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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chick-Fil-A Is The War's First Casualty

With the decision by the Supreme Court of Jokers of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to give homosexuals "most preferred citizen" status it was only a matter of time until the homosexuals used their new-found power to start killing off the enemy.  The enemy, of course, is anyone who is a Christian.  Bible believing Christians are the only people left in this immoral land who oppose the homosexual agenda.  Many Christian groups, even some which profess to believe in the God of the Bible, have already committed theological hare-kari and abandoned the moral principles of the historic Christian faith.  They are now heretics and apostates and are to be shunned by true Christians.  Others continue the fight against immorality and announce their opposition to flagrant violations of the holy law of God whenever possible.  Chick-Fil-A is an example of a profit-seeking company owned and operated by Christian people who have professed their opposition to homosexuality.  As a result of their stance they ended up presenting a high target for militants and they have now been attacked by the ravenous hoards of murderous homosexuals recently unleashed upon this disgusting and immoral land by the Supreme Joker's decision.  Not only are they a profit-seeking corporation, a hated entity in the socialist country in which we live, they are also publicly anti-homosexual.  This will not do.
The headline article of Thursday's Denver Post declared "City stalls chain at DIA."  This is some of what the report had to say, "Chick-Fil-A's reputation as an opponent of same sex marriage has imperiled the fast food chain's potential return to Denver International Airport, with several City Council members this week passionately questioning a proposed concession agreement.  Councilman Paul Lopez called opposition to the chain at DIA 'really, truly a moral issue....'  Robin Kniech, the council's first openly gay member, said she was most worried about a local franchise generating 'corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination.'  She was first to raise Chick-Fil-A leaders' politics during a Tuesday committee hearing."  The final decision has not yet been made, it was delayed for two weeks, but it does not take a sooth-Sayer to see where this process is heading.  Chick-Fil-A will be denied the right to operate a franchise at Denver International Airport because the company's owners oppose homosexuality.  The Denver City Council will immorally and illegally discriminate against Chick-Fil-A simply because it has homosexuals on the council who are at war with Christians and who are operating under the protection of the federal government.
The Supreme Court of the SDA ruled that the Constitution contains a provision in it somewhere which either granted or recognized the civil right of same sex people to "marry," whatever that means.  That means it is the duty of the federal government to uphold and enforce that right.  Now please help me to understand.  How does one get from the federal government forcing Christian ministers to perform homosexual weddings, which is what the Supreme Court ruling will now require,  to a local city government not permitting a profit-seeking company from operating a franchise on city property because some of the owners of the company have exercised their First Amendment rights and expressed verbal opposition to homosexuality?   I can see no logical pathway that would bring about the conclusions being drawn by the two City Council members mentioned above.
Chick-Fil-A has had a franchise at DIA since the airport was opened.  To deny a renewal of the seven year deal that is rubber-stamped for all other restaurant franchisees at DIA simply because the owners of the chicken restaurant have publicly expressed opposition to homosexuality is not a "moral issue," as one City Council member described it.  Or, at least, it is not a moral issue in the way he means "moral issue."  Paul Lopez believes that it would be a sin, a criminal act, an unethical behavior and an offense against both natural law and the law of God if the city were to grant Chick-Fil-A an extension on its contract to operate a franchise at the airport.  Mr. Lopez, please explain how that is.  The only possible immoral action I can see here is the City Council making the decision to not grant a permit to the restaurant as punishment for the fact that the owners of the restaurant have exercised their First Amendment right of free speech.  Chick-Fil-A has not been charged, tried or found guilty of discriminating against anyone or anything up until this point in time.  How can you justify discriminating against the company when it is innocent of all charges?  How can you justify discriminating against the company on the basis of its alleged "thought crimes" which allegedly make the company immoral simply because some of its owners hold to different ideas than you do?  What arrogance and abuse of power is being displayed by the Denver City Council.
Lesbian Council member Robin is behaving even worse than Paul.  As a committed socialist Robin opposes the idea of corporations operating anywhere in the world and she also despises profits.  If Robin could have her way all restaurants operating at DIA would operate under taxpayer financed subsidies, paid by the evil top 49% of the income population, and sell nothing that anyone would ever want to purchase.  If people actually like what is being sold it is possible an item could become popular and then, horror of horrors, a profit might actually be made.  This will not do.
Lesbian Robin hates profits simply because they are profits but she hates them even more in this instance because the profits will be made by a company she personally despises.  Why does she despise Chick-Fil-A?  Is it because the company has been found guilty of discriminating against homosexuals?  No, that hasn't happened.  Is it because the company has informed the Council that it will discriminate against homosexuals in the future?  No, that has not happened.  Is it because the company once refused to serve her?  No, that did not happen.  Lesbian Robin hates Chick-Fil-A simply because some of the owners of the company do not share her opinion about homosexuality.  In other words, Lesbian Robin believes Chick-Fil-A has committed a thought crime against her and must be punished for the offense.  Because she believes the Supreme Court has given her most preferred citizen status she quite naturally believes she is free to prosecute others for thought crimes anytime their thoughts do not line up with hers.  How tolerant of her!
Lesbian Robin's belief that Chick-Fil-A would use "corporate profits to fund and fuel discrimination" is about as stupid of an assertion as I have read in recent days.  Does she honestly believe that Chick-Fil-A has a department dedicated to discriminating against homosexuals?  Does she sincerely believe that if I were to examine the company's financial statements I would see cash flow being dedicated to discriminating against homosexuals?  Even she can't be that stupid.  No, I suspect what she is trying to say here is that when the company makes profits the owners of the company also make profits.  Since the owners of the company oppose homosexuality she does not believe they have a right to make profits and she is going to do everything within her power to make sure they don't.  That is intolerance to the highest degree.  That, my friends, is nothing but bold-faced discrimination.  That, my friends, is nothing but precisely what Lesbian Robin claims to be trying to prevent.  And that, my friends, is nothing but more homosexual hypocrisy. 

Update:  September 2, 2015

The Denver Council bowed to overwhelming public pressure and agreed to continue the lease of Chick-Fil-A at the Denver International Airport.  Lesbian Robin stated that she had carefully examined the policies of the profit seeking restaurant and decided that they did not currently pose a threat to her lifestyle.  Good for her.  

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