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Monday, November 9, 2015

Aqib Talib Is An Emotional Wimp

Aqib Talib is a cornerback for the Denver Broncos.  He also happens to be a very effective and skilled cornerback for the Denver Broncos.  I have enjoyed watching him play this year.  He has made numerous interceptions and has played a big part in what was, until Sunday, an undefeated season for the Broncos. Just last week I was telling my wife what a quality player he appeared to be because he plays ferociously while, at the same time, he remains under emotional control and plays with an intelligence rarely seen on the football field.   On Sunday I saw another part of Aqib's personality that is not so endearing.  On Sunday I learned that, like so many professional athletes, Aqib has the emotional self control of an infant.  In other words, he has none whatsoever.  Let me tell you about what happened.
The Denver Broncos traveled to Indianapolis to play the Colts Sunday afternoon.  From the very start of the game they were significantly outplayed by the home town team.  Denver went into the game with a 7-0 record and an enormous amount of prideful arrogance in their ability, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  The Denver defense has been establishing new records for effectiveness throughout the first half of the season.  Did their success cause them to be humble?  Did their success cause them to respect their opponents even more?  Did their success cause them to try harder to improve themselves?  The answer is "no" to all three questions.  As is almost always the case with pampered prima donnas, the success experienced by the Denver Bronco's defensive team went to their heads and turned them into arrogant monsters, entirely filled with themselves and apparently incapable of seeing the world as it really is.
As the game wore on, and the Broncos made a vain attempt at a comeback, the defense continued to be pounded, sliced and diced by the play of quarterback Andrew Luck of the Colts.  He pretty much had his way with the Denver secondary all afternoon long.  That fact began to bother the members of the secondary, as well as the other defensive players, and it was not long before Denver started taking cheap shots at the Colt's offensive players.  Rather than blaming themselves for their terrible play and using the game as a learning opportunity and chance to improve, they collectively experienced an emotional meltdown just like what is routinely seen on the first grade playground.  As has been the case with the Denver defense all year, they began to accumulate penalty yards, all of which hurt the team and made it almost impossible to win.  The penalties were mostly of the personal foul variety, meaning they were nothing more than a series of cheap shots by a bunch of cheap shot artists.  As also always seems to be the case these days, a lot of pushing and shoving was taking place.
Near the end of the game the Colts had the ball and were trying to run out the clock in order to preserve their three point margin of victory.  The Denver defense had an opportunity to stop the Colts and force them to punt, thus giving the Broncos one more chance at a comeback victory,  when it happened.  Von Miller, one of Denver's most emotionally immature players, got into a shoving match with a Colts player.  Talib saw the shoving and came over and deliberately poked the Colts player in the eye, sending him reeling to the ground in pain.  Here is how the Denver Post summarized the incident, "Do you know what stings the most from this 27-24 loss to Indianapolis?  A silly, stupid Three Stooges move pulled by Denver cornerback Aqib Talib.  'You guys ever played football?  You ever lost, at the end of the game?  If you can remember back at how that feels, that is how I felt.  I was just mad, man.  It was the heat of the moment,' Talib said Sunday as he got an amen chorus from teammates in a Denver locker room filled to the rafters with irritation.  With the game on the line late in the fourth quarter, Talib went all Curly Howard on Colts tight end Dwayne Allen, with an eye poke that cost Denver an unnecessary roughness penalty with 2 minutes, 24 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter....The very much deserved penalty against Talib pushed the football half the distance to the goal and gave the Colts a new set of downs at the 6-yard line."
So how did Talib describe the situation after the game?  When asked about his eye poke he said, "He acted like he got in an 18 passenger car wreck.  I guess that is what type of guy he is."  What?  What is an "18 passenger car wreck?"  I have no idea what that means.  What I do understand is that Talib blames the guy he poked in the eye for what he did to him.  Talib believes the guy he poked in the eye is a sissy because he had a physical reaction to the intense pain he was feeling.   I wonder how happy Talib would be if he got seriously poked in the eye?  Has Aqib ever been poked in the eye?  It really hurts.  It can be debilitating.  Talib has no compassion for his victim and, like all true emotionally insecure men, blames the victim of his actions for his actions. 
Talib makes millions of dollars a year.  Talib is adored by hundreds of thousands of fans.  Talib plays a kid's game for a living.  Talib believes that it is perfectly alright to assault another player on the field of play if it is near the end of the game and he is frustrated by the fact that he is being beaten by a team that is playing better than his team is.  In other words, Talib believes it is just dandy to be a jerk, a bully, a cry-baby and a sissy.
Talib asks me if I have ever played football.  Let me answer that question for him.  No, like Howard Cosell, I never played the game.  But let me ask Talib a couple of questions.  Talib, have you ever had to go out and get a cleaning contract in order to make enough money to pay your mortgage?  Have you ever had a customer cut you off for no reason and refuse to pay his bill?  Have you ever been laughed at by the employees working in your customer's building when you had to clean up three floors of human feces that had overflowed from a toilet and run down the walls?  Have you ever been sued because one of your employees showed up to work drunk and assaulted one of your customers?  Have you ever been treated like an ignorant, stupid sub-human because you make a living cleaning up other people's messes?  Lastly, have you ever known what it is like to be Welsh?  I didn't think so Mr. Talib.  So before you go getting all righteous on me because I don't know what it is like to lose a football game, maybe you should consider what life is like for the rest of us who live in the real world.  You are so far detached you have no clue.  I don't have the luxury of throwing a juvenile hissy-fit when things don't go my way.  That only makes things worse for me and my employees.  But you are a majestic professional football player.  You can do anything you want.

Update:  June 6, 2016

Hot off the presses I read today that Talib, a role model and paragon of virtue, managed to get himself shot in the leg while involved in a drunken brawl in a Dallas strip club over the weekend.  He told the cops that he does not know who shot him or where he was when he managed to get himself shot because he was too drunk to remember.  The only good thing about the shooting is that it prevented Talib from joining the rest of his teammates as they were summoned to appear before King Obama today. Now that I think about it, maybe Talib is not as dumb as I think. 

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