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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Great Silent Minority

People in the know used to speak about a concept called the "silent majority."  According to Wikipedia, the concept of a silent majority was derived as follows, " The silent majority is an unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly.The term was popularized by U.S. President Richard Nixon in a November 3, 1969, speech in which he said, 'And so tonight—to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support.' In this usage it referred to those Americans who did not join in the large demonstrations against the Vietnam War at the time, who did not join in the counterculture, and who did not participate in public discourse. Nixon along with many others saw this group of Middle Americans as being overshadowed in the media by the more vocal minority."
Whether the concept of a silent majority was ever historically accurate is a debatable point.  Today I would like to make a case for another silent caste in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I believe we have a historical situation today in which we have a silent minority.  Allow me to explain why.
The first reason we have a silent minority is the rather obvious point that we live in a pure democracy.  Under the terms of a democracy the majority always wins.  Whatever the majority wants, it gets.  Tremendous amounts of time and money are spent attempting to garner a political majority because once that majority is achieved it can be used to plunder the minority class.  The amount of money that can be transferred by means of laws created by career politicians to the politically all-powerful majority from the politically unprotected pockets of the minority is much greater than the large amounts spent to create a political majority in the first place.  That explains why political rhetoric in this envy-filled country is so heated these days.  Everyone wants to be a part of the majority in order to exploit the minority in any way possible.
Being in the majority is of very little value if there is no money associated with it.  A majority of the people in the SDA might be fans of the Colorado Rockies but there is no status or significance associated with that position.  Indeed, I believe it can be argued that being a Colorado Rockies fan is directly associated with poverty, clinical depression and an increased rate for being "at risk" for a long list of government approved mental illnesses.  It is being in the political majority that matters in this sad land.  How do I know this?  Consider one simple point.
The minority of the people in this country who make the most amount of money pay what is essentially the entire federal tax bill.  Go here for the full story.  The top 49% of the income population pays 97% of all federal expenses.  That means the majority of the population, 51%, receives a free ride on the minority.  All federal expenses are covered by a politically unprotected minority that can do nothing to stop the theft of its income.  51% of the folks living in this land want the top 49% of the income population to pay all the federal bills and because we live in a democracy that is the way it ends up being.
I have made this point many times in the past. What I have not written as I consider this immoral truth about this disgusting country is why this information is not generally known or publicized.  It is as if some powerful judge has issued a gag order on the topic of who actually pays the bills in this land and nobody is permitted to discuss it.  Where are the articles in the newspaper?  Where are the nightly news reports?  Where is 60 Minutes?  Where is the Wall Street Journal?  Why does it seem as if nobody cares?  The answer to that question is a simple one.  We live in a country with a silent minority that dutifully pays all of the federal tax bills.
According to a recent Gallup poll, found here, "Almost half of Americans, 49%, say the federal government poses 'an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens,' similar to what was found in previous surveys conducted over the last five years."  An article interpreting the poll went on to state, "Overall, Americans who agree that the government is an immediate threat tend to respond with very general complaints echoing the theme that the federal government is too big and too powerful, and that it has too many laws. They also cite nonspecific allegations that the government violates freedoms and civil liberties, and that there is too much government in people's private lives."
Well there you have it.  49%, a minority, of the citizens of the SDA believe the government is an immediate threat to their lives, freedom and property.  So what do we get more of every day?  You guessed it....we get more government.  And why do we get more government?  Because 51% of the state-worshiping citizens of this country want more government and the majority always wins.  What do you think?  Might there be a correlation between the two 49% groups described above?  Is it possible that the members of the 49% who are having significant amounts of money stolen from them by the government and given to others who agree to vote for the career politicians performing the thievery are the same 49% who believe that government is an immediate threat to their lives, freedom and property?
What surprises me is how hard it was to find out about the Gallup poll.  Did you know about it?  It was taken just two weeks ago.   I read my Denver Post from cover to cover each day and did not see an article about the poll.  I watch Fox News and MSNBC daily and I saw no reports on either station about the poll.  I listen to people talking all around me everyday and I have not heard a single conversation about the poll.  It is as if some powerful judge has issued a gag order against talking about how 49% of the citizens of this theft-prone land believe the government is their property stealing enemy.
Over the past four presidential election cycles somewhere between 43-49 percent of the potential voters in this highly politicized land made the rational decision to not vote.  There is that 49% number again.  It just seems to keep coming up.  I wonder why?  Voter turnout is even lower in midterm elections where non-participation rates range from 49 to 63 percent of potential voters.  In those elections many of  the citizens of this immoral land make the wise decision to stay home and watch their grass grow rather than go to the polls.
Did you know that barely a majority of eligible voters actually vote in presidential elections?  Did you know that in midterm elections there is almost never a majority of eligible voters going to the polls?  Unless you made a concerted effort to find those statistics you probably had no clue about the percentage of people who actually participate in the political system by voting.  If you just read the papers, watch the news and scour the internet you would probably conclude that every citizen in this God-hating country is politically active, although that opinion would be far from the truth.  I wonder why?  It almost seems as if some powerful judge has issued a gag order about the topic of how many of us actually choose to not participate in the political process.
I could go on but I don't want to wear out the four people who read this blog regularly.  I believe I have made my point.  I believe that the necessary consequence of living in a democracy is the fact that a silent minority of productive citizens are forced to pay the bills for everyone else.  Furthermore I believe those citizens distrust the government and the career politicians and bureaucrats that populate it.  Additionally I believe that the minority of folks being continually robbed and abused make no effort to protect themselves by going to the polls because they are fully aware that we live in a democracy and in a democracy the minority always loses.
Lastly, I believe that the great silent minority of which I speak is far too busy engaging in productive, profit-seeking business activities to waste time with the envy-filled political process.  The silent minority seeks to serve others, not to plunder them.  The silent minority minds its own business, not the business of others. You should seek to be a member of the silent minority.  You will be plundered, you will be abused and you will be blamed for everything that is wrong with this immoral country but you will be on the right side and that is all that really matters.  If you are in a government job, get out.  If you are seeking political office, run away.  If you believe you know what is best for others, mind your own business. 
Welcome to the great silent minority.  We are plundered.  We are verbally abused.  But most of all we are forbidden to tell our story.  The media powers, in cahoots with governmental and political powers, have rigged the system in such a way that the amazing tale of the productivity and imposed slavery of the silent minority will never be told.  And you know what?  That is OK with us.  We are not willing to sell our souls to gain the power of the majority.  We know all too well that majority power corrupts absolutely.  

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