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Friday, September 11, 2015

Opponents Of Obamacare Should Oppose This Also

We all know the story about the poor frog that finds himself in a pot of boiling water.  When he first jumped into the pot the water was lukewarm.  Then, ever so gradually, someone turns up the heat.  But because the heat is turned up only gradually the frog does not notice what is happening until it is too late.  By the time the frog figures out what is going on he is a nice set of frog legs in a fancy restaurant.  I suspect the same story can be told of lobsters as well.  Regardless, we all get the point.  We can become anesthetized to dramatic changes in life circumstances when they occur gradually over time.
Today the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, a term I use because it is true and not just because it is catchy, have lost track of the fact that we are a totally socialistic country.  Republicans and evangelical Christians (a group that overlaps to a large degree) are especially guilty of losing track of the fact that there is no freedom whatsoever in this country.  What more needs to be said than the absolute fact that 49% of the people in this envy-filled land pay 97% of the entire federal tax bill.  What is that condition if not almost perfect democratic socialism? 
Everything in the SDA is socialized.  Some things have been socialized for so long even opponents of socialism no longer oppose them.  Social Security is a good example.  How many Republicans or evangelical Christians would be willing to come out against Social Security?  I don't know of any, do you?  In fact, I am the only person I know who believes Social Security to be an immoral system, and I stand to receive a lot of money from it if I live long enough to see it.  When I say that Social Security is immoral I am not just being cute.  It is really immoral.  It is an affront to the moral law of God and the God of the Bible despises it.  But who believes that today?
Republicans and evangelical Christians believe they can take back the White House and overthrow Obamacare.  The reason they hate Obamacare is because they see it as socialized medicine.  But the practice of medicine in the SDA was already socialized well before Obamacare became the law of the land.  Medicaid, Medicare and government licensing of all medical professionals assured that historical fact.  Still, Obamacare pushed the business of health insurance into a fully socialized position and Republicans and evangelical Christians were right to voice their opposition to it.  It remains to be seen what will happen if the Republicans get control of both houses of Congress.  Will they repudiate Obamacare?  Even more important, will they refuse to replace Obamacare with some other form of socialized health insurance scam?  I don't believe they have the will or the courage to do either of those two things.  Obamacare is already too entrenched in society and nobody will be able to get elected who opposes socialized health insurance in the future any more than nobody can get elected who opposes Social Security today.  Once a socialistic program is approved it is impossible to remove it.
There is one socialistic program in this country that was created by Bible believing Christians that has been adopted by the God-hating government of the post-Christian state in which we live as its own.  It is as far reaching as Social Security and Obamacare, perhaps even more.  It is government schooling.  Government schooling is pandemic in our society.  It is responsible for the destruction of the minds and moral character of millions of children in this sorrowful and disgusting country.  It exists for the purpose of indoctrinating undisciplined and easily influenced minds into the religious tenets of statism.  It is highly successful.  Scarcely one in a million graduates of the government school system is aware of just how much he worships civil government.  Government schooling creates perfectly obedient citizens who not only worship civil government but who also have no idea that is what they are really doing.  Nobody who graduates from the government school system is able to think outside of the government box.
Government schools are funded by real estate taxes and state income taxes, for the most part.  Since I have never sent one of my children to the government schools and since I have had tens of thousands of dollars of my money taken from me via property and income taxes over the years I am able to conclude that government schooling is the perfect socialist system.  Just like all socialist systems the people who are receiving the allegedly "free" benefits are not the same people who are paying the bills.  Just last night I saw a news item on the local news in which the reporter proudly informed me that taxpayers are now paying for breakfast and lunch for all children in a particular school district.  Why the parents of those children should not be responsible for feeding their own children was not explained.  Why I should be forced to pay for the meals of my neighbor's children was not described.
When government gives it also regulates.  When government schools assumed the responsibility of using taxpayer dollars to provide meals to school children they also assumed the right to regulate what parents who do not use the system may put in their children's lunch boxes.  One lady that I know was reprimanded by the teacher of her child because she included candy in her child's lunch box.  She was sternly informed that she was an unfit mother and if candy ever appeared in her child's lunch box again there would be nasty consequences.  Does it seem wrong to anyone but me that government school teachers are searching children's lunch boxes without a warrant?  Has the entire SDA gone insane?
I also found out that her child is not permitted to run around the playground during recess. Running was deemed too dangerous for school children to participate in.  I also found out that if her child makes up an imaginary game to play with her schoolmates, since they are not allowed to run around, the imaginary game is not allowed to have any "bad" people in it.  Everyone in the imaginary game must be good.  I ask you, what is a game without a villain?   Against I ask, has everyone gone insane?
I read an article in my Denver Post yesterday entitled, "Board lowers standard."  The sub-title was, "State officials change previous requirements for getting a diploma."  The article went on to explain that a child in Colorado could only get a high school diploma if he could demonstrate proficiency in English, math, social studies and science.  Government school administrators looked to the future and determined that, "not changing the requirements could result in one-third fewer graduates."  So how were the standards changed?  The need to prove proficiency in social studies and science were removed.  Now students can graduate proving proficiency in two of the four previous categories.  Now that is socialism at its best.  The system is clearly not working if the goal is education.  So rather than change the system the socialists who operate the system simply remove half of the requirements for getting a high school diploma.  Everyone graduates!  Everyone has high self esteem!  Everyone is happy!  Except for me.  I am still being forced to pay for this garbage. 
Strangely, Evangelicals and Republicans are some of the staunchest proponents of government schools, although for different reasons.  Evangelicals promote the government schools because they see them as fields for their evangelistic efforts.  Republicans see them as the most efficient way to indoctrinate the children of this country in the doctrines of the eternal warfare state.  Why do Evangelicals and Republicans oppose Obamacare and promote government schools?  Answer:  hypocrisy.  They use the government schools because they don't have to pay for them and they hate Obamacare because they do have to pay for their health insurance.   Principles fly out the window when money is involved.  Anti-socialists become socialists when an agent of the government shows up on his door with a big bag of cash.  Follow the money.

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