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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All* The GOP Candidates Are Liars

*The one possible exception to this rule is Rand Paul who, as far as I am aware, does not believe any of the lies described below.

I watched the GOP panel discussion hosted by Fox Business News last night because I was interested in the economic understanding of the candidates for the next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The fellows, and one lady, who are running for that office know enough about the intellectual sensibilities of most of the citizens of this envy-plagued country to make sure that they parrot the socialist line as they quibbled with one another last night. I then turned to Fox News and MSNBC for their respective takes on what had happened during the panel discussion.  It is always fun to see how each company's political presuppositions blinds it to what actually took place.  A "winner" always has to be declared and, inevitably, the winner will be the one who most closely described the political views promoted by each television station.
After watching the candidates pontificate and bloviate I believe it is fair to say they are all pathological liars.  I can't believe that these men and women are stupid enough to believe the things they say so I am driven to the conclusion that they repeat pet lies in order to pander to the electorate in what will be vain attempts, for most of them, to get elected.  What follows is an unscientific sample of the lies I heard on display during the panel discussion last night:
  • Amerika is exceptional.  All of the candidates presuppose this to be true.  It is important to know what the content of the religious belief of Amerikan Exceptionalism is.  Simply put, Amerikan Exceptionalism believes that everything done by career politicians in Amerika is morally good and proper simply because they did it.  If the exact same thing is done by the career politicians in a sovereign nation that bows down to worship the SDA it is considered to be morally neutral.  If the exact same thing is done by a sovereign nation that does not bow down and worship the SDA it is considered to be morally evil.  The determinant of morality is not some objective moral standard.  Rather, it is who performs a particular deed.  When SDA career politicians do something it is always good, no matter how many people might die, no matter how much money might be stolen, no matter how much "collateral damage" might take place, the action is always good, right and proper.  
  • Amerika protects the citizens and various geo-political entities of the world from evil people who would harm them in Amerika's absence.  Increasingly the evil people in the world are Putin and Xi Jinping.  Ignored in this cavalcade of propaganda is the inconvenient truth that Amerikan military forces, under the command of SDA career politicians and Kings, "have invaded or fought in eighty-four out of 194 countries and have had some form of military involvement with a spectacular 191 out of 194.”   Go here for information about the book I just quoted.  The authors conclusively prove that Amerikan military forces have had some sort of negative impact upon 191 of the 194 sovereign nations in the world.  But the doctrine of Amerikan Exceptionalism informs our GOP candidates that all of that contact was for the best, always bringing about a better state of affairs than prior to the SDA invasions.
  • To quote the favorite of Fox News, Marco Rubio, "the world is a safer and better place when Amerika is the strongest military power in the world."  Ted Cruz, another favorite of the warfare statist group, said, "you think defending this nation is expensive?  Try not defending it."  I think you get the point.  The military is God and all good things come to us because of their activities around the world.  I wonder how many of the citizens of the world would agree with Rubio's claim that the world is a better place because the SDA military has been involved in 191 of its 194 sovereign nations?  Do you think the Ukrainians believe that? Do the Libyans believe that? Do the Egyptians believe that?  Do the Iraqis believe that?  Do the Pakistanis believe that?  Do Ecuadorians, Panamanians, Venezuelans and Hondurans believe that?   Cruz's assertion that the enormously bloated military budget necessary to sustain the perpetual imperialistic wars of the Amerikan empire are necessary for our "defense" is ridiculous.  This country could be defended on a budget one tenth the size of the present budget and no other sovereign nation in the world would dare to attack us.  The military is not expensive because it defends our freedom, lives and property.  The military is expensive because it is expanding the empire.  Praise the Beast, from whom all blessings flow.
  • Kings create jobs, if you believe the current crop of candidates for the Kingship.  The panel discussion was ostensibly about economic issues, although that was often hard to tell as the topics were constantly morphing as each participant sought an opportunity to express his carefully rehearsed sound bite.  All of the candidates for King agreed that the King has the god-like power to create jobs.  They also all agreed that the current King, for some reason nobody can understand, has made the conscious decision to use his power to destroy the economy rather than to create the millions of new jobs he also has the ability to summon into existence.  Let us get this straight right politicians cannot create jobs.  No matter how hard they try and no matter what they do they are utterly incapable of creating a single net job.  Furthermore, the activities of all career politicians guarantee that the total number of net jobs in this envy-filled country will always be less than what could be there if the politicians simply did nothing.  
  • As a corollary to the above doctrine, Kings are able to create economic growth.  Each candidate touts how economic growth occurred at a particular rate while he happened to be sitting in some political position somewhere.  The current King is held responsible for the current rate of economic growth, as if he actually has the ability to make it rise but is unwilling to do so because he hates people.  If Kings really have the ability to create economic growth, why not promise 25%/year growth rates to the dullards who make up the voting public of this economically ignorant land?  If history is any guide, nobody will ever hold a career politician to his promises and even if he is somehow magically able to fulfill them all of the other candidates will say that he failed to fulfill his promises in the next election cycle anyway.  The cycle of lies never stops.
  • Kings and their Courts can manage the economy.  This is perhaps the biggest lie of all.  The economy is nothing more than the combined activities of 330 million people as they go about their daily lives.  Participants in the market process are responsible for all things economic.  They set the interest rate.  They determine the total number of industrial and commercial loans.  They determine where capital will be allocated.  Consumers determine what will be sold, what it will cost and when it is time for something new to be produced.  All new goods and services that are produced are produced by profit seeking businesses in the pursuit of those profits derived from consumers making purchases.  Everything you see that exists in this sad country is the direct result of a profit seeking business doing something in pursuit of those profits.  Government does nothing economically positive.  Government can do nothing but harm when it comes to the economy.  And government agents, especially Kings, are notorious for the tremendous harm they do to the economy.  
An honest career politician (Paul?), who would never make it as a career politician because he does not pander to the envy of the socialist electorate in this greedy land, would admit that there is no such thing as the SDA King.  He would admit that what we should have in this country is a President.  What does the President do?  According to the Constitution of the Untied States, a document sworn to be upheld but universally ignored by all career politicians, the President does very little.  According to the Constitution he does not create jobs, he does not create economic growth, he does not declare war, he does not prosecute wars of imperial expansion and he is not a god.  But that is not what the majority of the citizens of this land want.  The majority of the citizens of this land want a god-King, and that is precisely what they will get, good and hard.

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