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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"We" Need More Money For Abortions

Last Sunday's Denver Post ran one of those point-counterpoint columns that are so popular these days.  The question at hand was, "Should we defund Planned Parenthood?"  You probably know where the question came from.  Recent stories about mucky-mucks at PP selling body parts of aborted infants has garnered a lot of negative press.  I don't see what all the fuss is about.  If a pre-born baby is just excess tissue, like adipose around my belly, then what possible difference could it make if a market develops for the tissue?  To be consistent those who believe it is morally good to murder unborn babies should proudly proclaim they have made a little extra beer money by selling waste-tissue.  I don't understand why they backpedal and attempt to justify an action that is, by their immoral standards, a God-honoring behavior.
Vicki Cowart is president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.  She wrote the response in favor of stealing money from me and using it to pay for my neighbor's daughter's abortions.  Her argument was predictable and boring, in addition to being horrible immoral on several fronts.  She wrote, "Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has proudly provided reproductive health care to women and their families for nearly a century.  Last year we served over 80,000 Coloradans, providing life saving cancer screenings, HIV and STD testing, and treatment, contraception and abortion care."  Vicki does not break down the 80,000 customers she "treated" last year into cohorts depending upon which "health services" they sought.  I wonder how many of those 80,000 customers obtained an abortion?  My guess is that a lot more customers conspired with a government approved doctor to murder their babies than the total number of those who received life saving cancer screenings.  Don't you think?
She continued by declaring that, "We are committed to ensuring Coloradans have access to the high quality, compassionate reproductive health care they deserve, no matter their income, ethnicity, sexual identity, or geography.   No matter what."  Well there you have it.  Vicki lacks even the most rudimentary logical skills.  She says that she will provide abortions for all Coloradans, no matter their geography.  What does that mean?  What if a person lives in Kansas? Will that person be given an abortion by her company?  I have no idea what Vicki means about "geography" being an issue in health care but the rest of her comment is crystal clear.  Vicki is a committed socialist who believes I have a moral duty to fund abortions.  She loves to steal my money and give it to government agents who kill babies.  Vicki believes that profligate women who get pregnant as a result of their profligacy have a moral claim on my money.
I have a question for Vicki.  Who is the "we" in the opening question?  Am I a a part of the "we"?  I don't want my money taken from me for any reason, much less to use it to kill other people.  So if the "we" includes me the answer is simple.  I should not be forced to fund the abortions of my neighbor's daughter's babies.  Vicki disagrees.  She believes that anyone born in a  particular geographic area (which she is not quite sure what that encompasses) has a moral right and entitlement to use some of my money to kill babies if they want to.  According to Vicki, because I am in the minority when it comes to the belief that abortion is immoral, I lose.  According to Vicki, because she is a part of the immoral majority that believes abortion is a God-honoring medical procedure designed to advance His Kingdom and help mankind, she has the right to suppress and ignore the rights of the minority to be safe from financial depredations and take their money anyway.  Vicki believes in both democracy and socialism.  Vicki advocates for both murder and theft.
What I have written about Vicki is not exactly true.  She declares she will force me to provide high quality, compassionate abortions to all people, but she leaves one class of person out.  She leaves out the people who are being killed.  How compassionate is the scalpel that slices and dices the baby while it is in the womb?  She is right about one thing....she will kill all babies, regardless of their income, their ethnicity, their gender, wherever they live. 

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