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Friday, August 28, 2015

White Lives Matter

I have read the entire story in my Denver Post the last two days about the murderer who shot and killed the lady reporter and her cameraman a couple of days ago.  I forget the names of the various people involved but you all know what I am writing about.  It happened in Virginia.  A disgruntled former employee of a television station decided to extract his revenge by killing some people.  He selected an up and coming lady reporter and her cameraman for his murderous plot.  He filmed the entire event with his own camera and, according to the report that I read, he was successful at getting most of the killing captured on live TV by the very cameraman he had killed.  That video rapidly went viral and I suspect those with voyeuristic tendencies could watch it today if they were so inclined.  I am not so inclined.  There is enough pain and death in the world I find no need to seek out video capturing it.  The killer sped off in his car.  He was later chased by the cops and, thankfully, he saved the taxpayers millions of dollars by doing himself in before the cops could capture him.
Despite reading two feature length reports on the event in my newspaper, I failed to discover the two key ingredients of the story that allow it to make some sort of distorted sense.  It was only later on, after reading the newspaper reports, that I stumbled across an internet report that gave me the rest of the story.  Before I tell you the rest of the story I want you to read it and ask yourself, why would these two key facts be suppressed?
Police searched the living quarters of the murderer and discovered a long written rant containing his final thoughts about what he was going to do and why he was going to do it.  Unless you had seen photographs of the murderer and his two victims you would not be aware, as I was unaware, that the murderer was black and the victims were white.  As it turns out the murderer's rant clearly described his hatred for white folks.  The decision to murder the reporter and her cameraman was motivated almost exclusively by hatred for white people.  The "disgruntled former employee" angle given by the newspaper was largely untrue.  The murderer had bounced around many television newsrooms in recent years, never able to keep a job because he hated the white people in authority over him.  Everywhere he went he claimed to have been discriminated against by white people but when investigations were conducted by various committees, councils and boards sympathetic to his claims it was always found to be untrue.
The murderer shot his victims because he hates white people.  That is a hate crime.  That is big news.  It was a murderous rampage motivated almost exclusively by racial hatred.  Why was that fact ignored? Why did Obama not call a press conference and declare that the murdered reporter could "have been my daughter?"  Why is it that white lives apparently do not matter?  Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton?  Why aren't those noble fellows leading the charge of black people issuing apologies to white people for the actions of one of their own?  Why is the media quite obviously refusing to report the truth about the murders?  Why is it the case that when a white person engages in a racially charged murder of a black person it makes the national news for weeks but when the tables are turned the truth is suppressed?  Who is the real racist here?
There is one other point of fact that has been suppressed in the news reports about the murderer's motivations.  The black murderer was also a homosexual.  A small portion of his rant describes how he hates white people because they have also discriminated against him because he was homosexual.  So there you have it.  The murderer was a member of two, not one, but two politically protected classes in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  As a result of his most preferred status it is deemed immoral to report the truth about him when the truth about him casts those two politically protected classes in a bad light.
This story has made me so mad I am going to go out and do nothing.  I am not going to march on Virginia, accompanied by a couple of dozen white folks carrying banners declaring that "White Lives Matter."  I am not going to kick, scream and complain until legions of news reporters gather outside my door wanting to know how difficult it is growing up Welsh and white in Amerika.  If you say that it is not difficult that only proves how insensitive you are to the plight of Welsh-Amerikans.  Only we know the extent of our suffering.  I am not going to loot the local electronics store tonight.  I am also not going to loot the local liquor store tonight.  In fact, I will stay home tonight and watch the Rockies.  That should be punishment enough.

Update:  September 1, 2015

I see where a black man shot and killed a white police officer in Houston the other day.  He shot him in the back simply because he was white and a cop.  Guess what I am going to do about that bit of news?  Nothing.  You got that right.  I am going to do nothing.  I am not going to petition the career politicians to make white people a protected class.  I am not going to organize a media effort to publicize the fact that white lives matter.  I am not going to march down the street and obstruct traffic in order to call attention to the fact that a white cop was the victim of a racially motivated hate crime.  I am not going to loot any local businesses and I am going to stay home again tonight and watch the Rockies.  They are playing the Diamondbacks.

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