for him.  I bet Hillary was thinking that the pants suit she was wearing looked really smart and was sure to garner some votes for her from the pants suit wearing constituency.  One thing is for sure, neither of them was thinking about the God of the Bible.
One of my favorite nonsense statements so common in the post-Christian and post-modern society in which we live is "we are sending out our thoughts and prayers to this person or group of people who just died."  That is allegedly what is happening when people observe a moment of silence.  During the moment pictured in the newspaper I believe both Bernie and Hillary would say they were sending out their thoughts and prayers to some people who were then dead but who had been alive in Paris a couple of days earlier.  Now just what does that mean?  What does it mean to "send out" a thought or a prayer?  And just where do those thoughts and prayers go when they are sent out?  And what is the content of the thought or the prayer that is allegedly being sent out?  I suspect if we could pin Bernie and Hillary down and force them to answer those questions honestly they would be required to admit that it is all theater and nothing more.  Neither of them prays to God and most certainly neither of them have any thoughts about the people who died in the Paris terrorist attacks, unless it is how to exploit the situation to appear compassionate and hopefully get more votes in the next monarchical election.   Even if Bernie and Hillary were somehow able to conjure up some thought for a dead person I suspect, if they were honest, they would admit that the thought they conjured was "sent" to the government and the career politicians who run it.  For Bernie, Hillary and most of the idolatrous citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, government is god and the source of all that is good and right in the world.  So if thoughts and prayers are to be sent anywhere they will be sent to the government in the hope that new laws will be made and signed into law that will ensure that terrorist attacks never happen again.  Good luck with that.  Government has created thousands of laws to make sure things never happen again.  How are those laws working out?
I am thankful that my God is the God of the Bible.  I don't have to have moments of silence set aside to pray to Him to do something for the bodies and souls of people who are already dead and that I never knew.  I also don't have to pretend to care about people I don't know and who are now dead.  And most importantly, I do not have to practice the hypocrisy of pretending to pray to Him when I am really praying to the god of civil government.  That will save me from a lot of future judgment. 

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