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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three Observations About Charleston

I have been out of town for a few days and I returned home to the firestorm of news coverage that is associated with the shootings in the Charleston church.  I was not surprised to see the usual things being said by the usual people.  One group of people is saying that the Socialist Democracy of Amerika needs more gun control laws, or better yet, a complete ban on all firearms.  Another group of people is saying that the SDA needs more education since, as one letter writer put it, "People are not born racist....they are taught and learn to be racist by example."  Her solution to the problem of murder and murderers was more government schooling.  Yet another group believes that the problem is entirely one of mental illness and the alleged inadequate response to the problem by the federal government.  "Inadequate response," of course, means throwing more taxpayer dollars into the hands of government trained mental health experts.  Only then, they tell us, can the problem of human evil be solved.  All of these groups are idiotic and their solutions to the problem of human evil, even if implemented with unlimited government funding, will never have the slightest impact upon the problem. Before I give you my solution to the problem of human evil, allow me to make three observations on what has been going on in Charleston.
The first and most dominant response to the murderer that I have seen in the articles I have read indicates a grossly distorted doctrine of forgiveness.  The Denver Post has dedicated the front page headline of several editions to expounding the corrupt doctrine of forgiveness being practiced by the members of the church in Charleston.  Saturday's edition said, "Ungodly Deed Forgiven."  There is no evidence that the murderer has asked forgiveness of anyone for his deeds.  That does not stop the members and leaders of the Charleston church from making blanket pronouncements of unilateral forgiveness upon him.  Secular God-hating newspapers love this sort of thing.  It allows them to continue to trumpet the doctrine that God is in the business of unilateral forgiveness and everyone will eventually get to heaven because God is somehow compelled to forgive everyone. Rubbish and nonsense. 
Make no mistake about it, nobody should ever forgive another person if that person has not first asked for forgiveness and then followed that request up with deeds indicating genuine repentance and the desire to make things right.  Even God Himself does not unilaterally forgive anyone.  I am always amazed at how Evangelicals can get this doctrine so messed up.  They tell people all the time, when engaged in the practice they call witnessing, that God will not override the free will of men and force them to do things against their will.  No, they claim, God patiently waits for men to reach out to HIm and receive the free gift of forgiveness being offered in the atonement made possible by the Second Person of the Trinity.  If God will not forgive anyone unless he first repents, why should Christians be required to do so?  The answer to that question is easy...they should not.
Telling the murderer that he is forgiven prior to any action on his part sends out the clear message to him and everyone else that justice is irrelevant and that God has no opinion about what should be done to murderers.  According to the biblical doctrine of forgiveness only the victim of a sin/crime has the right to forgive.  Nobody can forgive another person by proxy.  It therefore necessarily follows that people who murder others cannot be forgiven for their sins because the victims are dead.  There is a class of sins found in the Bible for which God says the perpetrators are to be immediately executed, with no opportunity for a lesser sentence.  Murder is one of those sins.  It is God's revealed will that murderers be immediately sent to His throne room for His most holy and perfect judgment.
I am also bothered by the fact that racism is the only issue that is being discussed.  Granted, the prime motivation for this group of murders does appear to be racial, but religious motivations may be in play as well.  How would the media report a case where 9 Jews were gunned down in a synagogue by a black man?   Do you believe that it would be called racism?  I think we all know the headline would talk about antisemitism. How do you think the report of 9 Muslims being gunned down by a white guy would be reported?  Do you believe it would be called racism?  I think we all know it would be called a hate-crime against Muslims.  The Charleston murderer made the conscious decision to murder 9 black people, that is true, but all nine of them were professing Christians.  Where is the report about that?  He could just as easily have gone into a black neighborhood and gunned down 9 random citizens.  Why did he choose to kill Christians? Why is that not newsworthy?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  In the SDA Christians are irrelevant.  Jews count.  Muslims count.  Even witches and warlocks count.  But in the SDA Christians do not count.   Let me ask you, do you think the Charleston shootings would be getting anywhere near the amount of press coverage they are getting if the victims had been white Christians?
All of the usual hand-wringing is going on as people who should keep their mouths shut blabber on and on about why the murders happened.  I am always amazed at how the act of murder is somehow couched in passive terms.  The word 'happened' is the favorite choice of folks who want to assign some socio-economic cause to murder.  Let's get one thing straight, murders happen because murderers kill people.  Why do murderers kill people?  Because they want to.  The elephant in the room that everyone is striving so mightily to ignore is the fact of innate human sinfulness.  The Charleston murderer did not kill those people because he did not have a good government school education.  Neither did he kill those people because he is mentally ill.  Nor did he kill them because he had easy access to a gun.  He killed them for one simple reason....he wanted to.  And why did he want to?  Because he is a sinner, just like every other human being who has ever existed.  The solution to the problem of human evil is not government schooling or psychiatric counseling or reams of new laws created by Congress.  The solution to the problem of human evil is to change the nature of the human heart and only God can do that.  Meanwhile, men would be well advised to stop playing God and simply do what He has told us to do.  Punish evil rightly.  In this case, execute the murderer immediately so that God can deal with him.
Although human sinfulness is sufficient cause for murderer, in the case of many recent high profile mass murders there is a proximate cause as well.  Almost all mass murderers have been taking government approved and administered mind altering drugs.  I have posted about this topic before.  If you want to see the updated list of mass murderers who are taking government approved and administered drugs, go here.

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