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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Homosexual Advocates Just Don't Get It

Benjamin Hochman is a sports columnist for the Denver Post.  He is leaving the paper to take another job this week.  Today was his penultimate column for the paper.  Rather than dedicating the column to sports or his greatest memories of the Denver sports scene, he decided to issue a plea to homophobic people, pleading with them to be more kind toward homosexuals.  In particular, he singled out those he described as "religious."  I think we all know that means Christians.  Ben is sick and tired of Christians saying homosexuality is displeasing to God.  Ben does not want Christians to "bully" homosexuals anymore.  Ben just does not get it.
Either God exists or He does not.  Either God is immutable or He is not.  Either God has communicated with men or He has not.  Either the Bible is the communication of God to men or it is not.  Either the moral law contained in the Bible is easy to comprehend or it is not.  Everything I have written in this paragraph is necessarily true.  Christians believe, for very good reasons, that God exists, that He is immutable (does not change), that He has communicated with men, that the Bible is the communication of God to men and that God's moral law is easy to comprehend.  What I have just written, in many respects, defines what it means to be a Christian (Christology not withstanding).  At the very least it is not possible to be a Christian and deny any of the things I have written in this paragraph.  Why can't unbelievers like Ben understand that?
God's unchanging moral law found in the Bible is easy to understand.  Everybody agrees that murder is wrong.  Everybody agrees that adultery is wrong.  Everybody agrees that stealing is wrong.  Everybody agrees that lying is wrong.  But only Christians agree that homosexuality is morally wrong.  Christians do not agree that homosexuality is wrong because they want to make people angry.  Neither do they believe that homosexuality is wrong because they are homophobic.  Nor do they believe that homosexuality is wrong because it disgusts them, although it might.  Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong because God says that it is wrong and what God says is more important than anything any man can ever say. Why can't unbelievers get that?
People like to talk about Jesus a lot.  People will ask, "what would Jesus do?" in attempts to solve various ethical arguments.  We should do that about the topic of homosexuality.  What would Jesus do with a homosexual?  He would command him to repent of his sin.  What would Jesus say should be the punishment for a homosexual who refuses to repent?  He would say it should be death.  Christians actually believe this stuff, not because it gives us the ability to go around hating others and declaring ourselves to be morally superior but for the simple reason God is God and we are not.  What God declares to be true is true and our opinion about His truth, other than to agree and conform to it, is irrelevant. Why don't unbelievers understand that?
Ben writes, "Life is short.  We are all going to die.  Don't be a jerk to gay people.  Force yourself to be more accepting and tolerant...If your feelings are religious-based I just want to implore you to be more accepting."  Ben does not understand a thing about being a Christian.  First, Christian's "feelings" are irrelevant.  Christians should not behave based upon how they feel.  Nor should Christians develop doctrine based upon how any particular doctrine feels.  Doctrines come from the Word of God and should be believed because they represent God's opinion on a matter, not because they make a Christian feel any particular way.  God says that homosexuality is a sin and a capital offense.  That is all that matters.  My opinions and my feelings about the issue are irrelevant.  Why don't unbelievers understand that?
I find it fascinating that Ben is incapable of turning his doctrine of acceptance around.  He pleads with Christians to commit apostasy and deny the God they believe in by accepting homosexuality as morally proper.  He seems to be quite comfortable calling upon Christians to deny their faith and adopt doctrines in support of behaviors that are contrary to historic Christian teaching.  Ben finds it very simple to bully Christians into going against the dictates of their consciences and denying everything they have based their lives upon.  Ben exhorts Christians to suppress their knowledge of the truth, no matter how much psychological and spiritual harm that might bring upon them.  Why does that not bother him?  When Christians declare that they are incapable of doing that he does not plead with homosexuals, many of whom are held out as heroic and courageous figures, to force themselves to be more accepting and tolerant of Christians.  Ben does not implore homosexuals to be more accepting of Christians.  I wonder why not?
Ben, and other advocates for homosexuality, just don't get it.  They are either unwilling or unable to understand that Christians do not declare homosexuality to be a sin because we enjoy being intolerant, although some of us might.  Christians declare homosexuality to be a sin because that is God's opinion on the matter and nothing else matters to a Christian but the opinion of God.  Ben is unwilling or unable to understand that Christians can no more tolerate homosexuality than they can morally tolerate adultery, theft, murder and lying.
The question as to why God-hating unbelievers hate Christians and command them to tolerate sin is an interesting one.  I go back and forth between the opinions that they are either incapable of understanding why we oppose homosexuality or that they are unwilling to understand why we oppose homosexuality.  Ultimately I have to settle on the position that God-hating unbelievers are truly incapable of understanding the Christian position on homosexuality.  They are all moral reprobates, utterly sold into bondage to sin and utterly incapable of a non-sinful thought.  As Paul wrote in the Bible about unregenerate men, "There are none who seek after God, not even one.  There are none who are righteous, not even one.  There is none who does good, not even one."  That gives me a lot of compassion for them.  Just like I have a lot of compassion for homosexuals.  Apart from the grace of God in their lives they are doomed to live lives of complete and total sinfulness.  And they are all completely incapable of understanding why Christians oppose homosexuality.  They just don't get it. 

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