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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sanders, Not The Colonel, Is A Socialist

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made an appearance in Colorado last week.  He gathered a large crowd of 5,000 people at a University of Denver gymnasium who cheered raucously as he delivered his message of hate for the free market.  Sanders is a 73 year old Independent who sounds like an old school Communist.   He decided to run against Hillary for the Democratic nomination for the next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I think we all know that Hillary is destined to be the first Queen of the SDA.  It is inevitable.  Bernie Sanders, I like to call him the Colonel, believes that he can shake things up a bit and provide an alternative to what he perceives to be Hillary's centrism.  Let me tell you a bit about the Colonel's message to the Colorado faithful.
Before his speech the Colonel granted the Denver Post a brief interview and he said that, "I think there is a hunger on the part of Americans for some straight talk and some honesty."  What followed was anything but straight talk and honesty.  According to the Colonel, "what we are doing tonight is we are sending a message to the billionaire class, and that is:  You can't have it all!  The unquestionable greed of the billionaire class is destroying this nation, and it has got to end...I am creating a political movement of millions of people who stand up loudly and proudly proclaim that this nation and our government belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires."  Although there were no quotes about his hatred for corporations in the article that I read, the headline for the article was, "Sanders rips billionaires, corporations."  Let's consider some of the Colonels' comments for a moment.  But first, look at this graphic:

Maybe you have seen this box before.  It is used by many organizations who are attempting to rate the various candidates according to their views on a variety of topics.  This box represents the Colonel and shows that he is about as far to the left as he can get without falling out of the box.  He favors laws requiring businesses to hire women and minorities, regardless of their ability to do the job.  He believes Obamacare needs to be expanded to the point where all citizens of the SDA get free government provided medical care, well, almost all citizens.  The premiums for the government provided health insurance would be free to everyone but millionaires and billionaires.  Obviously he wants much higher taxes on "the rich" (never defined) because they are not paying their "fair share" (never defined).  He believes the government should subsidize the greenies and their various boondoggles and he opposes all free trade agreements of every sort.  He loves Social Security and would fight any attempt to privatize it.  He also strongly believes that the government is far more able to manage the economy than the free market can.  He never met a Fed stimulus he didn't like.  Conversely, he never met a profit seeking businessman he didn't hate.
Sanders believes that the "billionaire class" has somehow managed to structure the economic affairs of this country so that they now "have it all."  He sees his job as a modern Robin Hood, taking away the filthy lucre of the billionaires and giving it to everyone who votes for him. As far as I can tell the Colonel made no attempt to describe how it came to pass that the billionaire class managed to steal all of the wealth in this country.  He also made no attempt to describe how that wealth was created in the first place.  According to the Colonel wealth just magically appeared and then those evil billionaires conspired together to take all of it before the rest of us could figure out what they were doing.  Sanders has no clue as to how wealth is created.  He has no concept of what it means to serve others and to be financially rewarded with profits for doing so.  He cannot understand how it is that it is the very citizens of the SDA who are applauding his message of hate for the free market and profit seeking businessmen are the same people who made those billionaires he hates so much into the billionaires they are.  Every idiot who cheered his speech was likely holding a phone made by a billionaire.  Many of them were no doubt taking pictures of themselves as they derided the very men who created, designed, produced and sold them their phones.   Every numbskull who attended his rally also likely has a computer somewhere made by a billionaire.  Every envy-filled sinner who flailed about in ecstasy as he blamed rich people for all of the SDA's woes drove or was driven to the meeting in a car produced by a profit seeking corporation, probably headed by a billionaire.  Billionaires are billionaires because we, the rank and file, buy the goods they produce.  Colonel, please explain to me how that makes them evil.  I would also like to know why we are not evil since we are the ones who made them into billionaires.
The Colonel also believes that the "greed of the billionaire class" is destroying the nation, whatever that means.  He offers no additional insight into his position.  Every billionaire that I can read or discover biographical information about is famous for how much he or she has done to produce goods for the citizens of this nation for a price that we are all willing to pay.  How does that constitute greed on their part?  Far from being bad for the country, the tiny number of billionaires in the SDA pay an enormous amount of the total federal tax bill.  Since tax payments are calculated based upon income and not net worth it is impossible to say precisely how much they pay but it does stand to reason that the more you have the more you will pay.  Taxes on earned income, dividends, rents, royalties and capital gains for billionaires must be over the moon.  Colonel, just how much does this tiny class of SDA citizens have to pay in taxes before you will be satisfied?  Must they give you everything they make to make you happy? 
In a bizarrely inaccurate understanding of the way things work, the Colonel somehow has come to believe that billionaires have taken over the government and are using it to hold on to their wealth.  If that is true they are not doing a very good job of it.  If billionaires really wanted to keep their boots on the throats of the poor and if they really have all of the political power in what is essentially a democracy, how has it come to be that the upper 49% of the income population pays 95% of all the federal income taxes?  I think the Colonel has lost touch with reality on this one. When I look at the federal government I do not see capitalistic billionaires pulling the strings to their own advantage.  What I do see is hundreds of millionaire career politicians who have become millionaires by manipulating the system in their favor.  What I do see, unlike profit seeking corporations, is an entity that cares nothing about serving the public.  What I do see, unlike profit seeking corporations, is an entity that cares only about perpetuating itself at the expense of the public.  Colonel, please explain to me why it is not the case the the career political class is what is destroying this country.
Although the Colonel had promised to tell the truth when he spoke he did no such thing.  Let's be honest.  All the Colonel is doing is peddling old school communism, dressed up as democratic socialism.  He wants the government to run everything.  To garner that power for himself, after all he is a career politician, he panders to the masses by exploiting their sinful envy in his favor.  He tells them exactly what they want to hear. Everything the Colonel said during his trip to the University of Denver was economic nonsense.  Everything the Colonel said during his speech was shot through with sinful envy and hatred for people who are doing nothing more than serving the public the best they can, via the free market.  Meanwhile, social parasites like the Colonel receive standing ovations from crowds filled with economic idiots and envy-filled sinners who want nothing more than to live off the effort and income of others.  You know, I just might have to rethink my prediction about Queen Hillary.  The message brought by the Colonel resonates with the citizens of the SDA.  Maybe we will all be eating fried chicken a couple of years from now. 

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