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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Fatal Flaw In Gun Control/Mental Health Legislation

I opened my Denver Post this morning to read at the top of the front page that the Denver Broncos won in overtime yesterday.  Good for them.  I also read another story, that was below the crease on the front page, about proposed gun control and mental health legislation.  Both stories had the same theme and both stories had the same solution to a problem that does not exist.  Let me tell you about them today.
Just like King George II managed to exploit the opportunity afforded him when the Twin Towers were brought down, thus allowing him to wage imperialistic wars around the globe, so King Obama and his democratic court want to exploit the most recent mass shootings in order to advance their war of tyrannical control over the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  It matters not if a career politician calls himself a Republican or a Democrat as they all share one thing in common.  They all despise freedom with a passion and they dedicate their lives to waging wars and making laws to take away what little freedom we still have.  The recent wedding of proposed new gun control and mental health laws is a case in point.
The AP article on gun control, written by Kathleen Hennessey, said, "After 15 years of a virtual gag order on guns in presidential politics, Democrats are talking again.  President Barack Obama is considering more executive action on gun control....At the Democrats' first debate in the presidential season, candidates jockeyed for bragging rights over who had the lowest rating from the National Rifle Association."  I must admit that it comes as news to me that we have heard essentially no calls for additional gun control laws over the past 15 years.  I guess I live in a different world than Kathleen does.  But I will grant her point as I often suffer from the mental illness known as detachment from the world syndrome (DFTWS) and have no idea what is truly going on around me.  Kathleen informed me that "the absence of gun legislation passed by Congress has spurred a steady call for action from the Democratic base."  The article went on to show that a recent poll of the citizens of the SDA by Pew Research now reveals that a majority (52%) of those polled believe guns laws should be more restrictive.
We all know what happens when a majority forms in the political universe.  A majority formed years ago that now forces the top 49% of the income population to pay all federal taxes and fund the entire federal government.  A majority just formed recently that has granted homosexuals most privileged status in the eyes of the federal government, thus relegating Christians to second-tier status.  And now a majority has formed which believes that gun owners need to have their constitutional freedom to own, posses and shoot guns restricted.  Once a majority forms the rights of the minority are about to be taken away.
Closely tied to the push for more gun control laws is the push for more laws declaring more and more SDA citizens to be mentally ill, thus allowing for involuntary incarcerations at "mental health hospitals," also known as prisons. (If you can figure out a way to put more "mores" in that last sentence, let me know.) A sister article, written by Lena Sun of the Washington Post, declared that, "Months of deadly mass shootings are pushing mental health legislation forward in Congress, with advocates and lawmakers describing a momentum for change they have not seen for nearly a decade."  The problem is the rate of "mass shootings" in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has not been on the increase.  Go here, here and here for the proof.  The current push for more gun control laws and additional laws declaring more people to be mentally ill has nothing to do with what is going on in the real world and everything to do with the fact that the majority now believe there is a problem.  Watch out!  Change is coming and it will not be for the better.
Lena informed me that "two bills are lawmakers prime focus as they return to Washington on Tuesday.  Each bill would remove barriers for Medicaid funding of mental health treatment...none of it would come cheaply...neither measure has a price tag attached or any suggestion of how it would be afforded."  Let me suggest that these two new laws about our mental health be paid for by taxing the rich, whoever they are.  We all know they are not paying their fair share anyway.
There is a fatal flaw in the reasoning revolving around both the gun control and mental health proposed legislation.  Do you see it?  The great majority of the citizens of the SDA are blind to this logical flaw.  Their blindness is a direct result of their religion.  Religion, we all must admit, makes people incapable of seeing the truth.  In this case the religion of government worship makes it impossible for those who practice it (almost everyone in this idolatrous country) to see the rather obvious and simple truth that making laws does not change human behavior.  It is now against the law in Colorado to text and drive at the same time and yet total deaths on Colorado roads is going to be a new record this year, primarily because of how many people end up killing others as a result of the fact that they are texting while they drive.  Why didn't the new law make them stop?  Making another law about guns will not stop people from shooting other people with guns any more than the law against texting while driving has made drivers stop texting.  Making a new law about mental health will not make people mentally healthy, whatever that means.  Laws simply do not change human nature and yet everyone who worships the State believes that the mere passage of a law solves a problem involving human nature.   These devotees of state worship really and truly believe that the mere passage of a law by a legislature solves the problem that motivated it.   It has never proven to be true and yet all state worshipers continue to believe it.
I would like to propose a simple test.  The point of my test is to neither prove nor disprove the current arguments about gun control or mental illness programs.  The point of my test is to either prove or disprove the ability of the government to do anything about those two issues/problems.  I propose a full and total ban on all guns for a twenty year period.  Anyone caught with a gun in public would be imprisoned until that twenty year period ended.  At the same time I propose that an enormous bureaucracy be created, at the federal level, that has the authority to declare any person it wishes to be mentally ill.  Once declared mentally ill that person would be held in a mental health hospital (prison with a softer bed) until the twenty year period is over.  The new bureau should be paid for by a dramatic increase in taxes on the rich, thus also solving a third problem that I have not mentioned....income inequality.  Once these two programs are in place let us just sit back and watch the utopia unfold in front of us.  I am giving the advocates of gun control and mental health incarceration expansion a free pass to do whatever they want for twenty years.  If they are right we should come close to a state of heaven on earth in the SDA as the years progress.  If they are wrong, things will stay as bad as they are today, or perhaps get worse.  But at least by the end of the twenty year period we will know if government is really and truly a god.  I am betting against government by the way.  I am also betting that at the end of that twenty year time frame, when things end up being worse than when we started,  those who worship the state will clamor for more laws and a longer time period.  That is the nature of religious worship of a false god. 

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