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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Donald Trump Is An Unpatriotic Racist

Donald Trump is an unpatriotic racist.  Or at least that is what some people are saying about him.  In this report on, reporter Zack Guzman quotes a fellow by the name of Shepardson as saying, "Reasonable voters will reject both his racism and his unpatriotic statements."  In case you are not aware of the situation, Donald Trump is running for President of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika as a Republican and he has been saying some things that have the control-freaks who run that party in a tizzy.  A couple of weeks ago he said this in regards to illegal Mexican immigrants, "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists."  Just recently he made some comments about fellow Republican John McCain.  He said, "I like people that weren't captured," in reference to the political mileage McCain has gotten out of claiming to be a Vietnam war hero because he was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese.  Let's consider these things for a moment today.
The article on asserted that, "By belittling the service of veterans, Trump offends one of the most universally respected groups in American life, according to Rob Shepardson, co-founder of advertising and political consulting firm SS+K. 'It's pretty obvious in politics you don't do anything against veterans,' the strategist behind two Obama presidential campaigns said. 'For reasonable people, it's an embarrassment to be associated with.'"  I quote the political consultant Shepardson because he perfectly illustrates one of the hundreds of things that is wrong with Amerikan politics. To get elected you have to bow down in worship to the military, whether you believe they are worthy of worship or not.
In Amerika if you want to become a career politician you never say what you actually think.  Nothing should ever come out of the mouth of an aspiring career politician unless it has first been compared to the most recent public opinion polls of the people the candidate is trying to woo to his candidacy.  The net result, as anyone can see, is that we never really have any idea what a candidate actually believes.  Truth be told, I believe most of the candidates are such blithering idiots they have never had an original idea or a conception of truth in their lives.  Everything every candidate ever says is said for one reason and one reason get a vote.  Truth, honesty, integrity and the creation of a forum where candidates can exercise free speech and debate competing political ideas is strictly forbidden.  The last thing any political party wants is to see real communication about real issues between its candidates.  Everything must be strictly controlled so that nobody ever actually says anything. 
It is fascinating to see the reaction of Trump's fellow Republicans.  They have all come out lambasting him as an evil man.  They have all accused him of being racist and unpatriotic.  They have all demanded that he recant.  I only have one question for them.  Why?  What does it matter to you what Trump says?  Why do you care if he says things that essentially guarantee he will never be elected?  Since he is a competitor against you in the race for the next King of the SDA, why do you object when he does things that make it easier for you to beat him?  From a purely practical and logical standpoint the reaction of his fellow Republicans makes no sense.  It is not until we acknowledge that politics is not about being practical or logical we can see the answer to my questions.
The Republican candidates for King, as well as media outlets like Fox News that are voice boxes for the Republican party, are distancing themselves from Trump not because of what he has said but simply because he said it.  Trump broke the unwritten rule of all political discussions and actually told the truth, as he sees it.  Trump is an outsider who is doing things all of the insiders have agreed to never do.  Tops on that list of verboten behaviors is actually speaking like a human being and telling the truth as you see it.  For telling the truth as he sees it Trump has been declared anathema.  He must be silenced before things get out of control.
It is amusing to watch the Republicans and their media outlets attempting to justify their condemnation of Trump without actually telling us the truth about why they are doing it.  To condemn him for exercising his right to free speech and declaring substantial truths about which he wishes to conduct a public discussion with his fellow candidates would not play well in the court of public opinion.  So the fellows who operate behind the scenes have devised a plan to simply smear Trump as a racist and an unpatriotic fellow.  It is not very original but it almost always works.
To be clear, I believe Trump is wrong about Mexican immigrants and partially right about McCain.  There is no biblical basis for denying a citizen in good standing from another country entrance into our country if he wants to come.  All of the discussion about immigration, just like all political discussions, never touches on the actual issue.  Immigration is not about people coming here who commit crimes.  Immigration is not about people who come here and "steal our jobs."  Immigration is all about immigrants who come here and quickly disappear into the social welfare system, thus forcing the taxpayers to cough up money to support people who should not be here in the first place.  But notice what the problem is in this situation.  The problem is not immigration, it is the immoral social welfare system created by career politicians pandering to the electorate for votes by transferring money from the politically unprotected top 49% of the income population to the politically powerful lower 51% who want that money in exchange for their votes.  That unholy alliance is what nobody wants to talk about.  So to keep matters confused and off of the real issues, politicians and the media who kiss their boots keep us amused with tales of immigrants who rape and kill citizens of the SDA.  Never permitted to be discussed is the moral necessity of abolishing social welfare programs.  Never permitted to be discussed is the fact that wealth transfer programs are inherently immoral.  Never discussed is the political philosophy which declares that government has no business being involved in wealth transfer programs.  To discuss issues of that sort is political suicide.  After all, when was the last time you ever heard a candidate say he supports the abolition of Social Security? 
As far as McCain is concerned, if a war is immoral then all who participate in it are behaving immorally.  It does not matter that a person is captured, tortured and eventually released by the enemy in an immoral war.  I believe the Vietnam war was an immoral war.  The Vietnamese governments and people posed no legitimate threat to the livies and property of SDA citizens.  The invasion of their country and our involvement in their civil war was unconscionable.  Those soldiers who participated in it were guilty of murder if they actually killed Vietnamese citizens or accessory to murder if they acted in material support of the soldiers who did the actual killing.  So was McCain a war hero?  Maybe, if the concept of hero does not concern itself with the important issue of the morality of the war.  Go here for a story by a man who definitely believes that McCain is not a hero.  Was McCain a murderer?  Yes, if the war was immoral and he killed people, and as a murderer he is a perfect candidate for "career politician" status.
The communist Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for King, has made statements that are far more outrageous than what Trump has said.  Go here for the story.   But what Bernie has not done is challenge the political establishment.  He panders to communists and socialists in the politically correct way.  He describes profit-seeking businessmen as being worse than Hitler because it is politically correct to do so.  Everything he says, no matter how outrageous, fits into the schema whereby career politicians can fill the air with words but never actually say anything.  He will never be accused of being a racist nor will he ever be called unpatriotic, although his professed socialism most certainly rises to that level.  Donald Trump cannot do that because he is a believer in the free market.  That puts him outside the circle of every career politician that has ever lived. 
I conclude that Donald Trump is good for Amerika politics.  I come to that conclusion not because he should be our next King and not because he is a brilliant statesman with great ideas about how to shrink government and protect our personal liberties.  I come to that conclusion simply because he refuses to play by the rules of a rigged system.  For that I say, Run Donald Run!

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