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Monday, October 12, 2015

Bernie Visits Boulder

The Democratic candidate for next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika known as Bernie Sanders visited Boulder this past weekend.  I have posted to this blog previously and shown that Bernie is no more a Democrat than I am a Republican.  Bernie is a full-fledged communist.  He wants government to forcibly redistribute wealth to select groups of privileged people.  He hates all profit-seeking enterprises and would make a law requiring companies to make profits only to have those profits stolen from them and given to his cronies (can anyone say Atlas Shrugged?).  This message of hatred for profit-seeking businesses and the glorification of communism resonates with the people, whoever they are.  Actually I know who they are.  The people who love Bernie hate freedom and love, adore and worship government.  Let me tell you a bit about it.
The Denver Post reported that, "Before an estimated crowd of 9,000...Bernie Sanders delivered his wildly popular manifesto (interesting choice of words, isn't it?  MW) to an audience that loved every word of it....Some in the crowd seemed to mouth his punchlines with him, like concertgoers giddy at the chance to hear a favorite song in person.... Many spectators, decked out in pins and stickers, began lining up five hours before the speech.  Throughout the queue, which wound thousands deep within about 90 minutes, many die-hard fans spoke of their hopes for a candidate whose potential is boundless.   'I want to be able to look back on this day and say that I was in the front seat for Bernie,' said Jennifer Deschner. 'You are so close to his presence, so close to this magnificent human being that has a chance to change everything about our lives.'"  I wonder, didn't the people say the same thing about Stalin and Mao?   Didn't something very similar just take place in North Korea over the weekend?
The abject worship that took place during Bernie's rally is indicative of the state of government worship that exists in this idolatrous land today.  As a post-Christian society the religious members, and everyone is religious, of our geo-political zone have to worship something, or somebody.  Bernie is the most recent person to become deified.  Why has Bernie been given this horrible status as the next god-King of the SDA?  Because he preaches an uncompromising message of envy and state enforced redistribution of wealth.  What sinful soul can resist that message, especially when the sinful soul sees itself on the receiving end of the distribution of the largess?  Jennifer's comment is really nothing more than adoration of a man.  That sort of adoration should be given to God alone.  For the biblically astute, remember King Herod and his adoration by the masses.  But as Bob Dylan told us, everybody has to worship someone and the citizens of the SDA worship the career politicians who rule over us, or want to rule over us.
To be fair, Bernie has a couple of good ideas.  He believes that it is morally wrong for business to get in bed with government and create a competition stifling monopoly.  Good for him.  He also believes that the military of the SDA should defend the SDA and leave the rest of the world alone.  Double good for him.  Besides those two issues however, Bernie does not have much of value to say.  So what socialist doctrines did he preach during his sermon in Boulder?  Here are a few:
  • Bernie wants free public universities.  By "public" he means taxpayer financed.  By taxpayer financed he means paid for by the top 49% of the income population that cannot protect itself by means of a majority vote.  By "free" he means paid for by the top 49% of the income population.  Just like every communist who has come before him, Bernie wants to take the money of the politically unprotected minority of citizens who are wealthy and use it to fund educational boondoggles for the majority of citizens that remain.  What would be taught in these free public universities?  Well the glories of communism, socialism and worship of the state, of course!
  • A new federal program designed to create millions of new jobs.  I am not making this stuff up.  Bernie really believes he can channel the ghost of FDR and return the SDA to the inglorious days of the New Deal.  Bernie believes that jobs can be created by government.  For him and his followers it is all so simple.  All he has to do is take money from the rich.  Once he has a nice stockpile of money he can create a job for people digging holes or moving a pile of rocks from one place to another.  He then "pays" those people for their "work."  All of this government activity will, of course, drive enormous rates of economic growth that will lift the poor and impoverished in the lower 51% into the top 49%, where they can then expect to be soaked.  All of this reminds me of the old Russian saying about a government job in communist Russia...."We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."  What a glorious thing it would be to have a socioeconomic system like the old Russian empire.  Quick, someone get a tissue for Jennifer.  I think she is starting to cry.
  • Bernie's favorite topic, and the one that gets the greatest popular response, is his belief that income inequality is a "grotesque" condition that must be fixed by government action.  Bernie is always a bit sparse on details when it comes to describing precisely how he will fix this grotesque problem.  A progressive income tax on the rich, whoever they are, plus higher corporate taxes are always a part of his scheme.  But he never explains how he will overcome the fact that higher rates of taxation bring about a reduced rate of economic growth, thus making it impossible for those noble poor people to catch up with those evil rich people on the income scale.  Even worse, Bernie, to my knowledge, has never addressed the far greater problem of net worth inequality.  Income inequality is one thing but net worth inequality is a far greater social evil.  People may differ by a million dollars or so in annual income but net worth variations can be as high as hundreds of billions of dollars between the noble poor and the evil rich.  Bernie is going to have to propose a straightforward program of government sponsored theft.  Anyone with a net worth above a certain level will find all of their wealth above that level confiscated and given to Bernie's cronies, less 20% for government handling.  Now we are talking real communism.
The newspaper article identified Bruce Floyd, of Denver, as an attendee of the worship service who also happens to be some sort of racial minority.  I don't think he is Welsh since, in true tyrannical form, the Welsh are never recognized as a minority by anyone.   The article said that it was ironic that Bruce found it hard to warm up to Bernie's message because Bernie is "an old white man,"  despite the fact Bernie was proposing income redistribution programs that all black people would quite naturally celebrate.  Bruce said he had difficulty "connecting" to the old white man because, "Being born to a black dad and Hispanic mom, there has been this sort of disconnect...its sometimes hard for people to connect with someone who might not understand their plight."  Wow!  Being born to a black dad and Hispanic mom is now a mental illness known as "plight," whatever that is.  Could you imagine an old white man making a statement like that about a black candidate for King?  And they say that Amerika is no longer a racist country.
After watching the early returns I am rooting for a Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders election for our next King.  I think that would be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, although it would not be as intelligent or dignified.

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