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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

James Holmes Is Loved

James Holmes is the man who killed 12 people in an Aurora theater on July 20, 2012.  He was high on government approved and administered mind-altering drugs at the time of the murders.  Although his government approved drug use was likely a contributory factor in the murders, it does not excuse him for what he did.  He was convicted of the murders of those 12 people last month after a trial that lasted months and cost millions of taxpayer dollars.  There were no other suspects in the case and everyone knew that Holmes was the person who did all of the killing.  Why the trial had to take months and cost millions of dollars makes no sense to me.
The acting Constitution of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika no longer contains the provisions for a quick and speedy trial that were found in the original Constitution of the United States of America.  The fact that it took a full three years to arrive at a guilty verdict dramatically illustrates just how far the system of injustice we suffer under in this country has separated itself from the intentions of the original framers of the Constitution.  The fact that it took months and millions of dollars to come to the conclusion that Holmes is a murderer worthy of death only further illustrates that the system of injustice in this country is largely based upon psychobabble and its primary mission is to enrich the participants in the system with money transferred from the taxpayers.
As if things could not get any worse, the circus that is the James Holmes prosecution goes on as the case is now in the sentencing phase and the powers that be are attempting to decide whether Holmes should be executed or sent to the loony-bin for the rest of his life.  There is no question about the right thing to do.  Holmes should be executed.  There are no provisions in the Law of God for exceptions to the sanction of death for murder based upon a spurious notion of mental illness.  Indeed, there is no such thing as mental illness.  Everyone is responsible for every action all the time.  Nobody is ever given a free pass to sin under the terms of biblical law.  Holmes should have been executed three years ago and saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.  But that is not how the government sees things.  There was far too much money to be made and far too much publicity to be obtained for the career bureaucrats involved to do things correctly.
To aid the people responsible for determining Holmes' fate, a parade of family members have taken the witness stand this past week to testify just how much they love him.  A headline in the newspaper yesterday announced that "The gunman's family and friends testified to try to prove that they still love him."  The story tells me that, "The picture showed a little girl and her big brother wrapped in the kind of Velcro hug that only kids can give.  How do you feel looking at that photo, the defense attorney asked?  Chris Holmes gazed at the image of her 2-year old self, now displayed for jurors on a giant courtroom video screen.  'It makes me happy,' she answered quickly.  Then a pause.  'It make me sad at the same time.'"  Boo Hoo.   I have only one question to ask....what does any of this have to do with a murder trial?
The newspaper article answered that question for me.  It said, "The question before them this time:  Does the horror of his actions inside the Century Aurora 16 movie theater outweigh the rest of his life?"  What?!  Let me get this straight.  The system of injustice in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika believes that determining whether a murderer of 12 people was loved by his family when he was a child is a relevant issue?  The article informed me that jurors were going to be given the privilege of watching old home movies of Holmes running around being a kid.  Ostensibly those movies will show that his parents loved him.  Again I must ask, what does any of this have to do with justice?  Where are the home movies of the 12 people who are dead today as a result of Holmes' actions?  Where is the testimony from their surviving family members about how much they loved them?
Holmes' family members have been effusive in their praise for him.  They have fallen over themselves declaring their love for him, both before and after the fact of his murderous rampage.  There is something very wrong with that sort of behavior.  I do not care that they are related.  I do not care that they come from the same family.  There is something drastically and morally wrong when family members rise up in support of a known murderer and proceed to profess their love for him after the fact of his murders.  James Holmes deserves hatred.  He is unrepentant of what he has done.  He is pretending to be mentally ill in order to save his own filthy hide.  Everyone, including the members of his immediate family, should hate him for who he is and what he has done.  The mere fact that people are willing to take the witness stand in a public trial and profess their love for an unrepentant convicted murderer is only another example of the depths of moral depravity the citizens of the SDA have fallen to.  Yes, James Holmes is loved, and those who love him will be held accountable for that action. 

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