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San Juan Mountains
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't Teach Your Children To Share

I was in Washington Park the other day and I heard something that almost made me crash my bicycle.  Washington Park is a city park near downtown Denver that used to be a real nice place for cyclists to gather and ride together.  There is a 2.2 mile paved road that goes around the outside of the park that is perfect for time trialing, sprints and, if you are willing to ride long enough, long distance workouts.  I have long thought about what it would be like to do a Washington Park century.  A century is a 100 mile ride.  It would involve 45 laps around the park.  To date I have not attempted to do it but I think about it practically every time I ride there.
I wrote that Wash park, as the locals refer to it, used to be a nice place to ride.  It is no longer.  The socialists who manage the Denver City park system have so over regulated the park that it is practically impossible to have any fun there anymore.  There are signs everywhere describing all of the new rules that must be followed as well as the penalties for failure to do so.   I set a personal best one hour record several decades ago at Wash park when I averaged 22.5 miles per hour for an hour.  I don't think that I could beat that record at my current advanced age but I still like to try and maintain a 20 mph average for an hour every once in a while.  I went down to the park to give it a go only to find that a maximum speed limit of 15 mph had been posted for bicycles.  As I completed my laps I counted and discovered that there were 13 consecutive warning messages painted on the road informing me that if I exceeded 15 mph I would be in violation of the law and subject to fines and who knows what other punishments.  One particularly sour looking Park Ranger watched me each time I came around to make sure I didn't run over any little children or exceed the speed limit.
I was fuming as I proceeded to spend the next hour and a half doing very slow laps.  Why should I be forced to go so slowly?  The road had been divided into two lanes, one for cyclists and one for everyone else.  I could not complete a single lap without having some oblivious Yuppie cross in front of me without looking, thus forcing me to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him.  I had to slam on the brakes numerous times for kids weaving back and forth on their bicycles as well as several renegade dogs that were running about aimlessly.  Interestingly enough there were no warning signs painted on the road telling the walkers that violations of the bicycle lane would result in fines and imprisonment.  I wonder why?
None of this has anything to do with what I actually want to write about today.  I only describe my rage at the destruction of a perfectly good bicycle riding venue and the continued persecution of cyclists in a vain attempt to relieve some of my pique.  What really made me angry was what I heard coming from the mouth of a Yuppie mother as she talked to her Yuppie child at a playground I was passing during my many slow laps.  Her child had some sort of toy and was playing with it.  Another child, unrelated and I believe unknown to the first child, came up and demanded to be able to play with the toy.  The mother witnessed the assault and immediately ordered her child to "share" his toy.  I was aghast.  I was outraged.  I wanted to go over to that Yuppie mother and smack her down for teaching communism to her child.  I could not believe what I had heard.  It was child abuse.  I almost made me sick.  I finished up that lap and headed for home.
The ridiculous and harmful practice of sharing is endemic in modern parenting models.  It seems as if one thing all parents agree upon is the importance of teaching their children to share.  I have known children in many families who have been indoctrinated into the teachings of Marx and Lenin by their parents who continually order them to share their toys with their siblings and friends.  The Socialist Democracy of Amerika may have won the cold war against communism but we have certainly lost the family war against it.  It seems as if every family in this envy filled land is communistic in nature.  What hope for the future can we have when parents destroy the concept of private property at such a tender age?  None, I suspect.
Let me make it clear.  I believe generosity is a good thing.  I would teach my children to be generous if I had any.  But being generous with my own personal property and being told that I have to share my property because I do not have the right to control how it is used are two different matters entirely.  When I own a piece of property I have the right to do with it what I please.  If I choose to share a portion of it with someone that is my business.  But I always retain the right of ownership.  Sharing, however, is built upon the Marxist concept of common ownership.  Even though the Yuppie child had been given his toy by his Yuppie parents, his parents informed him that a total stranger had the right to come up to him and demand the right to use it.  If he didn't want to share his toy he was told he was selfish and being a bad boy.  What is that if not communism?  What is that if not sheer stupidity?  What does that instruction accomplish but brainwashing young children in the doctrines of socialism?
If you love your children teach them the right of private property.  When you give them a gift tell them it is theirs to do with what they please.  Encourage them to be generous and allow friends to play with them and their toys but never, ever tell a child that what is his is not his and that he is morally bound to share it with others.  Never let a child come to believe that others have a moral claim on what belongs to him. That is communism pure and simple.  Teaching your children to be communists will destroy their economic minds forever.  Teaching children to share will open them up to the practice of government worship as they come to be indoctrinated by government school teachers that government is the entity that is best involved in the process of sharing with others.  They, like everyone else, will soon come to believe that taxing the top 49% of the income population is a good thing to do.  After all, should the rich not be required to share their toys with the rest of us?

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