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Friday, August 28, 2015

Christians Should Get Out Of The Legislature

Did you hear about the two Michigan legislators who were having an extra-marital affair?  Republican Representative Todd Courser and Republican Representative Cindy Gamrat were committing adultery (both are married) when something strange happened.  Someone found out about the affair and attempted to blackmail Courser.  In a bizarre attempt to keep his adulterous affair quiet Courser conjured up a story which he believed would deflect attention away from his philandering ways.  According to an article by the Associated Press, Courser "orchestrated a campaign suggesting he had sex with a male prostitute to distract attention from his relationship with another legislator....he devised the plan to misdirect attention from a threat to expose his extramarital affair."
Once the word got out about what was really going on Courser said, "It was over the top.  It was wrong.  It was not my finest moment.  It was the only option I felt would be unpredicted by the blackmailer."  You know what would have been totally unpredictable to the blackmailer?  Without a doubt the blackmailer would never have predicted that Courser would stand up and act like a man.  Imagine what would have happened if, rather than concocting a wild-eyed story about having sex with a male prostitute, Courser had stood up and said something like this, "I confess to committing adultery.  My partner in this adultery is a fellow career politician by the name of Gamrat.  We have both sinned against God and our partners.  As legislators we call upon our fellow legislators to create a law that would allow for our execution should either of our spouses desire to prosecute us for this horrific crime.  We have committed a sin that, according to God and the Bible He wrote, is worthy of death.  If our spouses decide to exercise their biblical right to have us executed we will joyfully accept that decision knowing that it is the will of God for our lives."
That, of course, didn't happen.  Rather, "Courser asked for forgiveness from his wife and children and his constituents, as well as from Gamrat, her family and her husband."  Only a career politician, seeking to save his political skin, would "ask for forgiveness" from "his constituents."  Forgiveness is only properly requested when the actual victim of the sin is being addressed.  Courser did not sin against the people who voted for him.  He sinned against his wife and the husband of Gamrat.  The two innocent spouses in this affair should be able to specify a punishment less than execution if they so desire.  That is what biblical law allows.  Unfortunately biblical law is not the law of the land, nor is it the law of Michigan.  The law of the land says that adultery is a victimless crime that harms no one.  I wonder how the two innocent spouses feel about that?
The reason I bring this all up is because of what the article then said, "The two lawmakers are among the Legislature's most outspoken social conservatives and have said their legislative work is inspired by the 'Divine hand of God.'"  Well there you have it.  A couple of adulterers are under the direct inspiration of God when they craft a law about how a child safety seat must be at least a certain length when the child is of a certain age.  That same couple is being led by the Holy Spirit of God when they decide that motorcycle riders must wear helmets or receive a ticket for refusing to do so.  According to these two clowns God has an opinion about what percentage of the money stolen from land owners in Michigan, via the real estate tax, should be allocated to paying government school teachers to indoctrinate the local children in the doctrines of Statism.  Does anyone see the irony in this situation beside me?
Evangelical Christians, which these two adulterers claim to be, profess to believe that "the Bible is sufficient for all matters of faith and practice."  This common doctrinal assertion states that the Bible is the Word of God and as such it tells us everything we need to know to conduct our lives.  Indeed, the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture is a historic orthodox Christian doctrine which clearly states that Christians need nothing more than the Bible to order their lives properly.  All evangelical Christians, as a part of what it means to be Evangelical, confess to the truth of this doctrine.  The hypocrites Courser and Gamrat profess to believe in that doctrine and then turn around and dedicate their lives to creating extra-biblical rules and laws.  Then, to make things even worse, they declare that the extra biblical laws they are creating are a by-product of the direct inspiration of God in their lives.  If that were so then the laws they have designed should be added to the Bible as a necessary addendum for all Christians to follow forever.
Married Evangelicals jumping into bed with one another is old news.   What I am calling for is something very different.  If Christians really believe that the Bible is sufficient for all matters of this life then why would they seek to become career politicians who dedicate their lives to creating a massive body of extra-biblical rules for all of us to follow?  I have a simple request for all evangelical Christians.  Either get out of the business of legislative politics or stop calling yourself a Christian.  Both cannot exist at the same time.

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