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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

King Obama Rattles His Sabre

Last Monday King Obama delivered a pathetic speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations.  According to this report in the Washington Times, "While casting his nation as the keeper of global order and saying the age of dictatorships is over, President Obama on Monday stressed that the U.S. is ready and willing to work with countries such as Iran, Russia and China and harbors no irreversible ill will toward its old adversaries."  Then, in the ultimate expression of a despot about to lose power, King Obama said, "I lead the strongest military the world has ever known. I will never hesitate to protect my country and our allies unilaterally and by force when necessary."  A more pathetic statement could not have been made.
The King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika made his statement because he had just been shown up on the world stage by a rising monarch by the name of King Putin, of Russia.  A little background might be in order here.  King Obama hates another King who happens to live in the Middle East.  His name is King Assad and he is the potentate in Syria.  The primary reason King Obama despises King Assad is the fact that Assad refuses to bow down and kiss the ring of King Obama.  Indeed, Assad had the audacity to ignore King Obama entirely and speak with King Putin without Obama's permission.  That has enraged Obama and forced him to start rattling his sabre.
There is another issue at play here.  ISIS now controls significant parts of both Iraq and Syria.  The SDA has responded to ISIS by spending $1 billion dropping bombs on Iraq and Syria.  The net impact of that bombing has been zero.  ISIS continues to expand in the region but King Obama's personal animosity towards King Assad has driven him to ignore the Syrian King's offer to team up against ISIS and instead he is attempting to work with a group he calls "moderates."  That has also been a miserable failure as no such group of people has been found.  Or, more accurately, I believe the SDA military advisers were able to round up about five guys willing to take up the fight against ISIS.  Rather than join forces with Assad to fight ISIS, Obama has insisted that any fighting against ISIS in Syria also be accompanied by the ouster of King Assad.  That absurd position established a stalemate that opened the door for King Putin.
King Putin realizes, as does everyone else in the world except King Obama, that ISIS will not be defeated in Syria if King Assad is not enlisted in the effort.  So King Putin extended the olive branch to King Assad and they forged an agreement to fight ISIS together.  Neither of them consulted with King Obama, the leader of the greatest imperial power in the history of the universe, and that made King Obama very angry.  That set the stage for King Obama's address at the UN.
It is always a fascinating thing to watch the fall of an empire.  The SDA empire is teetering on the brink of collapse and our King's latest speech proves my point.  He began by asserting, despite obvious evidence to the contrary, that the SDA is the world's peacekeeper.  Ask most of the other Kings around the world and they will tell you that the SDA is the greatest destabilizer of peace around the world but that did not keep King Obama from making the assertion.  Fully aware of the fact that other Kings around the world fear him less than they did in the good old days when SDA forces were running roughshod throughout Iraq and Afghanistan (which is also being taken back by the Taliban by the way), Obama reached into his bag of rhetorical tricks and came up with a whopper.  I guess he decided it was time to attempt to bluster his way back to power.  For absolutely no reason other than a vain attempt to feel good about himself, King Obama announced to the world that he leads "the strongest military the world has ever known."  Why that should be a point of pride was not explained.
Let's be clear on several points.  The SDA has no business being in the Middle East in the first place, unless it would be to try and fix the problem it started.  All of the problems currently associated with the reign of terror by ISIS are the direct result of what the SDA military has done in the Middle East in recent years.  Had King George II not waged his personal war of retribution and vengeance against King Hussein none of this would have ever come to pass.  But that is ancient history and cannot be taken back.  We must live in a world where SDA imperialistic designs have created pockets of war among the native tribes.
Next, King Putin is on the right track here.  King Obama's pride is too great to allow him to acknowledge the truth but if ISIS is to be defeated and the genocide that is taking place in the Middle East is to be stopped the last thing that needs to be done is to have SDA special forces murder another Middle Eastern King.  Assad needs to remain in power.  Taking him out will just make the situation worse and everyone in the world can see that but our King.  Such is the nature of blind ambition and personal vendettas.
As the leader of the greatest military power in the history of the world King Obama, even in his present impotent condition, could destroy ISIS in a matter of months if he wanted to.  The fact that he is not doing so clearly indicates that he does not want to do so.  The question is not who has the biggest and baddest army.  The question is why do Assad and Putin want to destroy ISIS and King Obama does not?  I will let others answer that question.

Update:  October 3, 2015

Since posting the information above the Russians have initiated bombing raids in Syria, designed to destroy ISIS and keep King Assad in power.   The response of King Obama to the Russian intervention is telling.  According to the Washington Post, "President Barack Obama has decided not to confront Russia directly over its new air offensive in Syria, believing that President Vladimir Putin will soon find himself in a Syrian quagmire..."  Our King's comments got me to thinking.  How is it that when Russia engaged Afghanistan so many years ago it was a disaster for the Russian military but when the military forces of the  SDA did exactly the same thing it was "mission accomplished" as the SDA military successfully exported democracy to another third world country?  And how is it that when the military forces of the SDA destroyed Iraq it was "mission accomplished" as another third world dictatorship was given the blessings of democracy but somehow when Russia bombs rebel forces in Syria it is sure to end in Russia's demise?  Any objective analysis of the situation would conclude that both Russia and the SDA failed miserably in Afghanistan.  We must also conclude that the SDA failed miserably in Iraq and is presently failing miserably in Syria.  I suspect that Russia might very well fail miserably in Syria as well.  Why King Obama is able to see the futility of foreign intervention when Russia does it but is utterly incapable of seeing that exact same futility when he orders it only testifies to the blindness induced by the presupposition of Amerikan Exceptionalism.  No matter what the career politicians who rule over us do it is always a success while, conversely, no matter what those who do not worship the SDA do it is always a failure.  Such blindness is not a good quality for the man who sits at the helm of the most powerful military in the history of the universe. 

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