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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Biggest Threat To World Security Is The Amerikan Empire

Did you happen to see the comments delivered by Defense Secretary Ash Carter last Saturday?  Calling the department that Carter heads the department of "defense" is ridiculous.  When was the last time the Socialist Democracy of Amerika fought a war to defend the lives, property and freedom of SDA citizens?  I can't recall that ever being the case since I was brought into this world several decades ago.  Maybe that department should be renamed as "The Department of Imperialistic Expansion."   That would be most fitting given the role the SDA has played in the world during my lifetime
Notwithstanding the name of the department Carter comes slithering out from, here is some of what he had to say about the role Russian leaders are assuming in today's world, "Russia is undertaking challenging activities at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace.  Most disturbing, Moscow's nuclear saber-rattling raises questions about Russian leaders' commitment to strategic stability, their respect for norms against the use of nuclear weapons, and whether they respect the profound caution nuclear-age leaders showed with regard to the brandishing of nuclear weapons."  According to an AP article written by Robert Burns, not the poet I assume, "Carter cited several pillars of the international order that he argued should be defended and strengthened:  peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom from coercion, respect for state sovereignty and freedom of navigation."  Then, as he came to the climactic conclusion of his speech, Carter asserted that, "In Europe, Russia has been violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and actively trying to intimidate the Baltic states.  Meanwhile, in Syria, Russia is throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire, prolonging a civil war that fuels the very extremism Russia claims to oppose."    Let me ask you, does anyone detect even just a little bit of hypocrisy in what Carter had to say?
Carter, as the mouthpiece for King Obama and the Congress of Infernal Idiots (career politicians), has the audacity and unmitigated gall to claim that Russian rulers are behaving immorally because they have been involved in supporting their interests in Ukraine, Georgia and Syria.  Is only the SDA permitted to defend its imperialistic and materialistic interests around the world?  Is only the SDA to be permitted to have the power of hegemony over all of the sovereign nations of the world?  Is only the SDA allowed to rattle the saber?  That is what Carter apparently believes.  Although he does not say it, I am quite sure that Carter also believes in the religious doctrine of Amerikan Exceptionalism, whereby everything done by the SDA is deemed to be moral by definition and anyone who dares to oppose what the SDA has done is immoral by definition.
Let's take a little stroll down history lane for a moment.  Let's see if we can discover just how much "respect for state sovereignty" the SDA has evidenced over the years.  The CIA was created in 1947.  Since 1947 the CIA has been the primary instrument in the overthrow of many sovereign governments around the world.  Go here for a list.  I count 35 sovereign nations from all over the world on the list of governments overthrown as a direct result of CIA action.  Go here for a brief description of many of those undeclared acts of war against nations that were doing nothing other than minding their own business until they came under the scrutiny of various leaders of the SDA Empire.   By any objective standard of any historical measure of meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations the SDA has been involved in more immoral violations of the rights of independent and sovereign nations than any other country in the history of the world, including Russia.  By any objective standard of "saber-rattling" the SDA has done significantly more of it than any other nation in the history of the universe.  And by any unbiased measure of gross hypocrisy the SDA is the most grotesque example of extreme hypocrisy the world has ever seen.
Everything Carter accuses the Russians of doing the SDA has done hundreds of times in recent years.  Every alleged evil action taken by the Russian leaders has already been done by our career politicians many times over since the end of the Cold War when the SDA become the sole empire in the world.  Accusing Russia of "throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire" in the Middle East is unimaginably hypocritical and extraordinarily stupid as well.  Every single sovereign nation in the Middle East that is presently facing serious civil unrest is doing so as a direct result of SDA CIA and military activities previously undertaken in those countries as a direct result of our career politician's desire to rule the world.
Carter talks about "peaceful resolutions of disputes" when the SDA is the master of the world when it comes to stirring up strife and then stepping in to solve the problem that it created with bombs and military conquest.  Carter talks about nations being "free from coercion" when the SDA has been waging untold sanctions wars around the world for decades.  More people have died as a result of SDA sanctions than have died by being blow to bits by SDA bombs.  How does that come to be seen as freedom from coercion?  Oh yes, I always forget.  When the SDA imposes sanctions it is a good thing to do because the people who are starving to death are evil.  When someone who does not worship the SDA does the same thing it is evil and must be stopped. 
Carter, like all career bureaucrats, is seriously detached from reality.  That makes him a perfect candidate for the office which he fills.  Who else but a man who believes that everything the SDA military does is good and everything any nation which opposes the SDA military does is evil could qualify for the esteemed and glorified position of head of the department of "defense?"  Just keep telling yourself....war is defense and defense is war and maybe someday soon it all will be over.

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