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Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson's Bizarre Beliefs

The title of this post is the title of an editorial in the Denver Post today.  To understand what I have to say today I need to quote the editorial almost in its entirety.  Here it is:
"Of all presidential candidates of either party, Ben Carson has the highest favorable rating among American adults.  And he has a large favorable advantage among fellow Republicans.  No doubt he is a nice guy.  Too bad he is also something of a nut.  The most recent evidence for this neurosurgeon's strange views is the revelation that he believes the biblical figure Joseph built the pyramids in Egypt to store grain.  Not only has a 1998 video surfaced in which he offered this thesis in a commencement speech, but Carson reaffirmed his belief with CBS News this week.  Carson's eccentric claim is not even a literalist take on the Bible.  Its a personal explanation for the existence of structures whose origins and purpose are not even mysterious.  And the casual dismissal in his speech of archaeologists and other scientists is downright weird coming from a man of medicine....Carson's curious views have become an embarrassment.  Indeed, he is beginning to make Donald Trump sound like Socrates."
I believe it is safe to assume that the Denver Post will  not be endorsing Ben Carson as the Republican candidate for next king of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The editors at the newspaper have the right to say what they think about the various offerings that have been presented to us as candidates for the next king but I believe they should be required to do so with some consistency.  I am aware that logical consistency is out of fashion these days.  Practically nobody is willing to discipline their minds to the point where they will be driven by logical consistency anymore, if, indeed, anybody ever did so throughout human history.  Emotion rules and whatever a person is emotionally comfortable with is what will be believed as truth for his life.  Clearly the editors at the newspaper are not comfortable with Ben Carson so they have manufactured a reason to dismiss him....Ben Carson is a nut because he believes that the Joseph of the Bible was responsible for the construction of the pyramids and that they were constructed to store grain during the years of famine.  And according to the newspaper, nobody is fit for the office of king of the SDA who holds to such bizarre beliefs.
Let us make an attempt to be logically consistent for a moment today, shall we?  If allegedly "bizarre" religious beliefs are a sufficient cause to dismiss a person from suitability for the SDA kingship, is there anyone else in recent history who also should have been summarily dismissed as a candidate?
  • King George II, aka George Bush, believes in the doctrines of Dispensationalism.  A couple of the more popular beliefs contained within Dispensationalism are: 1) at some point in the near future all Christians are going to be raptured from the face of the earth and, 2) after the rapture a seven year period of tribulation is going to be instituted by a man called the Anti-Christ who will form a one world government dedicated to killing Jews and, 3) all of the Jews living during that time will become evangelical Christians and, 4) Jesus will return at the end of that 7 year period during a period known  as the battle of Armageddon in which Russia, China and a newly formed 10 nation European Confederacy will be attacking Israel and 5) after Jesus returns He will rebuild the Temple and reinstitute animal sacrifice, over which He will personally preside for a period of 1000 years.  Kind of makes gentle Ben look like a scholar and a wise man, doesn't it?
  • Mittens, aka Mitt Romney, believes in the doctrines of Mormonism.  A couple of the more popular beliefs contained within Mormonism are:  1) there is a universe filled with spirit babies, conceived by departed Mormon souls in heaven, awaiting the opportunity to live on this earth, therefore motivating Mormons to have as many children as possible to accommodate them and, 2) all saints truly dedicated to God must wear a set of full-body underwear at all times and 3) God created multiple planets and endowed them with multiple deities to rule over them, including good Mormons after they die and, 4) if you want to be married in the afterlife you must have your earth-bound wedding at an official Mormon Temple and 5) the dinosaur bones found on earth were planted here from other planets by somebody we do not know.  King of makes Gentle Ben look like a scientist, doesn't it? 
  • Prince Charming, ala John F. Kennedy, was a Catholic.  As a good Catholic he believed many things including:  1)  at the sacrament of communion the wine literally becomes the blood of Jesus and the bread literally becomes His body and 2) Catholics who die without a sufficient deposit of apostolic grace in their accounts need to go to a place called Purgatory where they can make partial atonement for their sins and 3) other Catholics can be bought out of Purgatory if their relatives make cash contributions to the church and 4) the Pope is the voice box of God Himself so anything he officially pronounces to be true is necessarily true and, 5) praying to people who have died with an excess of the apostolic deposit in their accounts can be used to get one into heaven quicker.  Kind of makes Ben Carson look like a Protestant, doesn't it? 
  • Bernie Sander, aka Commie Bernie, is a dedicated believer in the religion of socialism.  Among the many bizarre beliefs expounded by Bernie are: 1) career politicians who work within government are able to solve all of the problems in the world, given enough money and time to do so and, 2) a man is morally good if he is a career politician and a man is morally evil if he is a profit-seeking businessman and 3) profits are evil and taxes are good and, 4) robbing a man at gunpoint on the street is evil but voting to take a man's money from him by force is a good thing called democracy and 5) money is wealth and 6) government creates wealth.  Kind of makes Ben Carson sound like Murray Rothbard, doesn't it?
All four of the men mentioned above have wildly bizarre beliefs and the Denver Post has either ignored their beliefs or written editorials proclaiming their strange beliefs to be irrelevant.  So why do the editors of the paper believe that Ben Carson's personal beliefs should be singled out for public ridicule when they were unwilling to do so with the others listed above?  I would suggest that the reason for the bizarre behavior of the editors at the Denver Post is that Ben Carson is demonstrably a Christian whereas the others listed above clearly are not.  One of the unwritten rules in the post-Christian society in which we live is that Christians are to be subjected to public ridicule whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The newspaper is simply putting that principle into practice.  Expect more of it, and all in the name of justice and fairness.  Orwell, we have arrived.

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