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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Second Wave Advances: Transvestites On The March

Now that homosexuality is approved and endorsed as a moral behavior by 63% of the citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika (according to a Gallup poll taken this year), it is time for the advocates of perversion to move on to the second phase of their attack upon biblical truth.  We all know what happens the moment a cause or doctrine achieves that magical 51% approval rate.  Once a majority is attained the laws in regards to morality and political privileges are changed and new laws, enforcing the new morality and political privileges are put into place.  In addition to the new laws establishing the moral and legal propriety of the new doctrines and practices there is also a new intolerance established towards the old doctrines and practices.  Eventually, in the SDA, the Supreme Court of Jokers weighs in on the matter and declares a winner.  In the most recent conflict a winner was declared and the homosexuals won, thus moving the SDA into what is likely to be a permanent, and terminal, status as a post-Christian society.
Those who were advancing the cause of God-hating homosexuals are not content to stop there however.  There is never time to rest on their laurels and congratulate themselves for what they have accomplished.  Hatred for the God of the Bible and the associated hatred for His moral law does not allow a God-hater to sit back and rest.  All vestiges of the offensive biblical doctrines and practices must be eliminated before victory may be proclaimed.  As I wrote previously in my blog, the advocates for homosexuality as normative must move on to another perversion or they will become politically and culturally irrelevant.  I am here to tell you today that the second wave in the attack has been launched.
The Denver Post, which did a series of front page articles in the Sunday issues a couple of years ago advocating for homosexuality as morally proper, has recently embarked upon another series of articles which are also splashed on the front page of the Sunday paper.  Last Sunday I was treated to an article entitled, "A Genuine Life, Transgender in Colorado."  The story featured Pat, now Patricia, King.  Pat is a heavily muscled and tattooed man who wants to be recognized as a woman.  As is always the case with the articles in the Post, the article is accompanied by a series of photographs designed to break down the natural revulsion morally sensitive people have when they witness sexual perversion.  In this case the photograph on the front page featured Pat wearing a sexy nightgown and doing some ironing in his barracks at Ft. Carson.  Prominently featured are his huge biceps and tattoos.  The photograph carried the caption, "A Fort Carson soldier struggles to be true to herself amid strict military codes about dress and bunking."  The story begins by telling me about the emotional distress Pat feels because he sounds like a man.  It says, "Her voice.  She hates the sound of it, low and deep like a man's.  It keeps Staff Sgt. Patricia King up at night.  Especially when the next dawn means she will have to lead soldiers on a 4 mile training run, when she will have to 'call cadence' while jogging in formation."  The author of the story, Jennifer Brown, goes on to tell me that Pat desperately wants to have a surgery that will modify his vocal chords to make him sound like Tiny Tim.  If you do not know who Tiny  Tim is, Google his name plus "Tiptoe Through the Tulips."  The surgery costs $10,000 and Pat wants the military to pay for it.  After all, all he really wants is to lead a "genuine life," whatever that means.  Of course, like all socialists, Pat wants the taxpayers to pay the bill for his genuineness. 
If I have feelings of sexual attraction for 10 year old boys, should I be permitted to live a genuine life?  If I have feelings of sexual attraction exclusively for married women, should I be permitted to live a genuine life?  If I have feelings of sexual attraction for the sheep in my neighbor's back yard, should I be permitted to live a genuine life?  If I have feelings of sexual attraction for the oak tree in my yard, should I be permitted to live a genuine life?  I believe we all recognize that when living a life consistent with my immoral inclinations comes into contact with society it is the job of the rulers in our immoral land to suppress those behaviors.  Previously it was understood that homosexuality was a behavior of that sort.  Until today it was understood that transvestism was also a behavior of that sort.  In order for those who desire to have sex with anything that moves, and many things that do not, to get their way, it is necessary to break down the next moral barrier that stands in their way.  The new barrier that must be breached is social opposition to transvestism.
The first casualty in any war is truth.  According to the newspaper article there are 16,000 trannies in the military right now.  Since the number of people currently serving in the military numbers 1.4 million, that means 1.1% of the people currently in the military are trannies.  Those who want trannies to be recognized as moral paragons also claim that 4.7% of the people in the military are homosexuals, bringing the total number of sexual perverts in the military to 5.8%.  How accurate are those numbers, you might ask?
According to the Gallup organization, 1.8% of the population identifies as homosexual and 0.6% of the total population of the SDA identifies as a tranny.  The question must be asked....are trannies drawn to military service or are the people feeding us the numbers deliberately misleading us on the percentage of people who are trannies in order to make it appear as if there are more of them than there really are?  I would guess the latter is the case.
In order to begin to break down the Christian moral barriers to transvestism it is necessary for its proponents to exaggerate the number of people who practice the perversion.  The propaganda war has begun.  Don't underestimate the importance and significance of this propaganda war.  The homosexuals were extremely successful at convincing the citizens of this immoral land that they exist in far greater numbers than they really do.  According to the same Gallup poll I mentioned above, the citizens of this country believe that 23% of us are homosexual when, in reality, that number is less than 2%.  Now how do you think most Amerikans got to that position which is so disjointed from reality?  Propaganda like that delivered on a regular basis by the Denver Post is highly successful at accomplishing its goals.  I expect the same degree of success for the marching trannies.  Get ready, the trannies are on the move and they will not be stopped until the Supreme Court of Jokers gives them most preferred status, just like their homosexual cousins recently were granted. 

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