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Friday, July 3, 2015

Government Schools Are Religious Schools

This past week the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a Douglas County school voucher program was unconstitutional.  As a result of that ruling the voucher program has been shut down.  The sticky wicket with the voucher program was the fact that some of the vouchers were being redeemed at Christian schools.  Troublemakers, government worshipers and an assortment of God-haters were all thrown into a tizzy by that fact.  So they banded together and brought a lawsuit against Douglas County that eventually worked its way to the Supreme Court.  To the surprise of nobody it was determined that a strict wall of separation must exist between government and religion.  Taxpayer dollars being funneled to Christian schools breached that wall so they were terminated.  Let's consider the issue for a while today.
Two letters were written to the Editor of the Denver Post after the ruling was announced.  Both were in favor of the Supreme Court's decision and both made essentially the same argument.  Mark Boyko wrote that, "No one is disputing the right of parents to select schools that best fits their children's needs.  However, the cost of sending students to private religious school is not to be underwritten by the taxpayers of the state of Colorado.  What is critical is the courts hold inviolate the separation of church and state and avoid the slippery slope of those who seek to obfuscate constitutional limitations in order to undermine this historical and legal separation."   Edd Doerr added his two cents worth by writing, "The Colorado Supreme Court's ruling against the Douglas County school voucher plan was a great victory for public education and religious liberty, the right of taxpayers not to be compelled to support religious institutions."  As you can clearly see, both Edd and Mark firmly believe that the taxpayers should never be required to support religious institutions.  I could not agree with them more.  I stand up and applaud what they have written.  I also demand that they apply this rational and moral principle consistently.  Therefore I demand that taxpayers not be required to fund the government schools.
The crucial distinction between the position of Edd and Mark and my position is their erroneous belief that government schooling is not religious schooling.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Government education is at least as religious as Christian education, probably more.  RJ Rushdoony has poignantly written that, "Law in every culture is religious in origin.  Because law governs man and society, because it establishes and declares the meaning of justice and righteousness, law is inescapably religious....It must be recognized that in any culture the source of law is the god of that society.  If law has its source in man's reason, then reason is the god of that society.  If the source is an oligarcy, or in a court, senate, orruler, then that source is the god of that system....In any society a change of law is an explicit or implicit change of religion....There can be no tolerance in a law-system for another religion."
You may not like what Rushdoony has written but it is still true.  The source of law in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is first the King, second the Congress and third the Supreme Court of Jokers.  All three groups make new laws on a regular basis.  All new laws are imposed upon the citizens of this tyrannical county without mercy and if you do not like that it is too bad for you.  Those three groups are our gods and we are expected to worship them.  Tomorrow, the 4th of July, is one  of the high holy days when the citizens of the SDA make it a point to drink too much alcohol and make non-stop statements of adoration about the government, especially the military branch, under which we live.  Let the worship service begin, complete with a full litany of hymns (patriotic songs), sermons (speeches by career politicians) and genuflecting (saluting the flag).
Government schools are just an extension of the government designed to indoctrinate the children living in this country into the worship of the state.  Children arrive at school and sit in rooms under the watchful eyes of past and present Kings, all of whose photographs adorn the walls of each room.  They begin their day with a pledge to worship and obey the King.  It is called the "Pledge of Allegiance."  Included in that opening pledge is proper deference to the state sponsored religious icon called the flag.  After the opening ceremonies they proceed to study history.  There they learn about the glories of their god.  They learn the history of the country, which is little more than a recitation of the imperialist wars fought by the SDA military over the years, and proudly believe that the SDA is the greatest country in the world and truly exceptional.  They also learn that everyone else in the world is either good or bad depending upon how they relate to the SDA.  Good countries obey us, evil countries do not.  Evil countries are described as Satan.
In their civics classes they learn that the only truly important activities undertaken in this life are political ones.  The Christian church is marginalized, if it is even mentioned at all.  Business activities and the free market are ignored.  The world of politics is supreme and rules all.  Each student is taught that he must participate in the state sacrament of continuity.  In the Church it is called communion.  In the state it is called voting.  Each student is taught to confess his sins.  He must come forward and confess that he was once a greedy money grubber out to destroy the environment until he saw the light and converted to the environmental religion.  He must confess to the state that he is wholly dependent upon it for his life and sustenance.  He must confess his love for the beneficent gifts from our god of social security and Obamacare.  He must learn that putting the right people into the right career positions in politics is the pathway to salvation.  He must repeatedly chant that the "rich" are evil because they are unwilling to help the cause of the poor.  Like Jesus allegedly did, the government associates with the poor, the needy, the downtrodden and the dregs of society.  It does so to bring them to state salvation by means of government transfer payments from the taxpayers to the politically privileged.
I could go on but I think you get my point.  Government schools are just as religious as Christian schools.  That being the case, both Edd and Mark should be in full agreement with me that the taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the government schools.  Let the parents who believe their children need to worship the state foot the bill for their own children's education and leave those of us who worship the true God alone.  We are not asking for government vouchers.  We are just asking to not be forced to pay for the damning religious instruction being offered to our neighbor's children by the government schools.

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