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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

People Are Capital, Capital Is Good

Patrick Buchanan says that Europe is committing suicide because of it.  Donald Trump says it is a moral issue and that nobody should ever be permitted to do it.  Bill O'Reily believes the Socialist Democracy of Amerika should build a wall around the entire country in order to prevent it from ever happening again.  More and more the citizens of this immoral land are coming to believe that it should never be permitted to take place.  What is it?  Immigration.  Let's consider that today, shall we?
The argument used by all people who oppose immigration is a simple one.  My country has a fixed supply of wealth.  The supply of wealth that exists in my country does not grow, although it can shrink.  More people entering the country cause my share of the total wealth to go down.  Therefore no one should ever be permitted to enter my country unless I am prepared to become impoverished.  There is so much wrong with that argument it is hard to know where to start when criticizing it.
All of the debate about immigration has heightened as a direct result of the crisis of the day in Syria and other countries in the Middle East.  Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing their homelands because of the rise to power of ISIS. In recent days hoards of emigres have been descending upon eastern Europe and Germany has just announced its intention to accept 800,000 of them this year.  For the most part the refugees are not being well received.  Most countries are doing what they can to keep them out.  As Buchanan stated, "it is time to lift the drawbridge."  He apparently does not care that lifting the drawbridge might very well result in another unnecessary genocide.
One issue nobody is discussing has to do with why this is happening at all.  Why are hundreds of thousands of residents of the Middle East suddenly fleeing to Europe?  The reason this issue is not being discussed, at least in this country, is because of the answer.  Worshipers of the government, the military and soldiers in general all refuse to acknowledge the truth about what is happening in the Middle East today.  Nobody was fleeing the Middle East when Saddam Hussein was in power.  The moment King George II toppled Hussein from power a power vacuum was created in Iraq that has now been filled by ISIS.  Like him or hate him, Hussein was able to rule a disparate body of people without allowing his country to fall into sectarian violence.  The moment he was murdered by soldiers of the SDA the various warring factions in the region took up arms and a civil war ensued.  We are watching the victors, at least for the present time, of that civil war as ISIS runs roughshod throughout Iraq and Syria, killing at will and driving scores of people from their homelands.  The responsibility for the present crisis lies entirely at the foot of the SDA and its imperialistic foreign policy in regards to Iraq and Syria.  Were it not for the immoral and illegal personal invasion of Iraq by King George II we would not even be having this conversation.  But it is too late to do anything about that now.  So what are we to do today?
A brief lesson in economics would be valuable.  Free markets operate best when there are no barriers to entry of any sort.  Capital should be able to move around the world freely if the citizens of the world are to maximize their ability to create wealth. Tariffs on imports and exports should be eliminated.  Government protection for specific industries should be abolished.  Goods and services should be able to move freely around the world if we truly desire to work towards the elimination of poverty.
Completely ignored, even by those who believe what I wrote in the above paragraph, is the fact that human beings are capital.  Human beings are not an economic liability in a free society.  Human beings are what create wealth in this world.  The more human beings a country has living within its arbitrary geo-political boundaries, the more wealth it is capable of creating.  It quite necessarily follows that allowing unlimited immigration into a country is one of the most powerful incentives for economic growth a country can undertake.  So why are most folks so opposed to this set of circumstances?
Besides the fact that most people are woefully ignorant of economics there remains the fact that there are no free societies in the world today.  To various degrees all political economies found in the world today are socialistic.  Under the terms of socialism it is ignorantly and stupidly believed that government creates wealth.  It is also believed that whatever the current level of wealth happens to be in a country is the maximum it will ever be.  The goal of a citizen of a country is no longer to be productive and create wealth but it has been transformed into each person seeking to endear himself to some career politician in order to get wealth transfer payments in exchange for his vote. Human beings are now seen as liabilities and the more of them who are permitted to enter the country the less each of us living here already will have.  Hence the call for a total ban on all migration around the world.
The Socialist Democracy of Amerika would be well served to announce to the world a new policy on immigration.  It would be a simply policy with just three rules.  Those rules are:
  1. Nobody may come to the SDA who is fleeing prosecution in his homeland provided that prosecution is for a legitimate criminal action.   
  2. Everyone else is free to enter the SDA at any time and for any reason.
  3. Nobody entering the SDA is permitted to receive any transfer payments.
This country would witness economic growth that would put China to shame if those three simple principles were adopted.  But the adoption of those principles would necessarily involve the repudiation of the belief that government is god.  It therefore necessarily follows that the idolatrous, government worshiping citizens of this country will make sure it never happens.  The problem in Europe and in the SDA as well has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with the fact that we are all socialists now.  Socialism is what is destroying the wealth of the world, not immigration. Socialism is what is creating animosity between ethnic groups, not immigration.  Socialism is nothing more than institutionalized envy, which happens to be a sin by the way.  When a government exists for the purpose of calling a sin a good deed you can be sure the end is not far away.

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