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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is The FBI Responsible For The South Carolina Massacre?

Everyone is aware that last month Dylann Roof entered an AME church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot nine people dead.  Immediately after the massacre King Obama delivered a speech about how the Socialist Democracy of Amerika needs more gun control laws.  Other career politicians exploited the massacre for their own self-aggrandizing agendas.  One of the most popular was the movement to have the Confederate flag removed from government buildings in South Carolina.  That movement was successful and the flags have been removed because they allegedly represented white oppression of blacks.  That comes as a surprise to me and many others who thought that the history of the southern states of the SDA had a lot more to do with things other than slavery, but who are we to contest the claims of the anointed ones?
What most people are not aware of is the fact that Dylann Roof, just like dozens of mass murderers before him, was taking government provided and prescribed medications that dramatically alter the state of the human brain.  Go here for that story.  Imagine, for a moment and if you can, what the media reaction would have been if it had been disclosed that Roof was high on marijuana at the time he killed those people.  I think we all know that movements to strengthen anti-marijuana laws would have sprung up all around the country.  In addition I think we all know that powerful attempts to re-criminalize marijuana in those states that have recently decriminalized it would have been sure to follow.  But when the drug of choice is one prescribed by government licensed doctors and approved by government health agencies there is no chance a scientific examination of the link between the drug and homicidal behavior will ever take place.  One does not criticize one's god.
The point of today's blog post is not to tell the story of mind altering drugs inducing people to murder others.  There is another fact about the case in South Carolina that I was unaware of until a couple of days ago.  I saw the story tucked away on page 6 of my newspaper and I didn't hear a single radio or television report about it.  Here is the way The Associated Press reported the story:
"The suspect charged in last month's South Carolina church massacre should not have been allowed to purchase the weapon used in the attack, FBI director James Comey said Friday as he outlined a series of 'heartbreaking' missed opportunities and flawed paperwork that allowed the transaction to take place....The cascading set of problems began with the drug-related arrest of Dylann Roof in South Carolina weeks before the June 17th shooting.  During that arrest, police say he admitted to possessing illegal drugs.  Under federal rules, that admission alone would have been enough to immediately disqualify him from his gun purchase even though he wasn't convicted of the charge.  But, Comey said, the FBI background check examiner who evaluated Roof's request to buy a gun never saw the arrest report because the wrong arresting agency was listed on the South Carolina criminal history records that she reviewed.  Had the West Virginia based examiner seen the police report, the April purchase would have been denied, Comey said."
Did you get all that?  Roof purchased a weapon illegally under federal law.  The reason he was able to purchase the weapon illegally under federal law was because the FBI agent responsible for processing his request screwed up.  In addition, another FBI agent screwed up by putting Roof's arrest record on the wrong batch of bureaucratic paperwork.  As a result Roof was able to buy the gun he used to gun down nine Christians.  To summarize, two FBI agents did not do their jobs and Roof obtained the gun which he later used to murder people.  These facts are indisputable.
Now let me ask you a question.  What do you think would happen if the profit seeking business owner who sold Roof the gun had messed up the required federal paperwork and thereby ended up selling Roof a gun illegally?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  Is there anyone who does not believe that that profit seeking business owner would not have been charged as an accessory to murder?  Of course he would.  The precedent is already well established in hundreds of legal cases in this immoral land.  When someone uses a gun to kill others, both the seller and the manufacturer of the gun is sued in civil court.  In some cases the state prosecutes them in criminal court as well. 
Take a moment and consider the contrast we have here.  When government agents make mistakes that result in illegal activities in which innocent people are murdered there are no repercussions whatsoever, although we are all assured that they are "heartbroken" about it.  On the other hand, when a profit seeking businessman, operating in the free market, makes a similar mistake he is arrested, tried and quite likely given a lengthy prison sentence or a multi-million dollar fine.  What is the difference between these two scenarios?  There is only one difference.  In one case the offending party works for the government and in the other case the offending party operates in the free market.  Because the FBI agents involved work for the most high and holy federal government of the SDA they are immune from prosecution for their "mistakes" that end up being directly responsible for the death of nine innocent Christians.  Do we need any more evidence than what we have here to conclude that, in the SDA, government is god?  If it looks like a god, and acts like a god, and is treated like a god, it must be a god. 
Do not confuse the argument I have made here with with an endorsement of the ridiculous psychological idea that anyone is responsible for the murder of those nine Christians other than Roof.  There is one, and only one, person responsible for murder.  In this case it is Dylann Roof.  The fact that he procured a weapon is irrelevant to the discussion.  Weapons should be available on the free market with no government rules or regulations attached to their purchase and sale whatsoever.  On the other hand, don't you think it would be worth looking into a possible connection between government distributed mind altering drugs and homicidal behavior?  Wait, wait.....what am I saying?  I should know better.....don't ever question the god of the land, especially when things go south.

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