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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mayor Hancock's Coronation - Part II

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock was crowned as the Prince of Denver for the second time yesterday.  The most high and holy ceremony was attended by all local career politicians and the various lackeys and hangers-on that seem to be perpetually associated with the ruling class.  The ceremony was filled with cheers and tears as the newly crowned Prince used his considerable rhetorical powers to wow the adoring crowd of state-worshipers.  I read about the ceremony in my morning Denver Post.  Reading about what transpired at the event nearly caused me to gag on my Cheerios but I managed to get them down prior to staggering to my computer to write today's blog post.  Three things stood out in the report about the Prince that I would like to comment on today.
The newspaper said that the coronation began on a somber note.  A week or so ago a City of Denver employee was killed on the job.  In particular, this employee was a taxpayer financed fireman who fell through a skylight while fighting a fire.  I did not know him so I am emotionally neutral to the event.  I do have empathy, but not sympathy,  for those who did know him because I know what it is like to lose someone I love.  But that is not the point here today.  Why did the newly crowned Prince go to the trouble of pointing out the death of this particular government employee?  What made this government fireman so special?
I believe I know the answer to that question.  The lives of government employees are, in the eyes of career politicians and those who worship them, more valuable than the lives of business men and women.  I have posted blogs making this same argument several times in the past year.  When a government employee dies it is a tragedy.  When a businessman dies it is a non-event.  This is true despite the fact that the businessman generally provided far more valuable goods and services to the citizens of the community in which he lived than the taxpayer financed government employee ever did.
I checked the obituary page in the paper and counted about thirty people who died yesterday.  I check the obituary page more often these days, as I get older, because I think it is possible I might see someone I know listed there, maybe even myself.  I have not gone back and counted but it seems that about 30 people per day die in the Denver metro area.  As far as I know Prince Hancock did not mention any of those people.  Indeed, as far as I know, career politicians never recognize or honor the hard working members of the free market who pay the taxes that support their lifetime careers.  Certainly at least a couple of the people listed on the obituary page deserved a mention by the new Prince.  But that will never happen.  In the world of the career politician all that matters are matters of government.  The free market, which provides every single good and service that exists in this state-worshiping country, is never acknowledged as significant.  Those who dedicate their lives to serving others for a profit are never acknowledged as heroes.  They are viewed merely as pawns from which to extract taxes to support our local deities. 
The Prince's next statement only further illustrated his total detachment from economic reality.  He proudly stated, to loud waves of applause, that the City of Denver is going to raise taxes so as to garner an additional $15 million per year in order to build "affordable housing."  The phrase "affordable housing" was never defined.  The Prince did not say at what point a house goes from being affordable to unaffordable.  He did not explain why it is the business of government to get into the housing business.  He did not describe how he is going to deal with the inevitable problem of people purposefully behaving slothfully in order to qualify for one of his new "affordable" homes and the negative impact that will have upon the local economy.  Perhaps most disconcerting of all to me was the fact that the crown Prince did not explain how his program for the construction of government housing would be able to avoid the financial and moral pitfalls that every single government housing project in the history of this sad country has fallen into.  Everyone knows that government housing programs, also known as the projects, never work.  Billions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered over the years as various career politicians have sought to make names for themselves by transferring the wealth of productive citizens to the deadbeats, drug dealers and immoral louses who live in government provided homes.  No government housing project has ever accomplished its goal.  None.  Never.  But somehow Prince Hancock thinks that, this time, it will be different.
The greatest round of applause, indeed a rousing standing ovation was given, was reserved for the Prince's comments about how God-hating homosexuals can now obtain paper certificates from the local government telling them that the Prince has approved, endorsed,  justified and glorified their "marriages."  I was not there so I cannot say for sure but I think there had to be a good bit of "in your face" going on against the Christians who opposed the granting of government sanctification status to homosexual behavior.  All of the sexual perverts in attendance, and those who support them, gloried in their Prince as he told them how great and noble they are.  They, in turn, glorified their Prince as the source of all they deem important and valuable in this life.  It was a real mutual admiration party.  Strangely absent from the Prince's comments was any mention of the doctrine of tolerance.  Prior to the recent decision from on high informing homosexuals that they are the greatest human beings to ever walk upon the earth the Prince repeatedly informed his subjects that we needed to be tolerant of the views and behaviors of others, especially homosexuals.  Now the song has changed.  There was no mention of the need to be tolerant of the views and behaviors of Christians who believe homosexuality to be a sin.  Apparently toleration only goes one way.

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