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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Enemies Of The Democratic Candidates For King/Queen

The Democratic debates were on the television the other night.  I hesitate to call them debates because they do not even come close to following the proper format for a formal debate.  Instead they are a series of carefully orchestrated questions designed to make the candidates look good as they pander to their various envy-filled constituencies.  They are basically a waste of time and I chose to spend my evening sitting outside sipping a very fine glass of Cabernet instead.  As usual the wine was provided by a generous benefactor who took pity upon me when he saw me swilling down $7 bottles of cheap red wine.  I was most grateful.
I got up the next morning and opened my morning paper to find a full report about the non-event known as the Democratic candidates debate when something caught my eye.  There, on the second page of the paper, was a list of things discussed by the candidates.  One item from the list stuck out.  It was entitled "My Favorite Enemy" and it recorded the answers of the candidates to the question, "Who is your favorite enemy?"  The answers to that simple and unusual question tell a whole lot more about the character and nature of the candidates than anything else that took place that carefully controlled night.  Let me tell you about some of the answers.
Everyone knows that Hillary will be crowned the next Queen.  It is inevitable.  It is also good.  A federal government split between a Democratic monarchy and a Republican law making machine virtually guarantees gridlock and gridlock, in case you are unaware, is the best possible condition for a government that has run wildly out of control.  Despite the fact that we could crown Hillary today and skip all of the theater associated with the upcoming elections we decide to pretend that we do not really know who is going to win.  To fill out the stage with Hillary the Democrats put up the communist Bernie Sanders and three other guys I had never heard of before.  Each candidate was given the opportunity to tell the audience who his number one enemy is.
A fellow by the name of Lincoln Chafee declared "the coal lobby" to be his number one enemy.  I suspect it is fair to assume that Lincoln is not from Kentucky.  Not knowing a single thing about him or why he answered the question that way I will take a crazy stab in the dark and say that Lincoln was pandering to the Greenies when he said the coal lobby was his biggest enemy.  The coal lobby does not buy the government line that government subsidized renewable energy sources are the wave of the future.  The coal lobby has this incredibly sensible idea that abundant supplies of clean coal can provide energy for the Socialist Democracy of Amerika for years to come more cheaply and without government, read taxpayer, financed subsidies.  Democrats being what they are, Lincoln staunchly described himself as an opponent of common sense, cheap energy and allowing you to keep the money you earn.  Good for him.
Another fellow by the name of Webb said that his number one enemy was "the enemy soldier who wounded me."  Wow! That is precisely the McCain-like answer I would expect from a Republican. What was Webb doing up on stage with all of those welfare-statists when he should have been on stage with the warfare-statist Republicans?  I doubt that his answer played very well to the crowd.  His answer was nothing more than a seemingly transparent attempt to cook up some sort of sympathy for him as a war hero and defender of the SDA.  Democrats don't care about that sort of thing and neither do I so I will not write anything else about Webb.
A person whom I am pretty sure is not Welsh by the name of O'Malley declared the NRA to be his number one enemy.  I find that to be an amazing answer.  The NRA exists to promote and defend the 2nd Amendment right of every citizen in this geo-political zone to own, posses and use a gun.  Certainly O'Malley is smart enough to know that if he would somehow be able to win the election and become the next King of the SDA he would be required to swear an oath before God to uphold and defend the Constitution of the SDA, including the right of every citizen in this geo-political zone to own, possess and use a gun.  That being the case, why would he pronounce himself to be an enemy of the very Constitution he knows he must swear an oath to uphold?  The answer to that question is really quite simple.  The SDA is a post-Constitutional country.  The ancient document that was used to establish the United States of America is an interesting historical document but has nothing to do with the present day governance of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The SDA is governed by various majorities of citizens who elect career politicians to do their envy-filled bidding.  The document known as the Constitution is a serious hindrance to the way things are done today so it must be ignored.  Still, just like those crazed Brits pretend to have a Queen, we pretend to care about what the Constitution says.  It is really nothing more than theater and everyone knows it but it makes those who are politically active feel good about themselves and that is all, in the final analysis, that really matters.
Bernie Sanders, true to form, declared two number one enemies. The first was "Wall Street" and the second was"pharmaceutical companies."   If I were to draw a Venn diagram of his answer we would all see that one is contained within the other.  By hating the profit seeking businesses on Wall Street Bernie also necessarily hates the profit seeking pharmaceutical companies that operate there.  So I will just combine his answers together and say that Bernie hates anyone who desires to make a profit.  The fact that Bernie hates any fellow human being who desires to make a profit betrays the depths of his moral depravity.  Certainly Bernie is smart enough to know that profits are only realized when someone serves someone else.  A person or a company can only realize profits when that person or company produces goods and services and sells them to willing customers in a voluntary market for prices the customers are willing to pay.  In the free market all participants go away happy.  This is unlike the political market where only the winner goes away happy and the loser knows he is about to be abused by his former opponents with a bevy of new laws, rules and regulations designed to suppress his political power and destroy his wealth.  Bernie hates the free market and loves the coercive hegemonic market of career politicians.  Isn't politics grand?
Future Queen Hillary's answers, yes answers, to the question were most revealing.  People have written about how Hillary keeps a long list of her enemies.  Although she publicly denies it when accused of keeping the list, she publicly confessed that it was true when she answered the question about who her number one enemy was.  Unlike the other candidates she could not keep her answer to one person or group.  No, Hillary listed five different groups as her number one enemy.  Her list included, "the NRA, health insurance companies, drug companies, Iranians and Republicans."  Now that is a fascinating list of enemies.
Like O'Malley, Hillary hates the Constitution and declares anyone who supports it to be her personal enemy.  She would abolish all guns for all time, except for people employed by the government who are anointed with the right to carry and use guns because they are protecting us from the bad guys, whoever they may be.  In making that pronouncement it never occurs to her that many of the bad guys are within her own ranks.  Like Bernie she also hates drug companies.  Why does she hate them so?  Is it because they have spent billions of dollars of their own money creating new and innovate drugs that have allowed millions of Amerikans to live longer and healthier lives?  Of course not.  Hillary hates drug companies because they make profits and all communists hate profits with a passion.  But Hillary goes farther than Bernie.  She hates other things as well.
Hillary hates health insurance companies because they make a profit as well.  She believes that corporations should use their own money to serve others and receive nothing in return.  Where that money will come from is never described.  Maybe they could open an account at the Fed and obtain unlimited access to endless funds, like Hillary and other career politicians do when they have to pay for something.  Or maybe they could adopt the coercive power of taxation and simply steal if from people like the government does.  I suspect Hillary would approve of a corporation raising funds by counterfeiting and stealing but she adamantly opposes a company raising funds via profits on goods sold.  That is immoral.
Hillary is very smart.  She wants to win the vote of as many moderate Republicans (really just Democrats in the final analysis) so she professes her hatred for Iran as a means to get those votes.  I find it interesting that she did not say Russia or Putin.  I suspect that is because she knows that the SDA has no intention of invading Russia.  On the other hand, Iran is a convenient whipping post.  Maybe she sees herself invading Iran, like King George II invaded Iraq, and then standing on an aircraft carrier and pronouncing that her mission was accomplished.  On the same level as her contempt for Iranians is her contempt for her fellow SDA citizens known as Republicans.  That really tells me all I need to know about future Queen Hillary.  She basically hates anyone who does not agree with her and and who refuses to do what she says at all times.  That means Hillary is a despot.  Get ready for her.  She is coming in 2017.

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