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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Two Examples Of Salvation By Government

The fact that most of the idolatrous people who populate this sinful country actively engage in State worship is a common theme in this blog.  People who worship the government are easy to recognize.  Whenever they perceive a problem to exist, and when there is usually no problem in the real world, they faithfully turn to political action first in order to solve the phantom problem.  Current examples of this type of worship are found in the alleged problems of the glass ceiling and income inequality.  But State worship involves much more than frenetic worshipful activity around the most popular big ticket issues.  It is a way of thinking that dominates all of life and sees the government as the source of all good.  It attributes to the government the ability to do things that only God Himself can do, if He wanted to.  Two examples of this sort of worship came across my desk yesterday and I would like to share them with you here today.
Colorado career politicians passed a law, Senate Bill 10-042, "based on the finding that exploitation of at-risk adults is an area of significant concern," according to a letter I received from a local banking institution.  Apparently the career politicians who rule over me in this state decided that certain people are not able to handle their financial affairs properly.  In particular, some people were being robbed by charlatans and other unscrupulous types.  Even more particular, the class of people that sometimes experiences this act of theft consists of folks over age 60.  So, since some people over age 60 occasionally had their financial resources stolen it was determined that a law needed to be created to help those folks who are now classified as being "at risk," whatever that means.
The "at risk" moniker is an interesting one.  There are several presuppositions behind it that serve as a perfect illustration of how government is worshiped in this idolatrous land.  Life is filled with risk.  Indeed, risk is an integral part of life and impossible, no matter how hard one might try, to eliminate.  I am faced with thousands of potential risks at every moment of every day.  Right now my aorta could explode.  Right now an asteroid could tear through my roof and crush me.  Right now I could fall out of my chair and break my hip.  Right now I could do something really stupid that would end up costing me money.  Why just this afternoon I dropped a bottle of wine in the parking lot of the liquor store as I was engaging in the amazingly simple act of getting into my car.  I guess I was at risk for dropping a bottle of wine.  Where were my government protectors when that happened?  Why is there no law mandating break-proof bottles for wine when the wine is being purchased by someone at risk of dropping them?  I think you get the point.
Government, and our elitist anointed rulers, believe that they can eliminate risks that cannot be eliminated.  Further, they believe that the mere creation of a new law will accomplish their goal of eliminating the risk and making us all safe.  Those who worship government can be identified by the fact they believe the government's lies.  The Colorado law mentioned above is a perfect example of this mindset.  The law allows bank customers to sign a form that is then given to the bank that allows all sorts of government agents free and unfettered access to the person's bank records, without probable cause that a crime has been committed and without notification of the account holder.  Ostensibly this is being done because the government is here to protect them from their own stupidity but it does not take a genius to realize that signing a paper to voluntarily relinquish my 4th Amendment rights to security in my papers and possessions is not a good idea.  But in this country filled with worshipers of civil government, it seems like a right splendid idea.  I wonder how many worshipers have signed up?
Astute readers will recognize that the federal authorities have had the right to invade our bank accounts for years.  The Bank Secrecy Act and the activities of the IRS have long ago pierced the shield allegedly provided by the 4th Amendment.  This new law in Colorado allows state, county and city authorities do do the same thing.  We can now worship anywhere in the country!
My second example of salvation by government is provided by US Representative Diana DeGette.  For those of you who do not know, Diana represents Denver in the SDA House.  Just think Nancy Pelosi of the Rocky Mountains and you will know all you need to know about Diana.  She wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post today in which she expressed her dismay at the fact that the newspaper did not endorse her "Tobacco to 21 Act" on the grounds that regulation of tobacco products should be done at the state, and not the federal, level.  Diana compares tobacco to alcohol and declares, "tobacco regulation is much more straightforward, with the FDA being the principal entity to address the public health problems that tobacco brings.  In the case of tobacco, where federal involvement is well established, leaving an important public health policy to the states makes no sense when a more direct approach is readily available with my federal bill."
Diana makes an interesting argument, if one can call it that.  She writes glowingly of how "federal policymakers threatened to cut off highway funds for states unless they raised the legal drinking age to 21, and over several years, this policy took effect nationally."  Apparently the deities like to fight among themselves for supreme authority.  As a member of the federal pantheon, Diana wants the lesser deities to toe the line and bow down to her.  She exults in the fact that she has the power to force the lesser deities to do what she wants them to, all in the name of the public good of course.  Diana's threat to cut off federal funding to states that do not conform to her new tobacco law is a perfect example of why the founding fathers of this country argued that the federal government had no power except that which had been delegated to it in the Constitution.  Since we live in a post-constitutional society, that safeguard no longer exists.
Most important to me is the way Diana concluded her letter.  She wrote, "If we act, we can prevent hundreds of thousands of unnecessary and premature deaths."  I don't know who the "we" she refers to happens to be.  Do you?  I know she has not consulted me about this proposed new law.  I also know she has not consulted with anyone that I know about her proposed new bill.  I wonder who makes up the "we" she writes about?  Regardless, if the saviors of the universe who make up the "we" decide to "act" the rest of us can be assured that hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved.
Read her concluding sentence again.  Diana really and truly believes that the mere writing of a new law giving the federal government the right to "regulate" tobacco use in this sad land will bring about a state of affairs in which hundreds of thousands of people who would have been dead will now be alive.  She really and truly believes that a piece of paper with words on it will save an enormous number of human lives.  She really and truly believes that the federal government has the ability to save lives.  Sadly, millions of the citizens of this land share her religious beliefs.   Sheeple, what is that if not adoration and worship?  Praised be the federal government, from whom all blessings flow.  Praised be given to the government from those of us who are down here below.  Praise the federal government above all the heavenly host.  Praise federal, state and local government for ever and ever, amen.

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