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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Socialized College Education Is Next

Now that Obamacare is entrenched in the society of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika the question for the socialists is what to socialize next.  The Republicans talk a big talk about repealing Obamacare but their proposals all contain the provision to replace it with some form of Republicancare.  No Republican has the guts or the brains to declare that government should not be in the health care or health insurance business at all.  There is no missing the fact that in the SDA both Republicans and Democrats are committed to the principles of socialism. 
Socialism can perhaps best be defined as the belief that the top 49% of the income population has a moral responsibility to provide an ever increasing list of things to the lower 51% of the income population.  Things get added to the list when they come to be known as "rights."  Nobody in his right mind ever asserted that health insurance was a right until the socialists decided to make it one.  Expect that something that heretofore has not been a problem will suddenly become a horrendous and embarrassing social problem that only socialism can fix.  Indeed, that has already happened.  The next part of SDA society to be socialized will be college education.
Democratic candidate for the next King of the SDA Bernie Sanders is committed to a full program of college education socialism.  He believes that the top 49% of the income population in this country is morally required to provide a four year college degree to any dimwit who wants to go to school.  Any "rich" person who thinks that is unfair is part of the evil corporate system that runs this country and needs to be shut down by the oppressed majority that populates the lower 51% of the income population.  To learn more about Colonel Sanders, go here.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has proposed a new "College Affordability Program."  One would think that would mean getting the government out of the college financing business but that is not the case.  He has asked theDenver City Council to put the issue on the ballot and voters would have to decide if they want to add .08% to the sales tax collected in Denver.  The good mayor estimates that such a tax would raise over $10 million/year which would then be distributed to politically connected individuals who would ostensibly use it to repay their student loans that were incurred as are a result of matriculation in a Colorado school.  Exactly how the process of distributing the largess would be conducted was not described. 
The next Queen of the SDA, Hillary Clinton, has launched a similar program.   Go here for the full story.  Future Queen Hillary, according to the article on CNN, "has announced what her campaign is calling the 'New College Compact,' a pledge to tackle the cost of college, making low interest grants and loans more available and ensure the federal government 'will never again profit off student loans for college students.' She touted the plan as a way to lower college costs while at the same time making it easier for American families to send their children to school. Clinton said college affordability is 'one of the most important ways we can ease the burden on families and one of the single biggest ways we can actually raise incomes, by making college affordable and available to every American.'  Clinton will do this,she says, by providing incentives to states that agree to provide 'no-loan tuition at four-year public colleges and universities.' States that agree, under the Clinton plan, will win grants from the federal government.'  Her plan is expected to cost $350 billion but will undoubtedly come in at least three or four times that once approved.
Everything about the Clinton proposal is wrong.  Did you notice the typical socialist hatred of profits evidenced in her statement?  She stupidly believes that the government has somehow profited off student loans.  Apparently she does not realize that student loans are made by various banking institutions that are in cahoots with the federal government and which provide low interest rate loans subsidized by the taxpayers to students.  How that process can be described as one in which the government makes a profit off the backs of poor, struggling students is a mystery to me.  Nevertheless she introduces the concept of profit into the process of student loans because she knows her socialist compatriots will use it as an excuse to hate something that already exists and develop a strong desire to replace it with something more consistent with their aberrant concept of social justice.
Like all socialists, Clinton believes that her program of taking $350 billion plus from the top 49% of the income population and giving it to politically favored groups, in exchange for a vote for her of course, will magically accomplish the twin goals of lowering education costs and increasing the GDP of the SDA.  What fantasy land do these people live in?  The reason college education expenses are rising faster than any category of expense in this envy-filled country is none other than the fact that the government's student loan program has incentivized schools to raise tuition and idiots to go to college.  Giving people taxpayer dollars to go to school does not cause the cost of school to decline.  Giving stupid people the ability to extend their four years of high school partying into four more years of college partying does not create smarter individuals who enter the marketplace and raise the GDP of the country.  In fact, just the opposite is the case.  People who graduate high school who are not scholars go to college these days because government incentives allow them to do so.  After four, or five, or six years of college and the amassing of an enormous amount of taxpayer subsidized debt, many of those same college graduates go home to live with their parents, without a job and without any desire to go to work.  Or, according to recent statistics, at least 43% of them do this.  Queen Hillary's program will make this situation even worse.
Politicians are jumping upon the socialized education model because they perceive it can buy them a lot of votes.  Usually included in the various proposals is some provision to forgive some or all of current outstanding student loan debt.  Politicians know that telling the millions of people who have taken out student loans that they will create a new law that allows them to never pay their loans back will guarantee political success and career politician status.  
It took a few years for the Obamacare train to get on track with sufficient steam to become law.  That is always the case with new civil rights.  When the citizens of this immoral country first heard that a woman had the civil right to kill her unborn baby most people were aghast.  Then, just a decade or so later, it was law.  The same was true of the right to universal health insurance.  I don't expect free universal college education to be law by the end of Hillary's first term but I believe it is a definite possibility for her second.  Mark my words, free college education for all is coming and the top 49% of the income population is going to be forced to pay the bill, just like we always do. 

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