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Friday, September 18, 2015

Morrison Has One Cop For Every Twenty Residents

There is a little town in the foothills west of Denver called Morrison.  I drive in, through and around Morrison almost daily.  I also ride my bike there on a regular basis.  I used to hike to the summit of Morrison Peak until the powers that be shut down all of the hiking routes to the top except one.  They said I was ruining the mountain.  Nobody is allowed to have any fun anymore.  Despite all of the time I have spent there I would never have guessed just how dangerous a town Morrison turns out to be.  In all the time I have spent there I have never seen a robbery, an assault, a murder or even a drunk guy angrily yelling at Yuppies as they stroll about the town.   In fact, I was shocked when I discovered that the tiny town of Morrison, with a population of only 432 people, has a police force of 20 officers of the rules/law.
Nationwide, the Socialist Democracy of Amerika averages 3.73 cops per 1000 people.  Nearby Canada has 2.02 cops per 1000 citizens.  I guess Canadians are more peaceful than Amerikans.  Drug-ravaged Mexico, with all of its gangs and murders,  has 3.66 cops per 1000 people.  The oppressive police forces of Russia, a police-state if there ever was one, number 5.66 per 1000 people.  Today I discovered that he peaceful tiny hamlet of Morrison, Colorado has 46.3 cops per 1000 residents.  Nearby Denver, riddled with crime from my perspective, has 1,459 cops for a population of roughly 600,000 socialists and one believer in the free market.  That comes to one cop for every 411 people who live there or 2.43 cops for every 1000 citizens.  If Morrison followed that pattern it would have one cop, probably named Andy, and perhaps one deputy named Barney.  What in the world is going on with the Morrison police department?
You need to follow the money to figure out what is happening in Morrison.  52% of the total town revenue comes from the issuance of speeding tickets.  Go here if you do not believe me.  Those twenty greedy cops working for the greedy city of Morrison issued over 7,000 speeding tickets in a recent two year period.  The starting price for a speeding ticket was about $200.  It seems pretty clear to me that the cops of Morrison only exist to perpetuate themselves.
Morrison used to be a sleepy little town until somebody in power in the Morrison city government got the brilliant idea to annex adjacent US Highway 285.  When I heard about that annexation years ago I thought that it made no sense at all.  US 285 is many miles south of Morrison and does not even come close to running through town.  Between Morrison and US 285 are a series of mountains and open space parks, things which would never be developed.  I could see no reason why Morrison would be interested in annexing the land on which US 285 sat until I realized that the bureaucrats who rule over the town were greedily interested in the potential income to be derived from the heavy stream of cars that use US 285 daily.   It is a perfect deal for Morrison because the city is not responsible for the costs associated with the physical upkeep of the US highway but the career politicians who run the show in Morrison could see that US 285 had the potential to dramatically increase their revenue stream.
Once the highway was added to the city limits of Morrison the town made the decision to immediately and dramatically lower the speed limit on one section of the road that had just been recently rebuilt to accommodate higher speed limits.  The new highway would easily allow for a 60 mph speed limit but the town of Morrison dropped it to 45 mph and established what is essentially a permanent speed trap through that zone.  One report that I read on the speed trap said that Morrison cop cars are in the zone so often they actually appear on Google Earth.  The revenues began to roll in.  More cops had to be hired to fully staff the speed trap and that caused the revenues to increase even more.  Now over half of the town's revenues come from speeding tickets issued in two primary speed zones.
The second speed trap in Morrison is on the main highway leaving Morrison to the west that proceeds up Bear Creek canyon.  As you go past the last light in town and start up the canyon, with Red Rocks on your right, the normal behavior for most drivers it to accelerate.  That instinctive behavior has cost a lot of people a lot of money.  The city keeps the speed limit at a ridiculously low 25 mph a good half a mile up the canyon.  There is no safety reason for the lower rate.  Indeed, the stretch of highway posted at 25 mph is straight and smooth with no obstacles in sight.  The speed limit could easily be 50 mph and the roadway would still be safe.  The reason the limit is posted to 25 mph is because Morrison cops have a perfect hiding place at the junction of the Bear Creek canyon road and the first Red Rocks entrance.  I ride my bike in Red Rocks a lot and it is commonplace for me to see a cop sitting under a tree, in the shade and out of sight of approaching west-bound motorists until it is too late, just waiting to catch another evil speeder.
I do not know how it is possible to look at the behavior of the Morrison police force and come to any conclusion other than the one that it only exists to perpetuate itself.  The Morrison police chief, of course, defends his minions by pronouncing that they are only acting in the public safety.  He claims that he needs 20 cops to maintain safety on the couple of dozen miles of roadways in his jurisdiction and that his actions have reduced traffic fatalities.  There is no statistical evidence in support of that allegation but that does not keep the Chief from telling a good story.
Everything that is going on in Morrison is indicative of an attitude among the cops throughout the Socialist Democracy of Amerika these days whereby they come to see the citizens in this oppressive land as little more than a means to provide a livelihood for cops.  The citizens have become a cop employment plan.  Citizens are not served and protected.  They are harassed and fleeced.  Citizens do not have to do anything wrong to be hit with huge financial penalties; they just need to break any of the myriad rules and regulations that exist to be fined hundreds of dollars, all of which goes directly into the coffers from which their persecutors draw their salaries.  Meanwhile, the cops live according to another standard.  They expect to be coddled and praised.  Indeed, they expect to be granted special privileges wherever they go and perpetual thanked by a submissive citizenry.  In a word, they demand that we worship them.  Like all governmental organizations, they create laws and enforce policies that allow them to expand in size and power at taxpayer expense.  In the case of Morrison the tax is hidden in the form of a traffic ticket but, make no mistake, it is a tax.  Why should the town of Morrison, Colorado have over twelve times the number of cops (per capita) as the rest of the towns and cities in the SDA?  Because the cops are tax collectors and they need a lot of them to accomplish their work.
If this bothers you as much as it does me, stop going to Morrison.  Boycott Morrison is my new slogan.  I would love to see Morrison become a ghost town.  The 432 citizens of Morrison would have nobody but their own police force to blame for their demise.  When I have to drive on Morrison town streets I deliberately drive 5-10 mph below the speed limit to ensure I will not be flagged.  That enrages the Yuppies behind me but it is a small price to pay to avoid paying the Morrison speeder tax.  I would encourage you to do the same.  Maybe traffic jams will encourage more people to avoid the town and we can put the Morrison police cartel out of business.  I no longer buy anything in Morrison.  I had a favorite restaurant in town but now I go elsewhere when I have a powerful need for a fine calzone.  Sorry Tony.  If you have a problem with that decision, take it up with the local constabulary. In the meantime, I would love to see Morrison and its evil police force disappear from the map. 


  1. Dear Welshy,

    I wonder if Morrison owns the two mile stretch of C-470 north of it's exit? I often see two or even three cops at a time generating revenue on that road. Many times the cop has the driver of the car laying on the road beside their car, beating them with a baton and demanding more money. I'd feel a whole lot safer in this sinful, wretched, disgusting country if there was no such thing as a cop. They remind me of the marauding bands of baboons that would terrorize us chimps back when I was a young tyke in the jungle, stealing our bananas and passion fruit.

    Lancelot Link

    1. Mr. Link:
      You raise a very interesting point. I too have noticed the preponderance of cops at just that location on C-470. I don't know if they are Morrison cops or State Patrol since I always avert my eyes from them when I see them so as to not anger them and give them cause to beat me senseless at a traffic stop. Next time I see one I will sneak a peak in his direction and see if I can ascertain what branch of government is trying to steal my money.