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Monday, September 28, 2015

Freaked Out About Fracking

In case you are one of the few people who does not know what fracking is, it is a process whereby horizontal wells are drilled into oil and gas deposits that previously could not be extracted by conventional means.  A fracking compound, that is mostly water and sand, is pumped into the well hole causing a build up of pressure deep beneath the surface of the earth, eventually fracturing the rock in which the oil or gas is trapped.  Once freed from the rock the substance being drilled for is extracted just like any other well.
Fracking is responsible for the fact that the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is finally energy independent.  Every single King of the SDA since Eisenhower has stated "energy independence" as an important goal for their administrations and hoards of government planners and other elitists would cook up taxpayer financed plans to make the SDA independent of OPEC.  As is to be expected, all government plans failed miserably.  On the other hand, profit seeking businessmen have been relentlessly developing new technologies, at their own expense, designed to extract oil and gas from the ground to sell to the consuming public.  We have low gasoline prices and record low prices on natural gas today because of their efforts.
Ironically the career politicians who rule over us today no longer talk about being energy independent.  Now that we actually are energy independent they want to reverse gears and make us dependent upon foreign oil once again.  The primary reasons for this about-face are the facts that government planners hate profit seeking businessmen and anything they accomplish is seen as a personal offense and oil drilling businessmen have accomplished what the government could not and government rulers are not about to admit that truth.  Another reason energy independence is now being described as a social negative is the simple fact that today's career politician panders to the greenies and the greenies hate fracking.
Why do greenies hate fracking?  That is a simple question to answer.  Greenies hate fracking because the government they worship is not involved in the process and those profit-seeking businessmen who engage in fracking make a lot of money.  As dedicated socialists who bow down before the throne of government and government rules and regulations no self respecting greenie would ever allow himself to be pleased with the fact that fracking has brought us a stated goal that career politicians have been trying to accomplish for 60 years.  Now that profit-seeking businessmen have accomplished that goal the greenies will do everything they can to discredit and stop them.  That is the nature of socialism.
Some of the nicest and most generous people I know are frackers.  I clean the offices for several oil companies and I am always impressed by these businessmen.  They pay higher wages to their employees than any other business I am aware of.  They provide more benefits than any other business I am aware of.  They pay huge bonuses to their employees and take pride in contributing to their employee's 401k plans.  I have benefited from the personal generosity of one oilman many times as he has given me and my wife opportunities to do things we never could afford to do on our own.  Socialists should love frackers.  Frackers do for their employees everything socialists demand for them to do but they still end up being hated in the end because frackers make a profit.
Since the majority of the citizens of the SDA are also committed socialists it is not surprising that we never hear any news reports about the benefits of fracking; things like high levels of employment with high wages or energy independence from OPEC are never the subjects of news reports.    On the contrary, all we ever hear about from all media sources is the alleged dangers associated with fracking and how fracking is likely to destroy the entire world if government does not prohibit it.
Jennifer Steuck of Denver hates fracking.   According to a letter she wrote to the Denver Post she wants to "ban fracking altogether."  Actually she wants some unknown person called "the people" to ban fracking altogether.  She isn't willing to do the work herself.  Let me tell you about what she believes.  She begins by informing me that, "Rather than squabble about who has the right to regulate fracking, shouldn't we be considering the rights of the people?"  Jennifer simply assumes that government should be involved in "regulating" fracking, whatever that means.  She makes no argument for why the government can regulate companies that frack better than the free market can.  Given the economy killing nature of government regulations it would certainly make the most sense to allow the free market to regulate fracking but the state worshiping Jennifer will not even consider that possibility.  Jennifer also believes that this person called "the people" has some sort of right to tell an oil company what it can and can't do.  She does not explain where that right comes from and she makes no effort to inform me where this clandestine person known as "the people" lives.  Maybe "the people" does not even have oil underneath his land.  Why should he be allowed to regulate the free market behaviors and voluntary contractual agreements between oil companies and people who do have oil under their land?  She simply assumes that "the people" have this power.
Jennifer then informs me that, "according to the Colorado Constitution, the people have the right to protect their property and live safe, happy lives."  I have not read the Colorado Constitution but if the people who wrote it are really dumb enough to declare that each citizen of Colorado has the right to a "happy life," whatever that is, they are nuts.  How is the government going to provide that?  Only a person who believes that government is god can make a statement like that.  I conclude that Jennifer believes government is god.
Jennifer now comes to the main point of her argument when she declares, "Since the people have this right, it follows that a community should be able to determine whether or not certain practices impinge on their rights as citizens.  It is within the rights of the people to place a moratorium on fracking and also to ban fracking altogether."  Jennifer has now totally confused me.  She defines "the people" as "a community" which she then redefines as "citizens."  Which is it?  I understand the concept of citizens.  I am a citizen.  But I have no clue who the people and the community are.  I, as a citizen, have a mind and a will.  I want oil companies to be free to engage in voluntary transactions with all citizens who have oil under their land.  I have no interest in controlling the behavior of my neighbor, the community or the people, whoever they are.
Not so for Jennifer.  Of course I jest here.  Jennifer believes in democracy.  She believes that some arbitrary geo-political boundary that contains some individual citizens is a community that has the right to vote about things.  As is always the case with a democracy, the majority wins and the minority loses.  And, as is always the case within a democracy, when voting takes place there will be winners and losers.  Jennifer wants the citizens in the various arbitrary geo-political boundaries scattered throughout Colorado to vote to forbid voluntary transactions between individual citizens and oil companies, thus making oil companies and citizens with oil under their land losers.  Jennifer and her ilk will be the winners because she will have successfully prevented a free market transaction.  So all we have learned from Jennifer's letter is that she is a malicious busy-body who desperately desires to control the behavior of others as well as, if possible, destroy the right of her neighbor to engage in voluntary transactions she personally disapproves of.  I conclude that the only thing we really can determine from her letter is that Jennifer is freaked out about fracking.

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