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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bill O'Reilly Believes In Democracy.....Sometimes

Regular readers of this blog know that I am not a fan of Bill O'Reilly.  He is economically ignorant and committed to the neo-conservative vision of a permanent warfare state.  He believes the SDA should be feared around the world and that the SDA military is the proper instrument to create that fear.  He is also a believer in democracy despite the fact the Constitution of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika was supposed to establish a republican form of government.  One thing the founding fathers of the SDA desperately attempted to avoid was the tyranny of democracy.  They knew that the only way to protect the rights of political minorities was to avoid democracy like the plague.  What a quaint idea that all was.  Under the terms of the socialist democracy under which we live the majority always rules and the rights of the minority are trampled underfoot.  What does this have to do with Bill?  Let me tell you.
Last week Bill was interviewing a Mexican-American fellow who was in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens and a policy of open borders.  Bill, as most of you probably are aware, believes that Donald Trump is correct and all illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported.  Any person once deported who attempts to return to the SDA would serve a healthy jail sentence if caught.  In addition, Bill wants to build a wall along the entirely length of the Mexico-SDA border and staff it with machine gun toting servicemen with attack dogs all operating under the principle of shoot first and ask questions later.  The "interview" was typical of Bill's style as he badgered his guest and attempted to force him to agree with him.  When he did not he treated him like an idiot.  At one point the guest said that he believed the current laws on immigration were immoral and needed to be changed.  When he said that Bill went on the offensive.
Bill's retort was that the laws may sometimes be immoral but they are the laws and they are to be followed until they are changed.  Bill went on to say that the only way to change a law in the SDA is to get a majority of the citizens of the country to agree that a law should be changed and until most SDA citizens come to want open borders it will never happen.  I wonder what the career politicians who populate Congress thought about Bill's political theory?  Bill informed his brow-beaten guest that a majority of the citizens in this country would never agree with open borders so the issue was essentially closed.  The will of the majority was to be enforced.  Borders are to be closed forever and those who are here illegally need to be deported.  Bill's profession of faith in the principles of democracy could not have been any more clear.  The voice of the people is the voice of God and it must be obeyed.
The voice of the people was clearly heard and understood in Washington and Colorado a year or so ago.  The will of the people was clearly stated that marijuana should be decriminalized.  As a firm believer in the principles of democracy you would expect Bill to applaud the decriminalization of marijuana.  But this is where Bill gets a bit confused.  Although he has made several statements saying he is "fine" with decriminalizing marijuana and it would not bother him if somebody were to smoke some in the privacy of his own home he has also gone on record saying the police should prosecute "dealers."  I have one question for you Bill.  Where is that honest, law-abiding citizen who is smoking some marijuana in his home going to get it if there is no one to sell it to him because all of the "dealers" are in jail?  Logical consistency has never been Bill's strong point.  He is driven by his emotions and he really does not care when the end result of his emotional pathway brings him to a place of logical contradiction. 
When it comes to prosecuting the people who grow and sell marijuana Bill suddenly becomes a federalist who believes the federal government has the right and the responsibility to overrule the majority opinions in Washington and Colorado about marijuana production, distribution and use.  Bill would like to see marijuana declared illegal nationwide, with total disregard to the will of the people in the individual states.  When democracy clashes with Bill's hatred for marijuana it is democracy that loses.  From that I conclude that Bill O'Reilly believes in democracy....when it is convenient for him to do so.

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