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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, June 8, 2015

You Can Taser Him, But Don't Give Him A Cigarette

New reports about police brutality are filtering in every day.  All across the Socialist Democracy of Amerika the para-military forces most people refer to as the police are perpetuating violence against the citizens of this terrified country.  The most recent encounter is seen in a seven minute video of cops in Texas chasing around a bunch of unarmed black teenagers with tasers and drawn handguns outside a swimming pool.  Apparently the teenagers committed the crime of responding to a social media ad which announced that some rapper was going to be giving a concert at the normally private swimming pool and all were invited to attend for free.  When the black teenagers showed up the cops were called and they initiated their unique program of crowd control.
Denver ranks high on the list of cities with out of control para-military forces prowling the streets in search of the enemy.  Tens of millions of dollars have been coughed up by Denver taxpayers over the past couple of years as one court case after another has found the Denver cops and Sheriffs department guilty of brutality.  Of course, none of the offending officers has ever been fired, much less even disciplined for their actions, at least until last week.  What happened last week was so over the top, so excessive, so beyond reason, so violent and so wrong that even the Denver Sheriffs department had to do something about it.
As the Denver Post reported last week, "One Denver Sheriff Department captain has been suspended for two days and another captain has been busted down a rank after the two were involved in giving an inmate a..."  You would expect the phrase to follow in the quotation I just cut off to be something like "a serious beating" or "a first class whupping," but that is not the case.  But before I get to what the officers did to the poor, defenseless citizen, allow me to describe the serious nature of their punishment.
According to the article, "Anthony Gettler, who was a captain serving in a major's position when the incident occurred, was punished for carelessness in performing his duties and failure to observe department regulations....Wayne Jochem, who was a captain the time, was demoted to sergeant, for neglect of duty and failure to observe department regulations.  A reduction in rank is significant because it means a loss of income and it can impact retirement income."   So there you have it.  Those two men were dealt with quickly and harshly.  They are both losing income.  One of them is going to take a serious hit to his future income as well.  The report of their abusive behavior was immediately revealed to the press and no attempt was made to cover or whitewash what they had done.  So what exactly did they do to merit such severe sanctions?  They offered an inmate a cigarette.
Once again, according to the article, "The officers landed themselves in trouble after trying to calm a mentally ill inmate during a cell extraction -- a situation that previously had gotten the department in trouble after taking a violent turn.  In fact, cell extractions were addressed in a recent consultant's report on failure within the department.  The consultants said deputies needed to use tactics to de-escalate the situations rather than rely on force."   So let me get this straight.  In past cases when an inmate would put up a fuss while being transferred from one cell to another the cops would taser him, sit on his chest, beat him about the head and, in more than one case, kill the poor soul.  A highly compensated consultant advised the deputies to use means other than violence to attempt to console these incorrigibles when making cell transfers.  Applying that advice to their situation the two deputies in question offered the inmate a cigarette, which apparently worked and solved the problem, prior to switching him to another cell.  Horror of horrors.  This will not do.  You can beat a prisoner.  You can taser a prisoner.  You can even kill a prisoner.  But you must never, never, never give a prisoner a cigarette!

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